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Nie Yan plowed through this land of the death. The days passed, but neither the sky up above nor the vast expanse of corpses in front of him changed. There was no escaping this until the Gates of Hell would open again in a little less than 30 days.

With nothing else to occupy his mind, Nie Yan wondered what the results of the competition would be. He opened up a livestream and watched the situation in Judgement Valley.


Judgement Valley. An unprecedented event was taking place in this grim battlefield. A 300-meter wide area was cleared out in the middle, a hundred thousand experts from both factions forming a circle around it. They were here to show the strength of their faction, as well as to cheer on their representatives. The 10 peak experts from both Asskickers United and Fallen Angel had already arrived and stood opposite from each other in the middle.

Warlance and Godking brought 3,000 people over for insurance. The guild leader of Fallen Angel, Plenty, didn’t come.

As for Asskickers United, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others brought 60 top elites with them and another 3,000 troops were stationed in the surroundings. Even though it was a 10v10, the outcome of this competition would decide many things. In order to prevent any meddling, having experts around was necessary.

Both sides took up battle formations as the smell of gunpowder permeated the air. Some of the unaffiliated players in the crowd started looking for trouble. However, they were quickly dealt with.

Bladelight swept his gaze over Fallen Angel’s ranks and didn’t spot any traces of Plenty. “Your guild leader didn’t come?”

“This kind of competition isn’t worth his time!” Warlance arrogantly replied.

The Righteous Faction immediately stirred. What an arrogant declaration! They wanted to see if Fallen Angel would still be laughing by the end of this competition!

Bladelight shrugged his shoulders. He couldn’t be bothered to retort. Today, their fists would do the talking!

Godking remained silent. Clad in a gray robe, no one could make out his expression.

Of course, Plenty was plenty interested in this event. He was back in the Fallen Angel guild headquarters, watching a livestream. Not just him, but countless players from both great factions were watching the livestream of this event. After all, this was a clash of the strongest players from both great factions!

The 10 representatives of both guilds were present. The PvP area in the center was already decided on. Everything was ready.

Warlance swept his eyes over the representatives from Asskickers United. “Are you lot ready?”

“Whenever you are,” Bladelight replied. Asskickers United had long since been prepared.

The rules of the competition were clear. One side would first send out a person, after which the other side would send out theirs. The loser was booted off while the winner would stay on. It would go on until one side had no more players. The side that had to send a person out first was undoubtedly at a disadvantage.

“We don’t want to be accused of bullying. So, we’ll take the disadvantage. Soul Feather, you go up first!” Warlance said, glancing at a Mystic clad in black armour.

Soul Feather entered the stage, causing the people in the surroundings to break out into whispered discussion. The number one Mystic in the underworld, and the only player to have obtained the Hell Soul Hunter title! In the entire Evil Faction, he ranked within the top five. He was nicknamed the King of Killers!

Bladelight’s face turned serious. He’d heard of Soul Feather’s name before. He was a famous figure in the underworld!

They weren’t play around! Bladelight looked around, deciding who to send up first. His target was Warlance. He would have to leave Soul Feather to someone else.

“Let me go,” Lei Su said. Warrior against Warrior. He refused to believe he was any weaker than this Mystic before him!

Bladelight glanced at Lei Su. After pondering for a moment, he nodded. “Alright, I’ll leave him to you. That guy isn’t ordinary. Don’t underestimate him!”

“Don’t worry! I won’t be careless!” Lei Su confidently said. He stepped forward in his golden armour, carrying a large greatsword on his back. The people on the side of the Righteous Faction started stirring.

“War God Lei Su is taking the stage!”

“I wonder who’s stronger, the War God or the King of Killers. What do you think?”

Lei Su’s name was very famous among the playerbase. He carried the two-meter long War God Kelo’s Sword on his back. According to rumours, he had already upgraded it to a Chaos weapon. Its attack power was astonishing. As for whether his nickname as the War God was just for show, it was difficult to say. Among Sword Saints, the two most famous were in Asskickers United. One was Lei Su, and the other was Smoke Stub. It was difficult to say who was the better of the two. Smoke Stub was known for his steadiness, while Lei Su was known for his wild and domineering style!

When Lei Su and Soul Feather faced each other in the arena, the players in the vicinity felt two unrivalled auras sweep out. They unconsciously backed away a few steps.

“Nobody can stop the War God!”

“All hail the King of Killers!”

The players from both sides erupted into cheers.

Mystics were known for their fierce attacks and frightening speed. Lei Su wondered how powerful Soul Feather was. He drew his greatsword from his back.

