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Reborn in Konohagakure 6 Unknown Hope

Author:  Forsaken123 Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:39

After we had our contest, it was too late to look for Tsunade. Well, that is what we told ourselves as we headed toward an inn and embraced the third best thing in life, sleep. While I had a small fortune in my hands, we decided not to waste time and went directly toward the closest one.

Our events today, might seem silly, but I spent around $500. After doing conversions and understanding the lifestyle, I estimated that one gold coin was worth around 1k, which meant that an entry-level Jonin earned 100k a year from the village, but I guessed this was considering retired Jonin who might take low-level missions, and not the typical salary for a ninja like Kakashi.

However, it made me wonder how much money high-level missions paid. Either way, ninja were not as poor as shown in the show. I guess it was a silly gag or something. Or, maybe ninjas eat far more than ordinary people. (This is not canon, to the Naruto series. It uses Ryō, not USD.)

Thinking of Hinata, Choji and even Naruto, that might be the case. I figured the best way to find Tsunade, is by going into a casino. That choice may have had something to do with playing poker. While others might view using my natural advantages as cheating, I did not possess a mind that works like a calculator I could only see my enemy with greater detail.

I figure I could in and pocket a few hundred grand and not cause any problems. For these people, it was a drop in the bucket, but for me. It would allow me to worry less about money and focus on training.

I giggled when I saw a sign saying no Uchiha members allowed. I had a village approved ID which said my last name was Hatake. I do not understand why they named me after the 4th and then the white fang, but perhaps it was just random.

I wonder how they even got permission to use that last name for me. Either way, I owe nothing to that clan; I haven't dealt with any of its member's either. For now, it is not something that will cause me to worry.

Anko was next to me and honestly did not care too much about the mission which was not like her, but maybe it was because this is the best place to find her. Anyway, I was not in a rush to return to the village. The 3rd would not kill Donzo for me, and he cannot kill Orochimaru, well I could not be sure, but I did not think he would do that.

After a short time in the casino, I won a few hundred gold coins and while I could not be sure I decided to lose some of my winnings before leaving out of 'frustration.' Anyway, I won 200 more coins which left me at around 500 total. (This was an act.)

With myself and Anko I had no fears, but it was best not to cause problems for no reason. Honestly, I had too many issues and did not want to be creating more while looking for Tsunade was not worth it and I made a good amount of money it was not a good idea to become greedy.

Luckily, everything went well, and I left the casino with no problems. They even invited me back, which was nice. If this was a novel… Something stupid would have happened and taken up a whole two chapters, but thankfully, this was the real world.

Sadly, I found no leads on Tsunade. I turned toward my partner and said, "Any leads?"

"Just one."

I smiled and said, "Let's go."

We had another contest, but sadly it was a tie. One day I will defeat her, and her eyes showed that she had the same feeling. Others may not get it, but inside a restaurant, me and Anko are the greatest enemies. But, outside, we are friends. This was not a battle of who could eat more. This was a battle of enjoyment and truth be said, I do not think deciding a winner is possible, but I do not see myself trying to stop winning.

Sadly, it was dark, and we had to go back to the inn. But, this time I felt we should stick to the mission mostly because I wanted to speak with Tsunade. But, this was the first time I had a feeling of being normal after coming to this world.

Tenten was my girl, but this hanging out with Anko felt like being with a friend. However, one that could kill me in a 100 different ways. Luckily, she was on my side, but still, on some level, I wanted to hang out with ordinary people. Perhaps, I should expand on my friendship with Naruto? He is a cool person. Yes, he is goofy but honestly. I find his antics funny, and I could use the distraction.

Anyway, I always wondered what it was like to drink. And now it was time to get drunk, after all, once you tried everything, all you have to do is go to a pub. But, I did not want to meet Tsunade at this moment.

Sadly, I saw a girl playing with a pig and knew they doomed me, and I would not be drinking today.

Once I saw her, I thought the anime did not do Tsunade right. Tsunade was a goddess. Deciding not to play games I took off my contacts and greet Tsunade.

"As one who knows sadness, will you drink with me?"

She looked up at me and said, "What do you know about," However when she saw my Sharingan, she could not complete her sentence. Shizune was about to say something, but Tsunade shut her up. Knowing I was a minor did not bug Tsunade as she ordered drinks for me.

I poured sake into a small ceramic cup and lifted it to my lips. It was not nectar of the gods; it was like eating pure mustard. I wondered why anyone drank this trash, but that was when I understood something.

At that moment, I forgot everything. I hated the taste of a drink.

While I was sneezing heavily, Tsunade did not react negatively and poured another drink for me. I nodded and drank my second cup. While I did not want to be, the first prepared me and did not react as strongly as the first time.

I looked up toward my new friend and said, "Can it ever be like the first time?"

When I asked that question, Shizune questioned me back and said, "You wish to go through that again?"

I shook my head and said, "Because, for a fraction of a second, I forgot."

Tsunade joined in and said, "No, but it will take the edge off. Drink more child because for today I will take care of you."

"Thank you."


