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Nie Yan had imagined what Archangel Tallod would look like countless times in the past. However, seeing him now for the first time, he was still deeply shocked.

“By obtaining the Death God’s Edge, you have become the chosen one. It is the key to opening the Gates of Hell and enter that infernal realm. Enter its deepest depths and retrieve the Death God’s Skull for me; I’ll reward you generously. Of course, you can choose not to go. It is a frightening place no sane man would dare enter. If you choose to leave, I will give you something of equal value in exchange for the Death God’s Edge. For the sake of the entire world, the Death God’s Skull cannot find its way into Fallen Angel Augus’ hands. Either you enter now and secure it, or I will destroy the Death God’s Edge,” Archangel Tallod said.

Nie Yan had read the main storyline of Conviction. According to the lore, if Fallen Angel Augus obtained the Death God’s Skull and thereby the Divinity of the Death God, he would lead hundreds of millions of demons and undead in an all-out assault on the Righteous Faction. The entire continent would face a world-ending calamity.

To go or not to go?

Given Nie Yan’s personality and the fact he’d already come here, there was no way he would shrink back now!

“Archangel Tallod, I’m willing to enter the Gates of Hell,” Nie Yan said with a respectful bow. At this moment, his heart was racing in his chest. This was definitely the highest rank quest he’d ever received since entering the game! If he completed it, no matter what kind of reward he received, it would definitely cause his strength to soar by leaps and bounds!

“Brave adventurer, I express my deepest gratitude to you. In the darkness where the blessings of god cannot reach, may luck be by your side,” Archangel Tallod said, returning the bow with his own gesture.

Nie Yan felt a divine power lifting him up and bringing him towards the Gates of Hell. In front of the enormous gates, his eyes fell on a small recess about the size of the Death God’s Edge.

“The Death God’s Edge is the key to opening the Gates of Hell,” Nie Yan muttered. He took out the Death God’s Edge and inserted it into the recess.

KLINK! The Death God’s Edge was a perfect fit.

RUMBLE! RUMBLE! The Gates of Hell slowly opened as wisps of dark energy leaked out.

Nie Yan was just about to step inside, when an icy gust blew past his face, followed by ear-piercing screams. A floodwave of evil spirits started rushing out from the small opening between the gates.

As the spirits swarmed toward Nie Yan, Archangel Tallod swung his great sword. A radiant slash cleaved down. The spirits wailed out in pain before crumbling into dust.

“Hurry up, and go in. The Gates of Hell will close in three minutes. If you don’t enter now, it will be too late. Every 30 days, a portal will open for five minutes. Enter the portal within that time, and you can come out. May the light of God be with you,” Archangel Tallod said, continuously slashing out with his sword as he disposed of any of the spirits trying to escape.

Looking at the boundless darkness before him, Nie Yan stepped forward without hesitation and entered.

It was almost as if Nie Yan were travelling through a vast void. After 15 minutes, he finally felt his feet touch solid ground. Glancing at his inventory, the Death God’s Edge didn’t return to his bag.

An icy gust blew past his face, causing him to shiver. Gazing around, he finally got a clear look at his surroundings.

Nie Yan sucked in a breath of cold air. He stood in the land of corpses. The mountain ranges in the far distance were simply larger piles of corpses.

There were no living creatures. This was a true hell!

Countless undead roamed this barren wasteland in search of food. Wraiths and demons flew in murders, resembling enormous black clouds.

Never before had Nie Yan seen anything like this. He finally grasped the true meaning of innumerable!

Nie Yan understood why legends told that if the Gates of Hell were opened, a calamity would befall the entire world. This was why Archangel Tallod was guarding it!

What an incalculable number of undead!

Nie Yan’s appearance immediately alerted the undead in the vicinity. The breath of the living was like an irresistible delicacy to them, enough to drive them mad with hunger!

The monsters that attacked him were only Level 180 Elites. Nie Yan could easily deal with them. After obtaining the Divine Eclipse Dragon, when he saw large hordes of monsters, instead of being afraid, he felt his heart racing with excitement!

All he saw was large sacks of experience flooding towards him!

Nie Yan immediately entered combat mode. He summoned his various pets and summons and had Kallena buff them with her blessings.

The Divine Eclipse Dragon immediately went wild. Letting out a thundering roar, its two heads started shooting out light and dark magic. The surroundings turned into a monochrome world of black and white.