Soul Feather’s sharp eyes locked onto Lei Su. He coldly chuckled. “Seems like you’re out of luck today, having to face me!”

“We’ll see about that!” Lei Su hit back.

“What are you waiting for, let’s start!” Soul Feather said, not wasting any more words.

A referee oversaw the match. He repeated the rules of the fight, asked both parties if they were ready, and finally gave the signal to start the match.

Soul Feather instantly shot a fireball at Lei Su. He then blinked forward with a slash, igniting his sword with flames.

Soul Feather blinked around the stage, letting loose one powerful attack after another. Lei Su was forced on the backfoot. However, he was a veteran of countless battles. It would take much more than that to overwhelm him. He swung his sword, unleashing a giant slash.

Soul Feather’s feet had just touched the ground after a Blink, when he discovered a large slash flying towards him. His heart trembled. What sharp reaction speed! He immediately leaped back several meters. Lei Su’s attack brushed past his chest armour. He coated his sword in black ice and slashed forward.

Flaming Earthrender!

Lei Su smashed his sword into the ground, causing cracks to spread out and a fiery inferno to erupt into the air.

Soul Feather protected himself with a dark shield, tanking Lei Su’s Flaming Earthrender head on. Meteor Blade! His sword streaked toward Lei Su’s throat like a meteor. The tip of the blade glowed red from the friction with the air, releasing a dazzling light.

Seeing the black shield protecting Soul Feather, Lei Su immediately sensed something off. He cancelled his Flaming Earthrender mid-attack and raised his guard. KLAAANG! His greatsword clashed against Soul Feather’s longsword.

The spectating players felt their breath stagnate watching the two battle. In the blink of an eye, Lei Su and Soul Feather had already exchanged several moves. If an ordinary player were to face these attacks, they would’ve already died several times over!

Lei Su and Soul Feather were evenly matched. Even the slightest lapse in judgement or split-second reaction would decide the victor!

The players from Asskickers United broke out in a cold sweat.

“Soul Feather’s attacks just keep on coming! I think Lei Su might lose this one.” Bladelight knitted his brows. The offensive of a Mystic was simply too ferocious. Lei Su was constantly forced on the passive.

“I wouldn’t call it so soon. I know Lei Su. That brat is really crafty. He has a lot of hidden aces up his sleeve. I can’t count how many times I’ve died to him because I wasn’t careful. I think he’s looking for an opening. Soul Feather hasn’t PvPed with him before. He won’t see it coming!” Smoke Stub shook his head. He was the most authoritative person on this topic because he’d fought Lei Su the most.

Over on the side of Fallen Angel, Warlance and the others were also closely watching the battle. They really didn’t expect that Lei Su could go toe-toe with Soul Feather. It looked like they had still underestimated Asskickers United!

Warlance suddenly sensed the magic energy in the area go berserk. His lips curved into a smile. Soul Feather was about to use his trump card!

Vacuum Chain Burst!

Even after several exchanges, Soul Feather hadn’t eked out any advantage. He was finally running out of patience. He originally wanted to save this skill for someone else. Now, however, he was going to use it to bury Lei Su!

“Die!” Soul Feather growled. As he unleashed a relentless torrent of slashes with the longsword, he started casting magic in his free hand.

Lei Su instantly sensed the fluctuations in the air. Soul Feather was about to use his killing move! This was his chance! He made his move.

Mind Banish!

War God’s Fury!

This was Lei Su’s killer combination of skills!

When Soul Feather used his killer spell, he didn’t expect Lei Su to charge at him with even greater ferocity. He was just about to use his longsword to block, when his mind felt sluggish. His heart trembled. Not good! It was Mind Banish! By the time he regained clarity, it was already too late to block. Lei Su’s greatsword was already coming down on him. It was too late to dodge. Then you can die with me! Soul Feather’s face flashed with a sinister expression. He cast his magic.

PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! Countless slashes cleaved down on Soul Feather. A long string of 20,000s floated up above his head. Instant kill!

In the same moment, something went off in the space beside Lei Su. BANG! A damage value of 17,000 floated up above his head. BANG! B ANG! BANG! Several more explosions followed.

Lei Su was sent flying back before crashing into the ground.

The might of Vacuum Chain Burst was also extremely frightening!

The crowd was stupefied. The last exchange practically happened in a flash. All they saw was Lei Su and Soul Feather both flying out. Was it a double knock-out? A draw? Outcomes like this did happen every once in a while!

No one expected the first match to end in a draw!

When everyone thought the battle had ended, Lei Su struggled back to his feet. Wiping the blood from the corner of his lips, he gave a cheeky smile.

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