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When I come around 2 Chapter 1 ~ Part 2

Author:  Troxy_Boy Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:25

When I turn my head, the first thing I see is the new kid. His name is Ronnie Pierce, I had forgotten he had been here. He got here in the first period but being the dreamer I am, I hadn't noticed. We had had first-period science together, he is actually really smart. Either that or I am just super dumb.

I stare at him blankly for about a minute or two before he decides to talk. "U..Um hello, the teacher said I sit beside you now." He seems like a nice kid, shy though. I hadn't really talked to him before now. He sits across the room from me in the first period. Well, I guess it would be polite to respond. "Of course, it seems you know my name already. But I am Xavier Woods. Nice to meet you, Ronnie." He seems quiet, but then the next minute he is gleaming with joy. How is that? How could someone look sad, then the next minute that are happy? He then takes his seat.

When class was over I headed to lunch. Ronnie was following close behind me but I just pretended not to notice. I had grabbed my tray and sat at my usual spot. An empty table along the cafeteria wall beside the trashcan. And of course, Ronnie followed me there too. "Um, Ronnie? Do you not have any friends yet?"

"N..No, can I not here!?"

"Yeah, it's not like the seats are full or anything." Maybe I could have been nicer, but I was in a bad mood that day.

I didn't have any classes with Ronnie after 1-2 periods. So I hadn't seen him yet.

Once the day was over I got on the bus. But, of course, Ronnie was there too.

"Hi, Xavier!"

"Hello, Ronnie.. looks like we ride the bus together now."

"Yeah, you heading home?"

"Arnt we all? I actually have to go to the middle school to pick up my little sister first."

"Oh, well Xavier thank you for talking to me."

This is the first time I had actually looked at him close up. He looked cute, to tell the truth. He had feminine looks and dirty blonde hair that was loose and fell over his eyes. Compared to his feminine face, he had slender blue eyes that were Hidden behind big frame glasses. I am actually quite surprised nobody has talked to him. He is actually quite good looking. Though it may be due to the fact you can't see his face from behind his big glasses.

As soon as we reach elementary school, my younger brother walked up to the bus and sat next to me. His name is Ely, he doesn't really talk much, he was only three when I had taken him out of the house to live with me. So when Ronnie had tried to say hello, he ended up with a blank, cold stare as a reply. Once we reached our small apartment, we had set out stuff down and watched tv. I had taken a quick shower to find Ely watching the news. He had apparently been crying, so I ran into the living room to comfort him.

When I looked at the tv it had shown a news lady speaking with a caption below that stated, "Sara Woods found dead in a car wreck due to drunk driving. I had closed my eyes, not willing to believe what I had just read. I could only believe it to Ely's constant tears dripping on the sleeve of my shirt. I had gotten me and Ely dressed and quickly road a city bus to the hospital shown on the tv, hoping to find the cops and her body there in a room. But when we came in all we saw were cops and a few other patients. We headed to the front counter.

"Excuse me, miss but I am Sara Woods, son. Is she here in a room?!"

Before the woman at the counter could answer, the two cops that were in the waiting room had come up to us and shown us their badges and started to speak, slowly.

"Ah, you must be Xavier and Ely? We are truly sorry, but she is not In a room here, she has already been taken away. We are sorry for your loss."

The second cop had started to speak, only a bit faster.

"You should come with us. Due to the fact that you have no other guardians left to take care of you, we will have to put you both in boys home. You may end up being separated in the process."

It took me a minute to process it all, but then I had already opened my mouth and started speaking before I could stop myself.

"I cannot be separated from him! I am seventeen! I have my own apartment and can take care of him!"

The first cop that talks slow had said something next.

"Due to the fact that you are seventeen, you may get to stay at your apartment. But Ely will still have to go. You can only make enough money to support yourself. And in a year you might be going to be in college. You would never have the time."

I couldn't argue with him there, but I can't accept the fact that we had to be separated. But if it is best for his education and I cannot argue with cops, I cannot disagree with them.

"Fine, but I am staying in my apartment. You are gonna make sure he can get the education I could never give him. Make sure he has a healthy, and happy life."

The next thing I knew they had taken him away and let me hug him for the last time. I was in tears on the ground. I had just given up the last bit of family I had left. But it was for the best. I wanted him to have what j could never give him.

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