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Supreme Martial Spirit Chapter 460 Kill Elder Sun

Author:  Luo Cheng Dong Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 16:52:39

Elder Sun sighed and said miserably, \"Good and evil are finally rewarded! What you did back then, you've finally found it.\"

\"Cut the crap, hurry up and say it!\"

Elder Sun said, \"That's right, it was indeed me and Su Zhaodong who killed Han Cong.\"

\"Han Cong is too upright. He has clashed with me several times and offended Su Zhaodong. Su Zhaodong doesn't like her very much.\"

\"Once, he came to find me and told me to kill Han Cong by hunting. At that time, I had a conflict with Han Cong, so I readily agreed.\"

Chen Feng asked, \"Where did you go?\"

\"Demon Suppressing Valley!\" Elder Sun said slowly.

\"Demon Suppressing Valley?\" Chen Fengfeng knitted his brows and his expression became even colder. \"It's one of the two forbidden areas in the Azure Forest Mountain Range, the Demon Suppressing Valley, isn't it?\"

Elder Sun said, \"That's right, we went all the way to the northeast during that hunt.\"

\"The Demon Suppressing Valley is very large. It is hundreds of kilometers in radius. One of the reasons why the Demon Suppressing Valley is called a Jedi is that the surrounding cliffs are criss-crossing, ravines are dense, and the terrain is extremely dangerous. It is very difficult to enter.\"

Han Cong and I were on duty that night. I lured him to the vicinity of the Demon Suppressing Valley and ambushed him on a cliff, knocking him down into the thick fog.

Chen Feng's heart lit up with a glimmer of hope. He anxiously asked, \"You mean, you're not sure if he's dead or not, are you?\"

Elder Sun revealed a miserable smile, \"I won't hide anything from you now that he's about to die. I think he should be dead by now. He was heavily injured after being struck by me.\"

\"Furthermore, you should know the rumors about the Demon Suppression Valley. If you fall into the thick fog, it will definitely be difficult to get out!\"

Chen Feng did not comment. He only slowly nodded his head. Then, he gently pulled out the Ziyue Saber and said indifferently, \"I fulfilled my promise. Since you answered my question, I will let you and your son die a happy death. Do you have anything else to say now?\"

Elder Sun's face revealed a venomous expression as he roared, \"Chen Feng, wait for me. You will definitely die a terrible death. My uncle will definitely not forgive you after coming out of seclusion!\"

Chen Feng sneered, \"You should worry about yourself first!\"

As he spoke, the Violet Moon Saber in his hand slashed out and two heads flew up.

Elder Sun still had an expression of disbelief on his face, while Sun Xin had a face of relief. To him, death was the best outcome.

After killing Elder Sun and Sun Xin, Chen Fengfeng walked around the courtyard once more. After confirming that there was no one alive, he left with Wang Wei.

Wang Wei looked at Chen Fengfeng with admiration in his eyes. He admired and envied Chen Feng's might just now.

In his ideal, when he returned to his clan, he wanted to be as powerful as Chen Feng, intimidating everyone and making everyone kneel before him respectfully.

Especially those brothers who looked down on him!

Also, his cheap father would look at him with disbelief, fear, and respect at the same time.

Wang Wei clenched his fists and said, \"I must be as mighty as Senior Brother Chen Feng.\"

Then, he quickly caught up with Chen Feng and said, \"Senior Brother Chen Feng, you don't know how powerful you were just now. Look at Elder Sun and Sun Xin's expressions!\"

'\"Aiya, you don't know that Elder Sun has always been arrogant in front of us outer sect disciples. He doesn't even care about us at all. He didn't even sweep the corners of his eyes over us. Today, you've cleaned us up like this. It's really satisfying. When can I be like you?\"

Out of courtesy, Chen Feng smiled and listened.

However, as he walked down the road, a few black lines appeared on his face.

Chen Feng discovered that his previous understanding of Wang Wei was completely wrong. It turned out that Wang Wei was actually a chatterbox. His mouth was almost unable to stop for a moment, and he would often say something messy.

Just now, he had appeared rather calm in front of him. It should be the first time he had seen him, but now, his nature had been revealed.

After arriving at the valley's cave residence, Chen Feng said to Wang Wei, \"Wang Wei, I already know your purpose. This time, I am truly grateful to you. If it weren't for you, it would probably take me a long time to get the news. The consequences would be unimaginable.\"

'\"But you also know that I will definitely not accept you as my disciple. Your age is wrong, and the seniority of the two of us is also wrong. Tell me, what do you want? If there is anything you want, I will do my best!\"

Wang Wei's face revealed a trace of disappointment. What he wanted most was to cultivate with Chen Feng. However, he knew that this was impossible. Chen Feng could not be so unsuspecting and let him cultivate with him who he did not know yesterday.

Thus, he wisely chose what Chen Feng could accept.

He thought for a moment and said, \"I want a secret manual, a high-grade martial skill cultivation manual!\"

Chen Feng nodded and asked, \"What kind of weapon do you mainly cultivate?\"

Wang Wei said without hesitation, \"My favorite weapon is the sword!\"

Chen Feng said, \"You are at the sixth level of the Houtian realm. Since that's the case, you can't go too far in cultivating martial skills and martial arts. Since you like swords, I happen to have a few martial arts manuals of swordsmanship and a martial arts manuals here.\"

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