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The Scheming Husband's Sweet Trap Volume 2 Chapter 460 Clues

Author:  Su Guoguo Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 16:42:28

\"Old lady?\" Mu Luochen asked doubtfully.

\"Yes, I just bumped into her. After she left, I found this envelope on the ground.\" Ye Jianxi nodded and pointed at the two words on the envelope, \"Key, there is only this piece of paper in that envelope. The two words were written on it. When I was sick, a nurse delivered medicine to me. There was also a slip of paper in the medicine, and it was also these two words.\"

\"I think there might be someone who wants to remind me to find some key. Luo Chen, do you think this key has anything to do with my father?\"

Apart from what happened to her father back then, she couldn't think of anything else that could cause people to go through so much trouble to remind her of this again and again.

\"Then did you think of anything?\" Mu Luochen asked as he picked up the letter and examined it.

\"No, I've used all the keys to my house since I was young. There's nothing special about them.\" Ye Jianxi shook her head and said, \"Moreover, after my father died, someone used the excuse of forcing debts to come to my house many times. If there really was a special key, they should have taken it away.\"

The place where Ye Jianxi was most confused was also here.

Since this person reminded her that the key was the key, then this key should have something to do with the people from the Ye Clan. Right now, there were only her and her mother left in the Ye Clan.

Mother is now far away from China, and the key is likely to be with her.

But she didn't have any keys …

Could this person really be joking? Or was it a smoke bomb thrown by the Pei Clan?

Just as Ye Jianxi was lost in thought, Mu Luochen suddenly held her hand and said, \"I remember, I seem to have seen a key before.\"

\"Have you seen the key?\"

Ye Jianxi's spirits lifted. If this key was the key and they could find Old Master Pei's black account, then it would be useless for the Pei Clan to contact all the rich clans in City A, let alone the Shen Clan!

With just one account, it was enough to completely destroy the Pei Clan!

\"Yes, but I can't remember when I saw him.\" Mu Luochen knitted his eyebrows and pondered. He did remember seeing a key. \"But I know that this key has something to do with you.\"

He didn't remember anything, it had something to do with her.

He remembered this key in his memory, but he didn't remember when or where he saw it …

There was only one explanation for this situation, and it was related to her.

Ye Jianxi was slightly disappointed in her heart, but she quickly came up with a solution. \"Since it has something to do with me, then it's very likely that you brought the key back home. I'll ask Zhou Wenda to look for it.\"

As Ye Jianxi spoke, she took out her phone and called Zhou Wenda.

The call went through in a short while.

Ye Jianxi told Zhou Wenda about the matter, and Zhou Wenda instructed the subordinates to go to the old house to find the key.

After hanging up the phone, a glimmer of hope arose in Ye Jianxi's heart. She smiled and looked at Mu Luochen and said, \"If this key can really find the accounts, Pei Jinde will really be doomed.\"

Mu Luochen nodded slightly, but he did not have much hope for this account. Fourteen years had passed, and the chances of finding the account were very low.

Even if he found it, if he wanted to take down Pei Jinde, he had to submit this account.

If Pei Jin De went further up, it would be the center …

It was not as easy to defeat Pei Jinde through the accounts as he had imagined, but it was still a path.

Compared to the accounts, he was more interested in who gave Jian Xi the hint.

Why would this person behind the scenes give Jian Xi a hint of what he wanted from this matter? Why didn't he report Pei Jinde when he knew the clues?

Mu Luochen did not believe that a person would do this for no reason. This person behind the scenes must have plots.

If this person wasn't harmful to Jianxi, he could be at ease.

However, if this person wanted to use the accounts to attract Jian Xi to do something harmful to her, then he would absolutely not allow it.

Mu Luochen held the letter and a dark light flashed through his eyes.

The search for the key continued for two days.

On the third day, Zhou Wenda brought a box of keys. There were at least three or four hundred keys.

Ye Jianxi looked at the keys in the box and asked, \"Are you sure you're helping me find the keys, not preparing to open the key store?\"

Mu Luochen only had a vague impression of the key. He could not recognize which key it was. There were so many similar keys in this box. It was impossible for him to find the key by relying on one impression.

\"Young Madam, there are indeed so many keys at home.\" Zhou Wenda said honestly.

Ye Jianxi was somewhat discouraged, and with great difficulty, she saw hope and was instantly snatched away. This was even more discouraging than not discovering it at the beginning.

Seeing her like this, Zhou Wenda quietly retreated to the side.

Mu Luochen walked up to her and said, One hand rested on her shoulder, the other hand opened the box, took out the newer keys and put them aside. \"I remember, it's a string of older keys. The rings of the keys are rusted. According to this, you should be able to exclude a lot of keys. The rest can be checked slowly. Perhaps, I will have thought of everything by then.\"

Ye Jianxi felt that what he said was reasonable, so she tidied up her mood and began to pick the key.

\"I'll pick with you.\"

Mu Luochen said as he placed the box on the bed.

Zhou Wenda took another box and asked them to put the impossible keys in.

The two of them chose for more than two hours, leaving behind more than thirty sets of keys. Each of them looked quite similar, and both of them were from the previous year.

Ye Jianxi picked up the key and looked carefully, hoping to find the one that she had impressed from the key.

But after looking for a long time, he couldn't find any clues.

\"Jianxi, this matter cannot be rushed.\" Mu Luochen raised his hand and placed it on her hand.

Ye Jianxi nodded. Just as she was about to speak, a noisy voice suddenly sounded from the door. The two of them looked towards the door at the same time.

\"Zhou Wenda, go and see what's going on.\" Mu Luochen said coldly.

\"Yes, Young Master.\"

Zhou Wenda walked towards the door, and Ye Jianxi got up and carried the chest containing the key to the cabinet and locked it in the cabinet.

As soon as she locked it, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from the door.

\"Brother Luo! Come out and meet me. I'm Yingxue!\"

Ye Jianxi's figure paused for a moment, and she raised her eyes to look at the door again, Yingxue?

Yingxue came to the hospital?

Why did she come to see Luo Chen?

Ye Jianxi turned her head to look at Mu Luochen, only to see that his brows were tightly knitted and his expression was indifferent.

\"Do you want to see her?\" Ye Jianxi hesitated for a moment. She indeed suspected Ying Xue. Ever since she met Ying Xue, Ying Xue had given her a very simple impression. But in the end, the two of them were only acquaintances of several faces. Those who had known each other for many years could not be trusted, let alone those who only knew each other of several faces.

Instead of believing in Pei Yingxue, she believed in Luo Chen.

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