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The Strongest Cultivator in Foundation Realm Chapter 460 Absorption

Author:  Lv Cha Piao Xiang Genre:  Other UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 17:02:51

As soon as Chen Xin said those words, the ruins of the great hall on the ground suddenly scattered in all directions.

A figure slowly stood up from the ruins. It was a human demon.

\"I have to admit, you really surprised me.\"

The human demon's expression was neither sad nor happy, nor did his voice contain the slightest bit of emotion. \"From the moment I was sealed until now, you are still the first to be able to force me to this point.\"

\"However, this is the end. The game … is over now.\"

\"Every five hundred years, this place will open once. The so-called Devil Executioners are getting weaker and weaker, and their numbers are getting fewer and fewer. I think … the cultivation world is different now, right?\"

\"After I kill all of you and make you my nourishment, I think I can leave this place as well.\"

\"At that time, this world will naturally bow down to me!\" The human demon sneered.

\"You're too fantastic.\"

Chen Xin sneered, \"Do you really think this society is still the same as before? Just because you appeared in society, do you think you will still use your sword and saber to deal with you like before?\"

\"So what? Ordinary people are just ants!\"

\"Those who obey me will prosper, those who oppose me will perish! The first one to operate is you!\"

The moment his words fell, the human demon charged forward.

At this moment, it was clear that the human demon did not inherit the thoughts of the king versus the king, the general versus the general. The moment he made his move, he directly arrived in front of a disciple of the Orthodox Sect.

The expression of the Orthodox Sect disciple changed drastically, and he retreated without thinking.

His reaction was quite swift, but facing a human demon, his reaction was no longer something he could make up for.

The human devil's tentacles pierced through his body in an instant. Blood burst out at this moment. The orthodox sect disciple let out a miserable scream and his entire body twitched.

In just a short moment, the flesh and blood essence of his body had already been sucked dry and quiet by the human demons, leaving only a single human skin.

The human demon's attack immediately caused a commotion among the disciples of the aristocratic families present.

Death might not be scary, but for someone like this to absorb all of their essence, it could be said to be a very scary thing.

After the human demon killed one person, it was clear that he had no intention of stopping. He continued to charge forward and arrived behind another disciple of the Ye Clan.

\"Let go of my Ye Family!\"

Seeing this scene, the faces of the Ye Clan elders changed greatly. What they didn't think was to attack the human demon and try to stop it.

\"Don't worry, it's your turn next!\"

The human demon laughed sinisterly. Without hesitation, he waved his tentacles and blocked the attacks of the Ye Clan elders. Then, he looked at the Ye Clan disciple. The other tentacle extended out again and pierced through the Ye Clan disciple's chest.

Just like before, the Ye Clan disciple was directly absorbed by the human demon and turned into a soft piece of human skin. The human demon threw him on the ground like a piece of trash.

\"Brother Chen, this is not the way!\"

Seeing the human demons raging and slaughtering the disciples of aristocratic families, Ye Wentian's face revealed an undisguised anxiety. \"If these ordinary disciples stayed here, they wouldn't be able to do any harm to the human demons at all. Instead, they would be destroyed by the human demons one by one!\"

\"You're right.\"

Chen Xin narrowed his eyes and nodded slightly. Obviously, he was in agreement with what Ye Wentian said. \"Let Fang Tian leave with the Zhengfang Sect and the others. So are you.\"

\"No, I'll stay.\"

Ye Wentian shook his head, \"I have the Mountain Imperial Bell. Perhaps I can help Brother Chen.\"

\"Help me?\"

Brother Chen glanced at Ye Wentian and shook his head without any hesitation, \"Do you think the Imperial Mountain Bell is indestructible?\" Perhaps you don't know that the Mountain Imperial Bell's defense is indeed astonishing, but it was previously broken by the Great Devil, and even the artifact spirit within it was scattered. \"If you stay here to deal with the demons, you won't be able to do anything. On the contrary, your life will be in danger.\"

Although Ye Wentian was now the owner of the Mount Imperial Bell, he was unclear about what had happened to the Mount Imperial Bell before. At this moment, after hearing Chen Xin's words, his face instantly turned incomparably pale.

\"Alright, you can leave as well. It's enough for me and Li Hun to be here.\"

Seeing that Ye Wentian seemed to want to say something else, Chen Xin waved his hand and said indifferently.

A look of helplessness flashed across Ye Wentian's face, but he didn't insist on anything more. He only took a deep breath and cupped his hands towards Chen Xin. He then whispered, \"Then I'll leave it to Brother Chen. The safety of the cultivation world, I'll also leave it to Brother Chen.\"

Without waiting for Chen Xin to reply, Ye Wentian turned around and left.

Behind him, many people from the Ye Clan did not dare to hesitate and hurriedly left this place.

After all, humans and devils were simply too terrifying for them. Naturally, the farther away such a person was, the better.

Fang Tian also did not insist on staying here. Perhaps he had the same idea. After experiencing the battle with Drunken Moon Resident Scholar, he was already powerless.

At this moment, he led many Orthodox Sect disciples out of the battlefield and quickly left this place.

As for Bai Qixian and the others from the Bai Clan, they didn't need Chen Xin to remind them that they had already left before the Ye Clan.

\"Great Elder, what do we do next?\"

An elder of the Bai Clan whispered to Bai Qixian as he walked into the distance.

\"Next, let's wait.\"

A bright light flashed through Bai Qixian's eyes. \"We are no longer able to interfere in the current battle. Be it Chen Xin or the Human Demon, they are all enemies to our Bai Clan. Since that is the case, let them compete.\"

\"If the Human Demon wins, our Bai Clan will naturally take action. Not only us, the Ye Clan, but also the Orthodox Sect will definitely not stand by and wait for death. After all, the Human Demon is a great enemy of the cultivation world! And if Chen Xin wins, we can take advantage of the fishermen! Return the humiliation Chen Xin had inflicted on us a hundredfold!\"

\"Great Elder is right!\"

Bai Qixian's words caused a wisp of excitement to appear on the face of the Bai Clan's elder. \"Then we'll wait here and see if Chen Xin survives or if the human demon remains!\"

At this moment, Bai Qixian was whispering to the people of the Bai Clan. On the other side, Ye Wentian was also discussing with Fang Tian and the elders of the Ye Clan.

\"Human demons are so powerful. Brother Chen and Senior Li Hun alone can really deal with them?\"

Ye Wentian's face was filled with unconcealable worry as he whispered, \"If not, I'm afraid we'll be in danger.\"

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