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Just when Nie Yan thought this kill was in the bag, the Dark Demon King let out a deafening roar that cut across the sky. Its body turned a glowing scarlet red as it swelled in size.

“Shit! It went berserk already?” Nie Yan’s eyes trembled.

The super powerful lords would generally only go berserk when their health fell to 10%, sometimes even at 15%. However, the Dark Demon King went berserk at 30%! This completely broke the norm!

The Dark Demon King brandished its greataxe and cleaved down on Lil’ Gold.

Nie Yan hurriedly had Lil’ Gold pull back, but it was already too late.

BOOOM! Lil’ Gold was smashed into the bed of bones below him, his body completely submerged. He had no way of moving.

The Dark Demon King brandished its greataxe once more. With another hack, blood flew into the air as Lil’ Gold transformed into a ray of light.

Nie Yan’s heart shook. He hurriedly ordered the Violet Eye Dragon to retreat.

The Violet Eye Dragon didn’t even have the time to turn around, when the Dark Demon King swung out with its axe in a circular arc. It was a Whirlwind Slash!

BOOOM! The Violet Eye Dragon was sent flying. A damage value of almost 700,000 floated up above its head. It crashed back to the ground dead.

A critical hit! Instant death!

BANG! BANG! BANG! Forbidden Magic rained down on the Dark Demon King. The damage was even higher than before, reaching up to an astonishing 20,000,000!

In its berserk state, the Dark Demon King’s defense was weakened.

However, unlike before, the Dark Demon King no longer suffered any knockback from Forbidden Magic. It strode forward and charged toward one of the Divine Eclipse Dragons.

“Crap!” Nie Yan’s face paled. If the Dark Demon King killed just one of the Divine Eclipse Dragons, the damage output would tank. That would give the Dark Demon King more time to kill them all! He hurriedly ordered the targeted Divine Eclipse Dragon to escape.

BANG! Another Forbidden Magic struck the Dark Demon King.

The Dark Demon King caught up with the fleeing Divine Eclipse Dragon and cleaved down with its greataxe.

BANG! A damage value of 500,000 floated up above its head.

However, the Divine Eclipse Dragon had a total of 1,670,000 health thanks to the effect of Enrage. It ignored the attack and continued to flee.

The Dark Demon King bellowed out furiously. Its greataxe blazed with a black flame as it loosed another slash. An unrivalled destructive power surged out. BOOM! The Divine Eclipse Dragon was sent flying like a rag doll.

One Divine Eclipse Dragon was killed!

BANG! Another Forbidden Magic struck the Dark Demon King.

“It’s effective! Only a little more!” Nie Yan and his shadow clone rushed toward the Dark Demon King in a pincer attack.

Annihilation Slash!

A blazing tsunami of sword energy swept forth, far larger and more powerful than any Annihilation Slash that Nie Yan had executed before. BOOOM! BOOOM! The dual Annihilation Slashes struck the Dark Demon King at the same time. Two damage values of 1,000,000 floated up above its head.

Nie Yan’s Annihilation Slash actually dealt half the damage of the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s Forbidden Magic! This was simply incredible!

A brief moment later, another Divine Eclipse Dragon failed to escape the Dark Demon King and was killed.

In the time it took the Dark Demon King to kill two Divine Eclipse Dragons, its health was shaved away to only 13%.

The Dark Demon King was towering with rage as it pursued its next target relentlessly. Nie Yan felt a chill in his heart. If it weren’t for the Divine Eclipse Dragon’s Doppelganger and Enrage skills, he would have to wait until he was well over Level 200 to take it on.

Nie Yan and his shadow clone danced around the Dark Demon King.

Hell Execution!

Hell Execution!

Regardless of whether Hell Execution was effective, Nie Yan wouldn't know unless he tried. After all, its success rate had sharply risen after Zennarde’s Sword was upgraded to Chaos-grade. If it did work, it would save him a lot of trouble.

As the Dark Demon King’s health dropped lower and lower, its attacks only grew more ferocious. It killed another Divine Eclipse Dragon.

The two remaining Divine Eclipse Dragons fled far away under Nie Yan’s command. He wanted to buy as much time as possible.

Hell Execution!

Hell Execution!

Nie Yan had already lost count of how many times he used Hell Execution. Just as the Dark Demon King was about to close in on another Divine Eclipse Dragon, Zennarde’s Sword shone with an ominous crimson radiance.


A dazzling red slash bisected the Dark Demon King. It let out a mournful cry as it crashed to the ground.

