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The experience from a Level 210 Demonified Lord was enormous for a player in their Level 190s, mostly due to the 600% bonus multiplier from the level difference. Nie Yan shot up from Level 196, 23% to Level 197, 62%.

Nie Yan was certainly an outlier. He was the first at his level to solo a Level 210 Demonified Lord.

It was unlikely anyone would match this feat. After all, who else but Nie Yan would have a Sacred set and be a Legend at Level 196?

Nie Yan scanned his eyes over the Umbra Demon King’s remains and spotted a greyish black fragment on the ground.

Death God’s Bone Fragment (1/12): Special Item

Nie Yan wondered what the Death God’s Bone was used for. He guessed it was similar to the Demon King Stone and Demon King Seal.

Relying on the might of Jotunheim’s Descent, Nie Yan continuously chipped away at the health bars of the two remaining Umbra Demon Kings. The seven dragons supported him from a distance with their magic.

CRASH! The second Umbra Demon King collapsed to the ground.

A crisp notification jingle rang out. Another level up! This kill gave Nie Yan 41% experience.


If Nie Yan were grinding ordinary mobs, it would probably take him almost a week to level up, more if he took his time. Now, however, his level was rocketing upwards.

Apart from Jotunheim’s Descent, Nie Yan was also getting a better grasp of Fawne’s Phantom.

It was truly worthy of being a Legendary skill. After activating it, it was almost as if he were draped in an illusory veil, his silhouette constantly flickering back and forth erratically. He could easily confuse the enemy, preventing them from locking onto his exact position. Even an Umbra Demon King at full power couldn’t touch a single hair on his head, let alone when it was affected by Jotunheim’s Descent!

As Nie Yan continued using Fawne’s Phantom, his use of the skill became more natural. He couldn’t help but wonder how Plenty would ever counter a skill like this. Ordinary magic certainly couldn’t do the trick.

Nie Yan recalled two more Legendary skill books sitting around in the guild treasury. He wondered how powerful they were. Since they were also Legendary skills, they couldn’t be any worse than Fawne’s Shadow. After he was finished here, he would go back and take a look.

Nie Yan grinded away without a worry in the world. One Umbra Demon King after another collapsed to the ground.

Reaching Level 199 would take five more Umbra Demon Kings, Level 200 21, and Level 201 83.

The surroundings of the pyramid tower were littered with the remains of the Umbra Demon Kings.

As time passed, the number of players entering Hell grew exponentially. There were teams setting out in droves, including the elites from Asskickers United. However, no one had reached Nie Yan’s spot yet.

After spending spending the whole day in Hell, Nie Yan looked back at what was left of the mountain in the far distance. There were still at least 160 Umbra Demon Kings left.

Nie Yan glanced inside his bag. He’d collected three Death God’s Bone Fragments so far. Likely he would have to clear out all the Umbra Demon Kings to gather all 12! As for his level, he was knocking on the door of Level 200.

While Nie Yan was working on downing another Umbra Demon King, three silhouettes flitted across the barren some 5,000 meters away. They were incredibly fast. By the time the monsters in the vicinity noticed them, they were already far away.

These three were experienced Shadow Dancers, having reached an incomprehensible speed for ordinary players. They were fast enough that if they didn’t wish to fight these Level 180 mobs, they could simply run past them.

Even though the spawn rate in Hell was still extremely high, it had slowed down significantly compared to when Nie Yan first arrived. The mob density was slowly getting lower.

“Damn! There are so many monsters here! When the team gets here, the levelling speed will be amazing!” a Thief in silver gray leather armour said.

“Looks like we’ll be busy here for the next few days. If we grind here for a month, we should reach Level 200!” another Thief exclaimed. He glanced at his experience bar. He was about 63% away from levelling up. Since there were so many monsters here, they wouldn’t be running out of targets anytime soon.

Their team comprised 20 people, all of whom were Masters. They had an average level of 200. The three of them were here to scout out a good place to grind mobs.

As the three Thieves were looking around with glee, a mournful cry cut across the air. It sounded like a boss monster dying.

The three glanced at each other.

“What was that?”

“I don’t know. Should we go take a look, Imperial?”

