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The Boy Of My Dreams 2 Chapter 1

Author:  Coco027 Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:59

It was the perfect winter day. Snow was slowly falling down from the sky. The entire ground, as far as the eyes could see, was coated in a hefty blanket of solid white. The light seems to dance atop the snow, making it glitter wherever the sun shines. And when you listen closely, you could here the sound of the wind whistling as it goes about.

It was the perfect day to spend the time with your lover.

It was the perfect winter day.

But.... Where was I??

Stuck in my part to time job.

It's not like I can complain though. This was the only part time job that actually gave me a good pay worth the job I do. In addition, the owners are real sweethearts.

Never questioning why a 15yr old kid would want a job, why she came to them in a shabby dress, what happened to her. None. They never pushed me. It felt like I was home with them. And what the job was....?Nothing much. A small restaurant. I worked as a chef. I started out with being a waitress. But soon found out that I could cook better than serve. Even I didn't expect myself to have such a talent.

One day, Mister (I call the owners Mister and Auntie) became sick during the job. The part-timer was also on leave. And there were a lot of customers. Auntie told that we should close for the day. But I didn't want to. I don't know what came over me, but before I knew it, I was cooking like an expert. Maybe it was because I was used to seeing Mister cooking food or I may have had it in me for a long time. Either way that night the customers were all pleased with my food. So from that day I needed served. And I got to learn to make a lot of tasty food.

OK..... I think I got a little diverted there. So um.... where was I???

Yep on that perfect winter day. I was taking a break. Well technically it wasn't a break... It wasn't just the rush hour yet. So we were preparing to open. It just so happened that I was watching the TV. One of my favorite show was on. It was called "Welcoming Raw Talent". Don't get me started on the weird name. I don't know what that person was thinking when he decided to name it. Raw reminds me of meat. Fresh meat that could be made into wonders.. Just thinking about it brings water to my mouth. Yum yum yummy.

So the host was going on about some new guy being amazingly and the usual stuff. I wasn't being particularly interested in it today. I didn't know why? But oh well! The show never stopped in interesting me.

So I waited.

But when the "raw talent" stepped onto the stage...

My breathe was completely taken away.

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