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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 976 - Sacred Set - Abak!

Author:  Mad Snail Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2020-01-22 06:27:36

The remaining Inheritance of Arcana was in the hands of another Level 190 Demonified Lord. Within 20 minutes, Nie Yan traveled to the underworld and killed it before teleporting back to Okoron with Instant Transmission.

As usual, Nie Yan hid his appearance behind a black cloak as he headed to his personal storage.

If it weren’t for aiding World Bloc’s expansion into the virtual reality market or so many brothers relying on Asskickers United to feed their families, Nie Yan would rather spend his time as an ordinary player; levelling, looking for treasure, and haggling over prices in the marketplace. However, since he’d decided to walk the path of a hegemon, he could no longer enjoy the privilege of the common man.

Nie Yan deposited everything he didn’t need into the Asskickers United guild treasury. After which he withdrew all the materials he previously asked Guo Huai to collect, including the Dark Void Iron.

Nie Yan glanced at the five Inheritance Gems in his bag and arranged them according to the description in the Glimpse of Light. A multicoloured radiance instantly lit up the surroundings.

Do you wish to upgrade the Tyrant Abak Set?


Nie Yan hit confirm without hesitation. BANG! BANG! BANG! The five Inheritance Gems shattered as eight streams of light fell over the Tyrant Abak Set. After which the entire set blazed with a five-coloured radiance.

This upgrade boosted the defense of the six armour pieces and the attack of the two daggers. Apart from this, there were six new stat bonuses.

Even though the upgrade wasn’t world shattering, it was still fairly decent. However, Nie Yan had no interest in taking a closer look at the changes in the Tyrant Abak Set. He wanted to smelt them into a brand new Chaos set first! That upgrade would help it become a whole new beast!

After finishing up his business in Okoron, Nie Yan teleported to the Hardrock Mountain Valley. He arrived outside the entrance of Craftsman God Bronnick’s thatch hut and entered inside.

Craftsman God Bronnick appeared noticeably more respectful than before. This was only natural. Nie Yan had just received the Legendary Thief and Great Hell Judge titles. So, his status was much higher.

“Bronnick, I gathered all the materials you requested.” Nie Yan brought out a large pile of crafting materials. Apart from this, he also handed over the eight pieces of the Tyrant Abak Set and Paternoster's Warhammer.

“That’s perfect, sir Nirvana Flame. Please step back a little. I’ll get to work right away,” Craftsman God Bronnick said.

“Uhm, before you do that. While I was out adventuring in the wilderness, I encountered some strange metals that I couldn’t identify. I wonder if you can appraise them for me first?” Nie Yan asked.

“I’m willing to serve,” Bronnick replied.

Nie Yan took out the items he found in Hell. There were more than several thousand ores as well as nine Ancient Scales.

Bronnick’s eyes swept over the pile before falling on the Ancient Scales, which instantly grabbed his attention. He emotionally said, “T-these ores, these scales! My God! Sir Nirvana Flame, just where did you find them? According to legends, they can only be found in the depths of Hell! In the far and ancient past, Hell was once a treasured mining site of the human race. It was only later on that the servant of the Death God forcefully occupied it and turned it into a bleek realm of death. God hasn’t descended in the mortal world for several millennia. Now, Archangel Tallod guards the Gates of Hell, preventing anyone aligned with the Evil Faction from entering, and malevolent undead inside from escaping into the human world. Could it be that you found a way in?”

“Correct. At the behest of Archangel Tallod, I entered Hell to complete a quest and obtained these materials along the way.”

Bronnick had a deep look of veneration.

Nie Yan inwardly chuckled. He knew his way around NPCs. With Bronnick, as long as someone as great as Archangel Tallod was mentioned, he’d instantly be awed.

“Could you tell me what these ores are used for?”

“You have to carefully examine their composition, then refine them. 2,000 refined ancient ores can be smelted into a special alloy that won’t lose out to any void metal. It can be used together with the Dark Void Iron to remake the Tyrant Abak Set. As for the Ancient Scales, they can be used to bolster the defense of any armour,” Bronnick explained.

Nie Yan’s heart shook. These materials would make his Tyrant Abak Set even better? That surely meant it would reach the Sacred-grade, right?

“Sounds good. Please, use as many of them as you need.” Nie Yan didn’t hesitate to hand over the materials he’d collected from Hell over to Bronnick.

Bronnick didn’t dare to dally and got to work right away.

Reforging an equipment set wasn’t something that could be done in a short few minutes. Bronnick opened up his forge as searing heat billowed out.

Nie Yan patiently waited at the side as he started imagining what his new Tyrant Abak Set would look like. He was filled with anticipation!