The leader of the three, Imperial Sword, pondered for a moment. Judging from the sound of that cry, his intuition told him whatever died was incredibly dangerous. His heart was filled with curiosity. Could it be that a team was already hunting bosses all the way out here?

Imperial Sword said, “Let’s go take a look. Remember, if we encounter danger, listen to my commands!”

“Got it!”

The three dashed over to the source of the sound. They soon found a high vantage point, from where they spotted several gigantic bosses, far larger than any they’d seen before. These bosses were like moving fortresses. The large greataxes they slung over their shoulders caused the hearts of the trio to shiver in fear.

“I’ll go up and take a look to see what level those bosses are!” one of the Thieves excitedly said. Their 20-man team was composed entirely of Masters, and they were all around Level 200. So, if this was a field of Level 200 Demonified Lords, they’d hit the jackpot!

The Thief slowly approached one of the Umbra Demon Kings, excitement in his hurried steps.

At about 300 meters, the Umbra Demon Kings started stirring. One of them locked its gaze on to him. He immediately froze as cold sweat dripped down his neck. Even moving was difficult. Fuck! This is no Level 200 Demonified Lord!

“HHHRWWAH!” The Umbra Demon King charged forward, closing the 300 meter distance in an instance, and slashed down with its greataxe.

The earth quaked violently. Imperial Sword’s face paled. What astonishing destructive power! A notification popped up.

Your teammate Gloom has died.

“Shit!” Imperial Sword cursed. He was very familiar with Gloom’s strength. When the Umbra Demon Kings stirred just now, he thought Gloom would have no trouble getting away. He didn’t expect Gloom to be killed so quickly.

Gloom revived at the graveyard. He hurriedly warned in voice chat,「Imperial, don’t go there! Those are Level 210 Demonified Lords, Umbra Demon Kings!」

Imperial Sword’s heart trembled. No wonder Gloom failed to get away! Level 200 Demonified Lords were already extremely powerful. Level 210 Demonified Lords were basically invincible existences to them!

“Crimson Note, we’re retreating!” Imperial Sword said, rapidly pulling back. With so many Level 210 Demonified Lords up ahead, they would be dead if they were discovered.

Crimson Note ignored the command. His eyes were fixated on something that by all rights should be impossible. He shouted, “I-imperial, look over there!”

Imperial Sword looked over to where Crimson Note was pointing. About 500 meters away, an Umbra Demon King was wildly swinging its greataxe, displaying its astonishing might. Just below its feet was a silhouette darting about continuously. Looking more closely, he realized that was a player!

The two glanced at each other.

“There are people fighting that Umbra Demon king!”

“Come on. Let’s go take a closer look,” Imperial Sword said. He wondered who could possibly be fighting a Level 210 Demonified Lord. The only possibility coming to mind was Asskickers United’s main team.

The two Thieves took a detour around the group of Umbra Demon Kings and approached Nie Yan. They both activated all their stealth boosting skills for fear of being discovered.

After approaching close enough to get a good look, the duo sucked in a breath of cold air. A team wasn’t fighting the Umbra Demon King, a lone Thief was!

If it were a Mage, they might find this situation easier to accept. After all, ranged classes could still kite. But a Thief? This was simply inconceivable!

“Who is that? Sun? King of the World? Maybe Shadow Killer?” Crimson Note asked in a trembling voice. Soloing a Level 210 Demonified Lord, this was simply too monstrous!

“One of those freaks. No one else can pull something like this off,” Imperial Sword replied. The sight before him was a huge shock. Their 20-man team of Masters struggled to face even a single Level 200 Demonified Lord. Yet this Thief before them was soloing a Level 210 Demonified Lord!

As they watched the battle, they saw the silhouette flashing nonstop. Their speed was shocking. No matter how the Umbra Demon King attacked, it couldn’t touch a hair on their head. There also appeared to be a white mist around him, which froze everything it touched. Even the boss was no exception.

“Is that a domain skill?” Crimson Note asked.

“It might be an aura. What an inhuman guy! Look over there, there’s the remains of at least a dozen Umbra Demon Kings!” Imperial Sword said. Soloing Level 210 Demonified Lords, just how much of a show-off was this guy! “Crimson, clip this.”

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