Judgement Light!

An enormous pillar of light bombarded a 400-meter wide area up ahead. In an instant, a thousand undead let out mournful cries before transforming into ash.

Holy Nova Ray!

A ray of light pierced through the dark sky. In the blink of an eye, countless demons were scorched and dropped from the sky. As for the wraiths, they were burned to nothing.

Almost simultaneously, a black beam of light pierced through the sky.

Abyssal Pierce!

What frightening might!

After upgrading Zennarde’s Sword, Dragon King’s Divine Might increased the stats of all dragon pets from 30% to 50%. This was on top of the 30% stat increase the Divine Eclipse Dragon gained after evolving. The number of spells at its disposal also increased by quite a bit. Not to mention its two heads that could work independently from each other. Its ridiculous firepower would even put Tang Yao to shame.

The commotion Nie Yan created shook the entire realm. Countless wraiths and demons in the horizon were swarming over. Their vast numbers blotted out the sky.

“I need Forbidden Magic!” Nie Yan muttered. Only Forbidden Magic could deal with such a large number of monsters!

After clearing out the horde of monsters in the surroundings, the two heads of the Divine Eclipse Dragon both started casting Forbidden Magic.

One creature casting two Forbidden Spells simultaneously, this was an inconceivable matter for ordinary players!

The air shuddered intensely as an enormous vortex of light and dark converged on the Divine Eclipse Dragon. The two opposing elements clashed together before eventually coming to a strange harmony.

It was rumoured that when Forbidden Spells of opposing elements were cast simultaneously, under some special circumstances, they could merge together to form a powerful combination magic!

“Is this going to be a light and dark combination magic?” Nie Yan wondered, his heart beating excitedly. The destructive power of a single Forbidden Spell was already frightening enough. He couldn’t imagine a combination magic formed out of two. That was something straight out of legends!

After chanting two sets of syllables, the Divine Eclipse Dragon fired out two enormous balls of light, one white one black, into the sky. They spiralled around each other before finally colliding into a massive explosion. BOOOOM! Nie Yan nearly lost his footing as the ground below quaked violently. His ears were ringing, while his vision was dyed in monochrome.

It felt as if the entire world was going to be destroyed!

This was a legendary combination magic from two Forbidden Spells! Too powerful!

After half-a-minute passed, Nie Yan gradually regained his vision. The horde of wraiths and demons swarming towards him from the horizon were all gone. All that remained was a large pile of corpses scattered over the ground. He gaped his mouth in shock. This combination spell was more powerful than 10 Forbidden Magic combined! Just how many monsters had died in that attack!

A crisp notification jingle rang out. Nie Yan glanced at his level. He reached Level 180, 7%! A moment ago, he was still Level 179, 71%!

Nie Yan felt his head spinning. The amount of experience required to level up from Level 179 to Level 180 could be described with the number of grains of sand in the world. Just going up by 1% was extremely difficult. Yet he had gone up by 36% in one attack! This was too shocking!

Nie Yan wasn’t aware that there were many Lord-class wreaths and demons among the Elites. All of them were completely wiped out without a trace!

At least several thousand Level 180 Lord-class monsters died in that one attack!

“Amazing…” Nie Yan sighed. This combination magic out of Forbidden Spells was completely unrivalled. If the players outside were to learn of this, just how would they react?

Apart from the level up, Nie Yan also discovered that his Adjudicator of Light title had ranked up from Intermediate to Advanced.

Advanced Adjudicator of Light was on the same rank as Great Prophet.

It made sense. Both titles had equally difficult requirements. From the moment he obtained Adjudicator of Light to now, he’d killed at least 80,000,000 dark creatures.

A title that could only be obtained after killing so many dark creatures! How could it be possibly be lacking?

Nie Yan checked the bonuses of the title.

Advanced Adjudicator of Light

Description: A second order title of the Temple of Light.

Properties: Influence in the Righteous Faction 1,200.

Supreme Resurrection: Revive any fallen NPC. Cooldown: 30 days (Cannot be used on deities.)

The revival skill from Advanced Adjudicator of Light was different from that of Priests. It could be used to revive NPCs!

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. Did that mean if one of his powerful NPC subordinates died in battle, he could still revive them?

Advanced Adjudicator of Light was already on the same rank as Great Prophet. Nie Yan couldn’t help but wonder if there was another title above it.

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