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The Invincible Sword God Chapter 461 Haofei Yu

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Originally, the clan had already tacitly agreed that Lv Zimo would marry Li Sifan. The two clans had been related for generations, and they were both forces ranked in the top ten of the Southern Demon Sea. This was originally a logical matter.

But the last time Lv Zimo returned to the clan, she didn't want to eat and drink. Lu Feng thought that there was something wrong with her cultivation. In the end, it was Lv Zimo's mother who asked where the crux of the problem lay.

He was actually suffering from lovesickness.

As one of the top ten forces in the Southern Demon Sea, the Lu Clan disciples had little chance to dominate their marriage.

Especially the women in the clan, they were important tools for the clan to stabilize its status and expand its influence.

The more outstanding a woman was, the easier it was to become a partner.

As for Lv Zimo, he could be considered an exception. He had entered the Origin Gathering Realm at a young age, becoming the number one genius of the clan. The daughter of the Clan Chief was also loved by the patriarchs of the clan, so she still had some autonomy.

However, this autonomy was only a part of it. The clan could not allow Lv Zimo to do whatever he wanted, but it also attached great importance to it.

However, after knowing that Lv Zimo's target was Luo Zheng, Great Elder Lu Gaoye, who had always been in charge of the Lv Clan Chamber of Commerce, became the person who inspected Luo Zheng.

However, the results of the inspection were not satisfactory to Lv Clan. Firstly, not only was Luo Zheng not from the great powers of the Southern Demon Sea, he was also only a disciple of Baizhan Dynasty's Heavenly Leopard, a fourth-grade general, and a disciple of the Han Clan.

This made Lv Clan hesitate. Although Luo Zheng's talent in martial arts was indeed extraordinary, his foundation was too weak.

Moreover, Luo Zheng was a member of the Hundred Battles Dynasty, so he was destined to leave the Southern Demon Sea sooner or later. Even if he had some achievements in the future, it would be difficult for the Lu Clan to obtain any substantial help from the Hundred Battles Dynasty.

Therefore, the Lu Clan's rulers rejected this matter.

In the end, Lv Zimo refused to submit. He found the ancestor who loved her the most in the clan and tried his best to pester her for a long time. Finally, Ancestor Lv Clan agreed to give Luo Zheng another test. As long as he could defeat all the competitors at the recruitment meeting, he agreed to let Lv Zimo marry Luo Zheng.

Actually, Patriarch Lv Clan didn't want his beloved granddaughter to marry far away. He only agreed to this matter because he couldn't resist pestering her.

The Lv Clan Clan felt that although Luo Zheng's strength was amazing, it was not enough to defeat the other geniuses of the Southern Yao Sea.

After all, Lv Clan's age range for marriage recruitment this time was very wide. All martial artists under the age of forty could participate.

There were almost no Origin Casting Realm martial artists under forty, but there were many Origin Refining Realm martial artists.

\"This Luo Zheng's strength is indeed not weak. If he really doesn't encounter an opponent, wouldn't Zi Mo really marry this child?\"

Lu Feng sighed.

Hearing that Luo Zheng did not use Yuan Qi and punched through Sun Ming Hu's treasure armor, the Lu Clan's people became worried.

\"Haha, it's unnecessary for the Patriarch to worry. No matter how strong Luo Zheng is, he is only at the Yuan Fortune Realm. How can he defeat the Yuan Refinement Realm? His physical body is strong. As long as he doesn't get close to him, he won't be able to play any role.\"

Lu Gaozhi laughed.

He personally saw Luo Zheng kill Sun Ming Hu with one punch. Although he was shocked at that time, he later thought that Luo Zheng was just surprised, and Sun Ming Hu was also overemphasizing his eldest son and didn't display the protection of the inner armor at all.

Therefore, in his opinion, although Luo Zheng Qiang was strong, he was only so strong.

\"That's right. This time, the South Sea Sword Sect's Daoist Dragon Sword has brought Hao Feiyu to our Lu Clan. If Hao Feiyu is interested in Zi Mo, I'm afraid no one will be his opponent.\"

Lu Gaoye also nodded.

\"Three years ago, Haofei Yu opened up the Divine Sea at the age of fifteen, reaching the peak of the Origin Gathering Realm and winning the first place on the Genius Rankings. He has been cultivating in the South Sea Sword Sect for the past few years, so he must have already entered the Origin Gathering Realm! If our Lu Clan can marry the South Sea Sword Sect, our strength will definitely go further!\"

Another Lv Clan ruler said.

The Southern Sea Sword Sect was the number one power in the Southern Demon Sea, and its strength far surpassed its actual power.

The Southern Sea Sword Sect was located in the depths of the Southern Demon Sea. It had countless islands and rarely came to Black Dragon Island.

\"That's right, and Li Sifan is not much inferior to Luo Zheng. He has always loved Zi Mo. It is said that he even borrowed the Heavenly Wood Sword, the precious artifact of the Li Clan's Patriarch. This Heavenly Wood Sword is a top-grade mid-grade precious artifact. Once this sword is used, I'm afraid no one will be able to compete with it.\"

Lu Gaozhi smiled faintly. He had a concubine from the Li Clan who was also on the Li Clan's side.

In Lv Clan's recruitment conference, as long as it was the family or faction that received the invitation, one person could participate in the competition.

The method was also very simple. The winner of the tournament could get the chance to marry Lv Zimo.

The tournament was divided into three rounds. The first round was for the martial artists who received the invitation card from the main island. The winner entered the second round and competed with the martial artists from the branch island. Eight more winner were selected to enter the last round and compete with the martial artists who received the invitation card from the main island.

The first day and the second day were the matches on the island and the branch island respectively. Luo Zheng did not pay attention to them either and only stayed in the small courtyard arranged by Lv Clan to study formations and artifact forging techniques every day.

Actually, Luo Zheng had already planned that he would never participate in the recruitment competition.

He had already caused a misunderstanding with Lu Zimo before, so it would be even more difficult to explain if he joined the recruitment.

The invitation card from the Lu Clan only gave them the qualifications to participate in the wedding ceremony. It did not mean that all the guests who came would participate in the wedding ceremony.

The next day, the competition on the branch island had already been completed. The eight experts who had won on the branch island also landed on the main island of Sunshine Island with their relatives.

That night, the Lu Clan held a grand banquet in the main hall of the inner palace.

The various powers of the Southern Demon Sea had gathered together.

Luo Zheng was also invited to the banquet.

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