“Yes!” Nie Yan exclaimed. If it weren’t for Hell Execution succeeding, he didn’t know how much effort he would have had to spend or if it was even possible for him to shave away the last of the Dark Demon King’s health.

The remains of the toppled Dark Demon King looked like a giant hill.

A crisp notification jingle rang out. Nie Yan had reached Level 190! This one kill gave him about 73% of a bar’s worth of experience!

When players like Tang Yao killed a Level 200 Demonified Lord, they would be lucky to have their experience bars increase by even 1%. However, since Nie Yan was only Level 180, he received an immense amount of experience from the Dark Demon King.

Nie Yan felt a strange energy float up from the remains of the Dark Demon King and flow into his body.

Divine Power 5

Nie Yan was filled with excitement. This truly was an unexpected surprise! He wondered how many Dark Demon Kings were in Hell. If they all gave him five Divine Power, then that would be quite impressive. Checking his status page, he already had 56 Divine Power.

If Nie Yan could acquire 300 Divine Power, he could equip the Death God’s Edge. A thought suddenly occurred to him. This quest might be important for the Death God’s Edge. Perhaps he would gain enough Divine Power to equip it by clearing this quest!

Nie Yan had only this one kill to base his conjecture on. The rest was all intuition.

The Death God’s Edge in one hand and Zennarde’s Sword in the other, these two Sacred weapons could boost his attack considerably.

Regardless of how difficult this quest was, Nie Yan was determined to see it through to the end. After all, if he completed it, his strength would rise to a whole new level!

Nie Yan wondered if the Dark Demon King dropped any good loot. He rummaged through the remains and spotted a viridian coloured crystal fragment.

Nie Yan couldn’t be more familiar with this item! His heart trembled. After such a long time, he finally found another Shattered Divinity!

Even in this dark world filled with death, the Shattered Divinity still glowed a dazzling radiance.

This item was the key to him advancing to a Legend!

There were four requirements to entering the Legendary realm: six Shattered Divinities, Virtues of a Saint, Holy Spirit Heart, and a Sacred item. He’d already gathered the latter three. The only thing he was missing was the Shattered Divinities. Including this one, he now had a total of five! He only needed one more!

The difficulty of becoming a Legend could be described with an SSS-rating. Nie Yan had searched online before. The requirements to advance were different for every player. It was rumoured Bladelight only needed to kill a Level 200 Demonified Lord to become a Legend. Though the truth was that that was only one part in a long chain of quests.

Many players were tackling the barrier to Legendary. There were quite a few at 80% or 90% of the way done. However, there were no reports on anyone succeeding yet.

Nie Yan had spent who knew how much effort on fulfilling the latter three requirements, nearly failing along the way on more than one occasion. Still, relatively speaking, his progress was quite quick.

If Nie Yan hadn’t taken a break from the game, he would’ve likely already become a Legend two years ago. Based on his experience, Shattered Divinities weren’t too hard to find. If you were lucky, they would drop. The other requirements, which he had already fulfilled, were far more difficult!

Since luck seemed to be the determining factor, Nie Yan had been curious to learn when he would collect the final two Shattered Divinities. He was happily surprised the first came to him today!

Nie Yan was only a tiny step away from entering the Legendary realm! If he could take this step before Plenty, that would take him a long way in the upcoming duel.

Since this Dark Demon King dropped a Shattered Divinity, Nie Yan wondered if the others would too. He couldn’t help but become excited. Legend! This mythical realm was already within his sight!

When he became a Legend, Masters would be nothing but scrag!

Nie Yan suppressed the excitement in his heart. Killing another Dark Demon King today wasn’t possible. The Divine Eclipse Dragon’s two Legendary skills would take until tomorrow to come off cooldown!

However, Nie Yan could wait!

After putting away the Shattered Divinity, only then did it occur to Nie Yan that the Dark Demon King might have dropped something else. He was too excited just now and forgot to look.

Nie Yan rummaged through the remains once more and found another strange item.

Ancient Scale (Special Material): Can be used to upgrade equipment.

This item looked like a dragon scale. It was black and translucent, and fit perfectly in his palm.

Another upgrade material. Nie Yan had no clue what it was used for. This was another item he would have to consult Bronnick on.

Nie Yan wasn’t too excited about acquiring the Ancient Scale. After all, he had no idea how good it was. He continued relishing in the joy of obtaining the fifth Shattered Divinity as he returned to grinding the weaker mobs. Tomorrow, he would see if a sixth Shattered Divinity would drop!

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