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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 931 - Hunting Operation

Author:  Mad Snail Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2019-12-22 04:44:14

As the successor of the Brutus Capital Group, Plenty’s information channels were deep. He was aware of many currents, including the World Bloc’s recent movements. Considering the enormous amount of capital they were amassing, the Century Financial Group wasn’t in for a good time.

“You inherited the Brutus Capital Group. I’m carrying out a forceful takeover of the Century Financial Group. We each came out of this getting what we wanted.” Nie Yan didn’t deny Plenty’s claim.

Plenty didn’t expect Nie Yan to admit so openly to everything. Information was vital in this kind of capital market struggle. If a third party were to find out one’s plans beforehand, they might intervene and reap all the benefits instead.

“If you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind letting you have a slice of the pie,” Nie Yan said.

“Give me some time to think about it,” Plenty replied. He still needed to deliver the final blow to Soaring Angel. However, he was unsure whether he could secure enough funds to do so. Since Nie Yan offered to cooperate, he wouldn’t feel good pulling any dirty tricks.

Nie Yan chuckled. He naturally had his own plans. If Plenty were to interfere when World Bloc took action against the Century Financial Group, it would likely ruin the hope of reaping the full potential of profits for both of them. However, if he offered to cooperate and Plenty joined his alliance, then the Century Financial Group would be even worse off while Nie Yan and Plenty would enjoy greater benefits.

“I can join in for about ¥10 billion,” Plenty said. This kind of venture had potential for massive profits. He naturally wouldn’t pass up on it.

“Let’s get in touch when the time comes,” Nie Yan said. The Century Financial Group had just suffered a massive defeat in Conviction. Now was the best opportunity to strike in real life. They could not let this opportunity slip by.

Nie Yan and Plenty chatted for a while longer before bidding each other farewell. The goal for this meeting was accomplished. For a long time to come, the Righteous Faction and Evil Faction would live together in peace.

Plenty stared at Nie Yan’s receding back and sunk into silence. If a war were to break out in the future, Nie Yan would undoubtedly be a difficult opponent. However, the likelihood of that happening was quite low. He would not declare war on Nie Yan for no good reason, and Nie Yan likely thought the same. Both sides feared the other's power.

Nie Yan returned to the guild headquarters in Okoron. All of Asskickers United was in a celebratory mood.

Within the span of several days, Asskickers United established 20 more branches. After an intense recruitment campaign and hundreds of millions of applicants, they selected 3,000,000 new members. These auxiliary guilds were tasked with managing the various strongholds.

The total number of strongholds under Asskickers United’s control already reached 500, most of which were being operated by World Bloc. The potential profits from these strongholds was beyond anything ordinary people could imagine.

Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others could all breathe a sigh of relief. All of them received ample rewards. With their new salaries, they would never have to worry about money again. Even those less skilled who had followed Nie Yan in his countless campaigns repeated major profits. Nie Yan distributed nearly ¥300,000,000 worth of assets and a 30% stake of all strongholds to them. With this income, they could live a pretty luxurious life in reality.

This resolved one of Nie Yan’s biggest worries. With no more threats on the horizon, they could finally enjoy the fruits of their labour.

After confirming all the strongholds were up to standards, Nie Yan told Guo Huai to pay close attention to the remnant forces of Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group.

With everything ingame taking care of, Nie Yan messaged Xie Yao.「Let’s exit out of the game.」

「Sure.」Xie Yao nodded. Nie Yan had already spoken with her about this before.

Nie Yan stepped out of his game capsule and glanced at Xie Yao as she stepped out of hers. She wasn’t wearing any clothing, not even lingerie. Her jade-like skin and curvaceous figure were especially moving.

“Are we heading there right away?” Xie Yao asked. Sensing Nie Yan’s lustful gaze, her cheeks blushed red. She felt embarrassed for a moment, then pushed it aside. After all, they’d already shared the most intimate moments together. She puffed out her chest, displaying her beautiful figure in front of Nie Yan.

“Yeah. Wash up and get dressed. We’re leaving immediately!” Nie Yan nodded, withdrawing his gaze.

20 minutes later, Nie Yan got into the driver's seat of his Thrawn, and Xie Yao sat down next to him in the passenger seat. The two sped off toward Huahai.

The Thrawn zoomed through the curtain of the night, its lights drawing a red blur on the road.

Two hours later, the Thrawn arrived in Huahai. Nie Yan parked outside the Rekod Grand Tower. The place was brilliantly lit with lavish decorations. It was an establishment under the Glory Financial Group.

Only a select few knew a world-shaking matter was about to take place here.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao walked inside and toward the elevator going to the top floor, when a woman’s shrill cry came from the elevator door.

“You’ve gotten really full of yourself. Liu Dongming! You better let me in. Don’t forget that I'm still a sub board member of the Glory Financial Group. If I’m not happy, I can have a puny head of security like you kicked out!”

Nie Yan and Xie Yao glanced at each other. They instantly recognized who the shrill voice belonged to. It was Xie Yi, Xie Yao’s aunt.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. The chairman instructed no one but core members are allowed on the top floor,” a voice calmly replied.