Tsunade looked at Mike after he fainted and said, "Come out now."

Anko greeted Tsunade and said, "How can I help you?"

"Tell me about the boy."

"The Hokage issued a gag order."

Tsunade looked at Anko and said, "Do you know who you are talking to?"

Anko smiled and took out a scroll while handing it to Tsunade and said, "The 3rd left this for you."

After getting the scroll and reading it, Tsunade sighed because it said, "Give the boy a chance or use your name to protect him. For some reason, he trusts you more than me."

However, the note had no information about the boy. She looked at the boy and sighed. She did not know why the boy trusted her more than the 3rd, but it scared her how the child knew something which made the 3rd protect him even if the 3rd and the boy did not trust him.

However, the node said, "Reanimation Jutsu and Orochimaru." Tsunade assumed the boy provided this information to the village and wondered if Orochimaru approached her before the child if she would have helped him. If what the boy says is true, they could consider him a hero of the leaf.

What was odd is that even if the information was false, who did it come from? And, how much sadness did this boy go through to obtain those eyes? Even worse, those eyes he gained are still a problem for him.

Either case, this child is someone who should be protected until he can mature. If that is the case, he will become loyal to the village. However, Tsunade did not care for the town too much at this point. She wanted to protect someone.

Tsunade looked toward the sky and thought, "Donzo is his greatest enemy, no matter what happens this boy will kill him when he can."

And the truth is the only reason Donzo is not dead was that he is needed because of the tension between all the villages. Thinking about it Tsunade understood that in this world, might makes right. It was a sad thought, but that was the case.

She then grabbed Mike and said, "This boy is now part of the Senju Clan. If any harm is to come to him from Danzo or if he is to become part of Root."

"I will join Itachi, and we will have our vengeance. The village will seek peace, or will it fall."

Anko looked at Tsunade and gulped. If anyone else were to say those words, they would consider it insane, but these are the words of a Sannin. They are all as strong as the 3rd, and if anything happened to him, they would be the likely 5th Hokage.

Tsunade then tossed the scroll into a fire and sighed before saying, "Shizune, This boy may become your disciple. I was going to reinforce your basics soon personally, but this boy, Minato, will be more important than the next Hokage."

She then sighed, because she figured if the 3rd dies, it would be her and not Jiraiya who would become Hokage. And, while the note did not say, so she thought the boy knew everything…

It was like the 3rd wrote, "His only mistake? Was loving Tenten." She trembled when she thought of his words. It was true, and the village did not suspect the boy. He could have hidden, and no one could find out about him. However, the boy followed his heart and thought of the woman he cared about.

The most important thing about the boy is his ability to read people. She figured the boy knew even if she did not help him. He would only be ignored. He could only have profited by meeting me and had no chance of a loss. She looked at the boy and smiled, "Perhaps you are the 'Child of Prophecy?'"

Tsunade then smiled and looked at Anko before saying, "Take the boy to an inn and do not tell him of my words. I will stay here for a time. I wish to understand my son."

Anko gulped and said, "I will do my best to care for him." She did not know what was in the note and it stunned her when she saw Mike's Sharingan, but now this boy is the child of Tsunade. She had thought this would be a simple mission. At this moment, she felt like she was protecting the next Hokage.

However, before Anko could collect herself, Tsunade said, "This boy fears your master greatly. He does not seem to have negative feelings toward you. I wish I could understand people like the boy can."

Anko sighed and said, "He does not know of my connection to him."

Tsunade giggled and said, "You should not underestimate the boy. Even I will have to act well for him in the future."

"All this to understand the boy?"

"This is a test, and if he passes, I will reward my son, With everything."


I looked at Anko who was sleeping next to me and figured I drank too much yesterday. I yawned while looking toward the sky and soon I trained my Chakra while it might not be much every bit counted. I figured in a few years, I could have the same amount as Tenten, which is not much but it will be a vast improvement to my current situation.

Thinking of Chakra I had I figured I have around 2000 points Tenten had about 6000 points, and Naruto is likely at 20000.

While my Chakra control lets me have far more effective use of Jutsu, it would never cross be able to sustain the number of clones Naruto can; we had different paths.

I will use the most complex Jutsu I can think of, Naruto's control cannot compare to mine. Because I do not control Chakra, I will call it into action, and it obeys me and even adjusts itself when walking on trees or water.

The chakra I can have is a willing servant; Naruto will always have to control Chakra. Such a burden is not something I can understand. I knew my path forward was in applying what I knew from my world and combining it with Chakra.

I also noticed that I could restore my Chakra quickly, most Ninja takes 3 hours after the battle. I could do so in around a third of that, which makes me ideal for ambushes and assassinations. Sadly, in the final war, this might be useless. Unless I can steal control of Kabuto's Jutsu, I will not have a direct impact on the war.

Well, that is, if the 3rd does not prevent that whole mess, but I am sure Orochimaru will learn it, regardless. I hope that the information won't leak into Madara's hands, but I knew I should prepare for it, after all, Zetsu is a thing.

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