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The Young Man 2 The World

Author:  OBSIDIAN Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:18

The next day

The Young Boy, Itzcoatl Coronado named after the the fourth king of Tenochittlan a great king that set the foundations for the Aztec Empire with two other Kings.

[Itzcoatl {"iz-coat-l"} meaning obsidian serpent]

Itzcoatl or Itz as his family calls him had just woken up. His muscles aching as he walks into a dimly lit bathroom checks himself in the

bathroom. He mumbles under his breath

"old Man if you were this good looking then may the Gods smite me right now"

with a little smug he proceeds to do a couple poses

(Old Man)- "Boy get your ass out here"

(Itz)- "I'm ggooiing"

In front of a tall Marble gate with 'CORONADO' engraved boldly. Under the gate stands an Old Man in a formal attire, a grey suit, navy blue tie, and grey pants. looking like one of those old mobsters.

(Itzcoatl POV)

Apparently me and the Old Man are going to the great Rocky mountains to broaden my horizen at the 10 year convention of the American hidden powers. Hosted by the 5 great clans and 2 sects. Unfortunately I have to wear this stupid black suit it's a brand called Armani, never heard of it probably a nock off brand.

While Im walking down the stone stairs toward the gate I can see the old man. Surprisingly he looks ok in his grey suit even if he's all wrinkly. He keeps explaining and emphasizing how ' we need to be careful not to anger anybody especially those big shots the 5 great clans and 2 major sects of America'. They supposedly run all of America even if they aren't the ones directly controlling everything with power comes right to decide. Even then the old man keeps telling me not to anger anybody. Clearly he doesn't grasp my character I only spew flowers, I'm the emptimone of what a gentleman is. And even if the so called great clans and major sects are powerful I doubt the government isn't strong so why should I worry. I told the Old man he was turning senile. He just gave me a glance and stayed silent. He then let out a long sigh and kept driving.

(Itz POV end)

The odd pair arrives at the airport heading to the lobby after waiting 20 minute they enter the airplane. Of course our odd duo are taking first class as they open the cabin door they sense a chilling breeze traverse across their bodies. The old man's eyes immidiatly dart down the aisle and lands on a middle age looking man. The man is accompanied by a young teenage boy blond hair, green eyes, Abit chubby, white skin and freckles all across his face. Unlike the teenage boy who's only wearing casual clothing the middle aged man is wearing a navy blue vest with streaks of grey and black hair. He has a square shaped head with a point nose just like the teenage boy. The middle aged man locks eyes with The Old man and sneers.

(Middle aged man)- "look who it is the old hermit of the Coronado's what happened James? your so old I guess time hasn't been kind to you."

(James)- " shut up Hekic in a couple years you'll be looking like me we're both relics from the past and I can see you have a little apprentice"

(Hekic)- " yea what do u think he's pretty strong way stronger than that brat at your side you old bones. You do know at the meeting of the martial world in America there's going to be a competition is that brat participating? I don't want him to get hurt by my apprentice. He is very very strong it would be foolish to set a dragon on a dog"

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