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The Invincible Sword God Chapter 459 Without A Sword

Author:  Duan Jian Genre:  Historical UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 16:42:23

This time, everything quieted down, and all the guests didn't dare to speak anymore.

The Sun Clan Patriarch had always kept a low profile, but that didn't mean that he didn't have any strength. Even if he wasn't a rare figure in the Southern Demon Sea, he was still at the peak of his battle prowess.

Experts above the Origin Forging Realm were the strongest martial artists in the Southern Demon Sea, but they seldom attacked, and most of them served as a deterrent.

After all, the Origin Forging Realm's strength was too terrifying.

An Origin Casting Realm expert also had a lifespan of at least two hundred years, which could guarantee a family to prosper for a hundred years. Moreover, every level above the Origin Casting Realm would increase their lifespan by a hundred years, and their cultivation time would greatly increase. Who knew what kind of increase they would reach in the future?

That was why Origin Forging Realm experts restricted each other and would not attack easily. Origin Refining Realm martial artists were the first-class warriors!

The more low-key a person was, the more terrifying their deterrence would be when they erupted!

The Sun Clan Patriarch clearly had killing intent towards Luo Zheng!

\"Haha, Elder Sun, this is our Lv Clan, not the Sun Clan. I think Elder Sun should be reasonable!\"

Lu Gaozhi's expression turned cold as he stood in front of Luo Zheng.

Luo Zheng was a guest invited by the Lu Clan's main island. If anything went wrong, the Lu Clan would lose face.

Moreover, the Lu Clan wanted to protect Luo Zheng for saving Lu Zimo. The Sun Clan was nothing in front of the Lu Clan.

\"Kid, Patriarch, I'll just stand here and let you take action from behind. What do you think? Didn't you want an explanation?\"

The Sun Clan Patriarch ignored Lu Gaozhi completely and stared at Luo Zheng as he said in a gloomy voice.

This also meant that if Luo Zheng did not dare to accept the move, he could no longer use today's matter as an excuse in the future. However, if things turned out like this, the Sun Clan would lose all face, and it would definitely not be over in the future.

\"Grandfather, how dare this brat come out to you? Let me do it!\"

Sun Minghu stood at the side and couldn't help but shout.

\"You want to take advantage of me, don't you?\"

Luo Zheng blinked his eyes and stared at Sun Minghu, \"Why don't you take a move from my follower?\"

\"I'm talking about you!\"

Although Sun Ming Hu was full of confidence, he still felt a lingering fear when he recalled Xue Mu's punch just now. He might not be able to withstand it.

\"That's right, Ming Hu will take one move from you, or I will take one move from your followers. You can choose for yourselves! You said that you wanted to give an explanation, but now, if you don't dare?\"

The Sun Clan Patriarch stared at Luo Zheng and sneered.

\"The Sun Clan Patriarch is so despicable. In this way, regardless of Luo Zheng's fate or his followers, their grandchildren's cultivation is higher than the other party's by a realm!\"

\"This old fellow has always pretended to be honest. I didn't expect that he would be so shameless!\"

\"I think Sun Ming Hu may not be able to win. Luo Zheng once slashed Wan Tian Xiong with a single sword!\"

When the surrounding guests saw this, they began to despise him.

The Sun Clan Patriarch didn't seem to have heard anything. Today, the Sun Clan had lost all face, and even the Lu Clan had become hostile. He couldn't care less. He wanted to avenge Sun Mingxiang with an arrow!

\"Alright, then turn around!\"

Luo Zheng lightly nodded and pointed at Sun Ming Hu.

\"Brat, you must remember that my Ming Xiang did not use saber weapons, and you cannot use weapons. Otherwise, don't blame me for turning against you!\"

At this moment, the Sun Clan's Patriarch said.

The Sun Clan Patriarch clearly knew that Luo Zheng had once killed Wan Tianxiong with a single sword strike. At that time, the exquisite swordsmanship he had displayed had truly caused many experts to praise it!

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but feel even more contempt for the Sun Clan's ancestor. Sun Mingxiang took advantage of others' unpreparedness to directly attack. There were so many restrictions there.

\"Sure, no need for a sword!\"

Luo Zheng narrowed his eyes and nodded, \"Can I start now?\"

\"Hmph, if you're anxious to die, I'll grant you!\"

Sun Ming Hu stared at Luo Zheng and said coldly.


Luo Zheng did not have any momentum. Before the crowd could react, he punched Sun Minghu in the back.

This punch did not have any Yuan Qi fluctuations, making the spectators unable to react.

In a battle between martial artists, the moment they attacked, their Yuan Qi surged, giving them a certain amount of time to react.

But Luo Zheng's punch was too fast!

\"How dare you not be angry? You're courting death!\"

Sun Ming Hu turned his head and saw Luo Zheng's fist in front of him. He was shocked, and then he discovered that there was no Yuan Qi fluctuation on his fist, so he couldn't help but laugh sinisterly.


In an instant, his fist exploded with Sun Ming Hu's protective Yuan Qi. An extremely violent force tore open his clothes and smashed into his chest.


However, Luo Zheng's fist encountered great resistance. Under Sun Minghu's clothes, he was wearing a black inner armor!

\"This is the inner armor of a low-grade treasure!\"

\"No wonder Old Man Sun was willing to let Sun Minghu take this move. So he is fearless!\"

\"Luo Zheng's physical strength is truly astonishing. He can even explode the protective Yuan Qi of an Origin Gathering Realm martial artist, but it is impossible to break through a precious artifact. No matter how strong his physical body is, it cannot compare to a precious artifact!\"

Everyone suddenly came to a realization. Only then did they understand why they dared to let Sun Minghu come out despite Luo Zheng's astonishing battle record.

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