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Welcome to Doomsday Chapter 101

Author:  Hua Jian Shao Hu Jiu Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2021-05-04 16:11:15

Sometimes things were so simple, but there was no need to think about them so complicated. Because for every single thing, she had a breakthrough. As long as she found that breakthrough, things would become much simpler, and the final result would be closer. Just like when we were working on the problem, we were struggling with a difficult problem. We couldn't find any way to solve it. In fact, at this time, it was just that you didn't find a good angle, nor did you find a breakthrough to it. However, if we were to solve all these problems temporarily, then the final result would be obvious in front of you. Whether it's life, life, or learning, you need these things. You have to understand them, and you have to draw parallels. Then your life and these things will be unimpeded.

Xiao Yu was a little speechless. He walked over and said to Du Ze, \"I really admire you. You actually managed to convince them with just a few words.\" Sometimes I really wonder if you've seen too much anime? There's a saying in anime that doesn't matter how strong you are. As long as I use my mouth to convince you, then you will also submit, so persuasion has become the simplest and most practical method-these things are often more difficult than those things. We can also see that there are so many plots in many TV dramas or animation. \"Every cartoon has a big boss or a small boss. At this time, you can see that the group of people can convince those little stories through their mouths, make them change their ways, and then become their companions. Some can even convince the big boss to get to the big ending.\"

He added.

\"This is the charm of speech, and the art of behavior. Honestly, I thought it was just a joke until now, It only exists in animation, After all, I've only seen these things in anime, But it's only now that I realize, How powerful this thing is, I really admire you for how important it is to turn the situation around. Sometimes, not only do you have such a powerful logical ability, you also have such a powerful development ability. Sometimes, I really suspect that he was influenced by you. If it weren't for you, he would probably still be the same person he was before. He wouldn't have become so powerful, and it's all thanks to you. Sometimes, I really envy him. I envy him for having a group of friends like you. Because of you, she would become so powerful and not become the person she was before. Sometimes I really envy you, but envy will always envy you. Here we are. We still admire you. Fortunately, the heavens didn't give up on us. Now that we've met you, we really appreciate you sometimes. Actually, when I came here, I didn't even have the confidence. This is because there are many difficulties along the way. For those of us who are powerless, if we really come here along the way, I'm afraid we will really die. \"Sigh, but it's also very difficult. You, thank you very much. This is the first time I have said so many words. However, I still thank you. I hope you can remember.\"

Yuan Tianze was speechless. Why did he say that? In his memory, Xiao Yu had always been a very cold person, from the past until now. He still remembered that one time he went to organize a club to recruit new people, that was, to recruit new people. Originally, they wanted to go to the boys' dormitory to publicize, but they were actually so shy. Even if they were shy and didn't talk to them, they were just standing at the door and watching them pose. That was funny, right? However, this also created a cold image of him. In the eyes of the girls, he had always been like this. However, these images hadn't changed for so many years and had lasted until now. But now, he had actually said so many words to a boy he had just met. This made him feel extremely strange or surprised.

He still remembered that in the past, there were two people who had the same relationship. Before the two of them met each other, they were extremely cold, doing everything by themselves. None of them would discuss anything with anyone else. Everyone else's evaluation of them was the same, only two words were cold. But one day, the two of them accidentally met or collided. Everything was as planned. The two of them really had a tacit understanding. At the first glance, it was as if the other party was a friend that had separated for a long time. They suddenly reunited at this moment. They felt that the other party was the kind of friend they had been looking for for for many years. As a result, they communicated with each other and found that the other party's interests matched their own. Thus, the two of them played very well in the future and became close friends. A confidant is someone who makes you change from a person who doesn't like to talk to a person who suddenly likes to talk. Perhaps, this man in front of him has also met the confidant that he cares about in his life. However, if the other party treated her as a confidant, then it was very doubtful. However, he felt that he was not a confidant, but a spirit of worship. It was just that he felt a chill in a kind of worship. After all, it had been many years since he had become like this, making him look like a little mysterious brother.

Perhaps changing a person, really not so difficult to change, a person only needs so short a short period of time. But the big change is hopeful that it will be good, not bad. No matter what? For anyone, change is the key to a person's growth. If you can't change direction, those good directions, I'm afraid that you will encounter many difficulties in your future life. This is reality. This was the reality of the entire world, past, present and future. This was something that he was a little speechless. When he started to think like this, the relationship between the two of them would definitely become different. This made him feel especially awkward, or in other words, he wouldn't get along so naturally in the future. After all, there were times when close friends were more important than ordinary friends.

However, Xiao Yu quickly noticed the worries on his face. She stood there and recalled that she hadn't done anything that made people feel speechless! He felt a little spicy and speechless. Or was he speechless towards this man? Could it be that he had really done something wrong to her? However, he seemed to have reacted very quickly. As a result, he reacted and walked this way. She looked at the man.

\"What are you doing? Are you so nasty?\"

\"Actually, I think you're thinking a little too much. Really, you don't have to think so much about what you think about the relationship between me and him, or how I became friends with him and I wouldn't be as good as you used to be. Actually, you don't have to do so much. To us, we are friends, very good friends. To him, I'm just worshipping him. If I'm worshipping an expert, it's worship. You can't hide anything, because you're worshipping an expert. This is what you should be doing. In fact, you should know that we are friends in the past, present and future. We are all very good friends because we grew up together and worked hard for that man's career. \"

He added.

\"Do you remember when we were kids that we used to steal watermelons from our neighbors? At that time, watermelons were very delicious, and the price of watermelons, which were especially hot that summer, also rose very quickly, making people feel that they could not afford to buy them anymore. What about after that? We went to the field to steal watermelons in order to eat them or save money, but one day we stole them from the ground and ended up at our neighbor's house. But the neighbor saw it, and we asked why we did it. At that time, you said that you ordered me to do this, but I didn't do it voluntarily? I was stupid. I was really stupid. I really didn't expect you to say that. Granny defended my dignity because of what you said. When you last saw your parents, they blamed you for being wrong. To uphold my dignity. So from then on, I was really grateful to you. Thank you very much. I just thought that you were really worth making friends with as a friend of mine. You should be my best friend, right? You should be able to say that. Over the years, we have experienced a lot of things, but also saw a lot of things. We have all failed, we have suffered, we have been hesitant, but we have all grown.

He took a few steps and slowly talked.

\"That's why we went to college together. Some of us are not limited to boys and girls. Sometimes we brothers should fight for the same ideal. You have to remember one thing, no matter when, you have to remember. There is only one time in life. We should cherish the person we meet in front of us. No matter how bad or good he is to you, he can be a valuable asset on the road of life. People become great because they have these things, because they can experience those things and become so smart. Find the right friend, you become the strongest existence, that is also the best, friends such as things are in difficult times to become your strongest pillar. We've known each other this year. You've liked a lot of girls and seen a lot of scenery. However, I've never liked any girls in my life. Only you would do that. But anyway, we came all the way here, and we went through all these difficulties. No matter what? You will always be my brother, you will always be my friend, because of you, I can go forward without fear. \"

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