Bronnick was hard at work. As the smelting furnace reached the right temperature, he threw in the ores and Paternoster's Warhammer. The hammer slowly melted into a molten form.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. A Sacred weapon was melted down just like that!

The Bloody Dagger and Slaughter Edge were also melted down. After turning the weapons and ores into molten metal, Bronnick poured it over a large mold with the six remaining armour pieces of the Tyrant Abak Set inside. Mysteriously, they didn’t melt under the red hot molten metal. He grabbed a large hammer and started beating away.

While waiting, Nie Yan checked his pet window. It appeared the Darkwing Dragon succeeded in digesting the Demon Realm Stone and could advance to Rank 10. However, it would take a lot longer to advance than previously. So, it couldn't come out his pet space for the time being.

Nie Yan hoped the Darkwing Dragon would break through to Rank 10 before he set off for the underworld. Like this, if he encountered any enemies in the sky, he would have nothing to fear.

Time slowly ticked away. Craftsman God Bronnick was still carefully beating away with his hammer. The newly reforged Abak’s Gloves of Sealing was placed to the side. It appeared to be still missing a few finishing touches. The outside was covered in a layer of azure metal. Under the glow of the forge, it reflected a peculiar lustre. The sleek design was otherworldly and captivating.

Craftsman God Bronnick slaved away for three hours straight. Finally, the six pieces of the Tyrant Abak Set were placed on top of a stone table. Muttering some unintelligible syllables, he took out a small chisel and engraved enigmatic runes on each piece. As he finished, the armour pieces released a dazzling azure brilliance as a light started circulating around the armour like flowing streams.

Nie Yan gasped in amazement, his breathing growing heavy.

This was the brand new Tyrant Abak Set! Nie Yan could sense an icy aura in the air, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet. Within that chill was a heavy murderous intent.

Bronnick’s hand trembled as he caressed each piece of the newly created Tyrant Abak Set. He emotionally said, “I have no doubt this will be the greatest masterpiece in my lifetime!”

Nie Yan couldn’t help but get excited. Since Bronnick claimed this was his greatest masterpiece, it had to be phenomenal!

Bronnick sent a trade request to Nie Yan, then placed the six pieces of the Tyrant Abak Set into the trade window.

Nie Yan confirmed the trade, after which he checked the quality of the reforged Tyrant Abak Set. Sure enough, it was a Sacred-grade set.

A single Sacred item was already unattainable for most players. A Sacred set was simply unheard of! The Tyrant Abak Set was the only one in existence!

Nie Yan calmed his restless nerves. As he checked the stats of the new Tyrant Abak Set, he felt his heart tremble violently.

The new Tyrant Abak Set was composed of the Glacial Gloves of Sealing, Dark Frostwinter Shoulderguards, Vorpal Frost Striders, Leg Guards of Glacial Focus, Cape of Frozen Ruin, and Winterwalker Phantom Leather Armour. Each piece was Sacred-grade, their properties more than six times higher than before! Nie Yan’s stats rose to an unfathomable level.

As for the set bonuses, there were 10 in total. They included All Stats 500%, All Skills Max Rank, and so on. The previous four skills were still there, and they were all enhanced. Slaughter Aura had its splash damage increased from 50% to 100% and the area of effect increased. The crowd control effect increase of Unlimited Bladeworks was buffed from 50% to 100%, and the damage bonus per hit in a combo was doubled. Bloodthirsty Aura’s stat bonus to surrounding allies increased from 120% to 300%. Finally, Instant Transmission’s cooldown was reduced from half-an-hour to zero.

There were two more skills, the two from from Paternoster’s Warhammer: Frozen Fortress and Thunder God’s Hammer.

What shocked Nie Yan the most was that the set had a brand new Legendary skill.

Jotunheim’s Descent: Freeze everything within a 30-meter radius with the icy air from the realm of absolute frost. Those with less than 1,200 Ice Resistance will take godfrost damage. Those with less than 1,800 Ice Resistance will have their movement speed reduced dramatically. Those attacked while under the influence of the skill will be inflicted by Godice Shatter.

When players encountered extreme cold, they would start taking frost damage. Godfrost would probably instantly freeze you to death. Less than 0.1% of the playerbase had 1,200 Ice Resistance, while those with 1,800 Ice Resistance could probably be counted on a single hand. As for Ice Shatter, that was a single-target Forbidden Magic. When a target was frozen, they would be shattered from the inside, suffering extremely high damage. Then there was still Godice Shatter. Nie Yan couldn’t begin to imagine how powerful it was, but it would definitely be astonishing.

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