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Reborn in Konohagakure 7 Tenten I have a sister

Author:  Forsaken123 Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:39

After another introspection, I yawned and asked Anko what happened. She then rolled her shoulders and said, "You had sex with Tsunade."

"In my dreams?"

Anko covered her mouth and said, "Pretty much."

Figuring nothing extraordinary happened, I said, "Know where she went?"

"She said she would be sticking around. It should not be too hard to find her again."

"Anko lets spar."

"You think you can take me?"

"No, but I need to be training; it has been a decent amount of time."

We left the inn we were at and headed outside. The world of Naruto was called 'Earth,' but it was odd how the whole world was similar to Japan. I wondered why each village was the same.

Anyways we soon entered a dojo, which was made for ninja because the areas meant for training were barren with a few wooden pillars breaking up what would have been an empty space.

What was interesting was that this Dojo also practiced barriers and fighting. Once we were done paying, we were allowed to train for a full day without worrying about harming others and have access to medical staff should something go wrong.

We entered a stage, and soon a barrier was placed around us, it was a simple barrier which we could break at will, but it was hard which allowed me and Anko to use Jutsu willingly.

While I knew I would lose, I wanted to try out my Taijutsu skills. However, it was pointless, Anko was insanely fast. I could see her movements, but I could do nothing about them. But, I knew I would not become a keen Taijutsu user so quickly. It was time to experiment.

I remembered Anko's fight with Orochimaru and copied her style. I charged at her once more, but this time when she dodged, Chakra left my hand and bond itself into her arm. While I could not control it like a puppet, it seemed I could affect its movement significantly.

Sadly, Anko grinned when she cut our Chakra link.

"I just wanted to be connected to you."

She giggled and said, "I will be sure to tell Ten," before she could finish her statement I attacked her again, but this time I used more Chakra links and forced her arm out of the way. She smiled and kicked me out of the way.


"No more Dongo for you."

She smiled and puffed up her chest, and smiled. I wondered if she was tempting me, but she was likely just being arrogant. However, I had to force her into using Jutsu; otherwise, I could not steal them from her.

"I do not mind you stealing my Jutsu, but you have to earn it boy."

When as Anko so smart? Well, I guess she is a Jonin. Even if she is crazy, I cannot underestimate her. This time I used my Chakra like her snakes and sent them after her. However, she could do the same thing which bugged me, I was hoping she would use snakes, but, this was not the case.

I kept adding more Chakra chains, but it was a terrible idea because Anko could do the same. Soon, I ran out of Chakra and sighed. I raised my hands and said, "I'm out."

Anko looked at me and said, "What would you do if this was a real battle?"


Anko rubbed her forehead and said, "You would give up so easily?"

I then tossed up my arms while saying, "One must know their limits. Besides, I cannot use the Rasengan." However, the truth is I knew she could deal with it because of my poor taijutsu.

Perhaps, Anko wanted to say my pride because she said, "If you combine your strings and can use the Rasengan at the same time, it would be interesting. However, that might be impossible."

Anko words might seem silly, but I knew I could do that and more importantly. Her idea of using two jutsu's at the same time inspired me to think of new combinations in the future. My biggest problem other than a lack of Chakra was the lack of Jutsu. However, this could be overcome quickly.

Perhaps Itachi would be willing to teach me something? I wonder what he has thought me before however… My memories regarding this body are too foggy.

Either way, I thanked Anko for the spar and left the Dojo. While I may have lost, I gained much for this battle. Instead of looking around for Tsunade, I took a break. Because Anko was not in a rush, I am sure meeting with Tsunade will not be a problem.

Suddenly, someone bumped into me which caused me to stare at them while I checked my pockets and grin because I knew that pickpocket would have a pleasant surprise in store for them.

And a few seconds later a small explosion was heard. I wondered why anyone would steal from a ninja… It was a stupid thing to try, and while I do not consider myself a ninja. I would not have my money on my waist. One could say I was nice because I only used a small amount of explosive. That thief just lost a finger, but considering his job, he might lose more.

This was not something I took joy in. It was something I started bragged about to Anko. She was giggling because of the demise of the thief. Someone came and started asking questions, but we decided to leave the area and acted like we knew nothing. While we would get away with harming the man, it was a problem to deal with it all. Nor was I interested in starting a fight with the dark side of the city.

And because Anko is with me, I do not think they would cause any problems. While the small fry might not know about Anko, I am sure the higher-ups do. Of course, this assumes they would even care about all this.

I began thinking about what I should do to befriend Tsunade, but I could not think of anything other than gambling. Because Anko implied meeting with Tsunade will not be a problem, I thought of a few ways to lure her into gambling with me. Once we began, I hoped that her terrible luck would give me victory. However, I thought to myself perhaps speaking with Tsunade was not worth it.

At first, I did not trust Anko but thinking about it now, I can trust her. She seems crazy, but when I consider her past, I think she is a victim of everything. Naruto saved Orochimaru, but perhaps that is what hurt Anko the most? She was a badass until Boruto came out.

With a new mindset, I looked toward Anko and say, "Anko will you train me?" Perhaps, my words stunned her because she turned around and paused for a moment.

She then took a deep breath and said, "What?"

I smiled and said, "I want to be your student."

"Why me?"

I looked at the floor and said, "You have what I lack, perseverance."

"Why not Tsunade? I am sure she would be impressed by your talent."

"I have no talent. I only know two Jutsu. What talent? Besides, when I am around you, I feel like I have a sister."

Anko then took me into her embrace and said, "Very well, you are my little brother from now on."

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