“Are you implying I’m not a core member of the Glory Financial Group?” Xie Yi’s eyes sharpened.

“I never said such a thing. But the chairman said you’re on probation for 10 days. You’re not allowed to participate in any affairs of the company or enter the top floor of the building. If you have any complaints, you can direct them at him,” a middle-aged man dressed in a security guard uniform politely explained. He didn’t dare to be rude. After all, Xie Yi was a member of the Xie Family.

“Y-you…!” Xie Yi pointed her finger threateningly at Liu Dongming. A fallen phoenix was no better than a country hen. She never thought there’d be a day when even a lowly security guard would disregard her.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao walked over.

“Auntie, stop giving Old Liu a hard time. You know he’s just doing his job,” Xie Yao said.

Liu Dongming gratefully said, “Thank you, Young Lady.” After which he stepped aside, letting her and Nie Yan past.

Over the past year or so, the Glory Financial Group had had a huge shake-up. Xie Jun had nominally became the chairman. Meanwhile, Xie Yi was ousted from the board and in the middle of handing over her responsibilities.

When Xie Yi saw Nie Yan, her face paled. She knew everything that was happening to her today was all because of him. Back then, she had really made an error in judgement. The former World Bloc was only a small, nameless company. Now, it was an enormous financial group capable of contending on the world stage. Their rise was astonishing. This really was a case of the younger generation surpassing the old. They were already well on their way to overtaking both the Glory and Dragonsoar Financial Groups. The brat she had mocked in the past had grown to become a dragon. He was no longer someone she could afford to provoke. Be it Mo Yuntian standing behind him or World Bloc itself, even the chairman of both the Glory and Dragonsoar Financial Groups would have no choice but to give him face. Add on the fact that him and Xie Yao had recently announced their engagement to the world—an expensive ring on the third finger of Xie Yao’s left hand—if she had a falling out with him, even her own family would take his side.

Xie Yi coldly snorted.

Nie Yan didn’t want to see this loathful woman anymore. He whispered in Xie Yao’s ears, “Come on, let’s go.”

“Alright.” Xie Yao nodded.

“Old Liu, the meeting today is extremely important. Clear the building of anyone not taking part. No need to be courteous,” Nie Yan said, his voice carrying an unquestionable authority.

“Understood, Young Master!” Liu Dongming replied. He knew Nie Yan would be one of the people leading the entire Xie Family in the future. He didn’t dare to ignore such a person.

“You’re an outsider. What gives you the right to boss around people in someone else’s house!?” Xie Yi naturally understood Nie Yan’s meaning. Her face was red with anger.

Nie Yan coldly chuckled. “What gives me the right? Could it be that you don’t know yet?” He then entered the elevator with Xie Yao, not giving Xie Yi a second glance.

Liu Dongming turned to Xie Yi. “Please leave, miss. If you don’t cooperate, we’ll have to resort to using force.”

Xie Yi glanced at the three other burly body guards that were standing at the ready a little distance away. She was only a weak, petite woman. If she made a scene, the only one suffering would be her. She coldly snorted. “Don’t think I’ll forget this matter. One day, you will have hell to pay!”

Xie Yi stomped away, her high heels clacking loudly on the floor.

Liu Dongming snickered. He and many others never liked Xie Yi in the first place. Today, they finally got to vent out their frustrations, if only a little bit!

Liu Dongming glanced back at the closed elevator door. Nie Yan and Xie Yao had arrived. Many other big characters had come as well. Even a sub board member like Xie Yi was barred from this meeting. It seemed like something big was going to happen today.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao took the elevator straight to the top floor and entered the corridor. It was packed with bodyguards, all of whom were armed to the teeth. They entered the central hall. More than 100 people were already present here, including Nie Yan’s parents, the higher-ups of the Glory and Dragonsoar Financial Groups, and the bosses of several dozen large companies. All of them were busily moving back and forth. The atmosphere was tense. There were 60 computers set up in a semi circle in the middle of the room. The screens displayed different charts and diagrams. Nie Yan only understood a few of them.

“Nie Yan, Xie Yao, you’re here,” Xie Jun greeted. He glanced at Nie Yan. Nie Yan was dressed in a western suit and looked quite dashing, brimming with youth. The more he looked, the more gratified he felt. His daughter had quite a good eye. After all, she’d latched onto the man who was writing history!

“Hello, Uncle,” Nie Yan greeted.

“Daddy!” Xie Yao smiled and jumped into Xie Jun’s embrace.

“Today will be a special day. Let’s chat later. Everyone has already prepared. Come take a look with me,” Xie Jun said. He led Nie Yan and Xie Yao toward the computers.

“Uncle, I managed to secure another ¥10 billion in funds.”

“Oh? Who is it?” Xie Jun asked in surprise.

“A friend. When we begin, I’ll get in touch with him,” Nie Yan said. He felt it was better to give Xie Jun a heads-up.

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