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Six down! Nie Yan silently counted. With him wreaking havoc on the battlefield, the Blood Reaver Corps fell apart. The players from Asskickers United were completely mowing through them now.

Blood Devil finally came out of astral form. However, the situation on the battlefield was already long out of his control.

The Blood Reaver Corps suffered a crushing defeat!

「Everyone, retreat! If you can run away, run away!」Blood Devil shouted. He looked at his stats. After coming out of astral form, he was weakened for about 30 seconds. He hurriedly drank a Reinvigorating Potion to restore himself to top condition.

「Leave none of them alive!」Nie Yan ordered in a ruthless tone.

「Understood!」Everyone’s killing intent flared out. Their morale was sky high. With victory in sight, how could they not be excited?

「Leave Blood Devil to me!」Nie Yan said before dashing towards Blood Devil.

Several players from the Blood Reaver Corps escaped with Unknown Transfer Scrolls.

“Want to run? Not so easy!” Undying Scoundrel snorted.

The Magisters waved their staffs, and pulled back the players who had teleported away.

The players who tried to teleport away thought they’d escaped, only to find themselves back in the same exact spot they were previously in. They were dumbstruck.

Another two players from the Blood Reaver Corps were sent flying. In order to prevent anyone else from trying to escape, the players from Asskickers United used their Shackles of Strife Scrolls.

Young Seven turned to Undying Scoundrel right beside him and said, “You take care of that Mage. Leave the drow Thief to me!”

“Huh? Okay.” Undying Scoundrel blurted out in a daze. Normally, Young Seven was in charge of healing and rarely ever joined the offensive. However, now that he thought about it, Priests had many skills that were suited for chasing down Thieves. It was just that most Priests were squishy and not great at PvP. So, more often than not they became the targets of Thieves.

They split up and chased down their respective target.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Young Seven threw up a ball of light in the air, which revealed the position of the drow Thief. Then he waved his staff and hit the Thief with a mark.

The drow Thief could no longer hide from Young Seven. Even in stealth, he’d be visible.

The drow Thief glanced back and discovered his pursuer was a Priest. He snorted. “Fuck, even a Priest thinks he can walk all over me now! Just because a tiger isn’t roaring, you think it’s a cute little cat!” However, he kept running. He wasn’t afraid of the Priest, but rather of the possibility that someone more frightening, like a Magister, would step in.

Even after activating Gale Step, the drow Thief was still visible as the glowing mark above his head revealed his position.

Young Seven activated Extreme Tailwind. This was a special skill he obtained from a quest which massively boosted his movement speed. A gust of wind blew below his feet. His gait didn’t change, but his body moved several times faster and he quickly caught up to the drow Thief.

Young Seven waved his staff. He first cast several slow curses on the drow Thief, then targeted him with an Agony.

A string of 600s floated up above the drow Thief’s head. Even though the damage wasn’t high, it still added up over time. The drow Thief’s speed buff from Gale Step immediately disappeared.

The drow Thief glanced back. Finding no other enemies chasing him, his face lit up with joy. A Priest actually dared to chase him, a Thief? He was basically asking to get killed!

What was there to be afraid of? The drow Thief turned around and pounced toward Young Seven.

Young Seven inwardly sneered. He kited back and waved his staff.

The drow Thief had taken a few steps, when his foot suddenly got stuck in the ground. The previously hard earth had transformed into a quagmire. He struggled to pull his foot out, only to have the other sink into the mud as well.

Young Seven had cast the quagmire perfectly. The Thief didn’t know what hit him before it was already too late.


The drow Thief instinctively activated the leap skill. His feet barely left the ground, when Young Seven waved his staff and summoned an enormous slime. Ordinary slimes were about as big as a basketball. They had no limbs or face. They were simply large blobs of viscous liquid. Even low level players looked down on these low rank creatures. However, Young Seven’s slime looked a little different from the ones everyone knew. A variant! In terms of attack power, this one was no different from the others. At Level 163, it only had a few hundred attack. However, with the size of an elephant and a health pool of 10,000,000, it was a frightening existence.

Young Seven had obtained this slime on a quest by chance. Whereas most players would throw a pet like this away, he saw the uniqueness in it. It had an extremely high health growth rate, to the extent it could be described as monstrous. With blood, sweat, and tears, and the help of his friends in the guild, he managed to get it to Level 163. At the higher levels, its freakish health pool became apparent. The only downside to this pet was its pitifully low attack power growth rate. It only had 600 attack power at Level 163.

The drow Thief leaped up, only to see a giant black shadow envelop him.

“What the shi-!?” the drow Thief cried out. It was already too late for him to use any escape skills. BOOM! The enormous slime fell down on him with the weight of Mt. Tai, burying him into the earth.

The drow Thief coughed out a mouthful of blood, as he nearly blacked out. He thrashed about violently in a desperate attempt to escape this pudgy slime. However, all resistance was futile.

“Gururu! Gururu!” the slime let out a strange sound. Its body wobbled as it started attacking the drow Thief. A string of 1s floated up above his head.

“Shit! Get this **ing thing off of me!” the drow Thief cried out. He lay sprawled out on the mud, his chest heaving up and down as the slime’s weight bore down on him. He kept trying to crawl out to no avail.

“P-please, let me go…” the drow Thief begged with tears in his eyes. This was the most terrifying attack he had ever experienced since starting the game.

Young Seven chuckled evilly. This was an original Young Seven attack. He waved his staff and finished off the drow Thief with several light arrows.

Young Seven walked up to the slime and patted its side with a smile. “You did well, partner.”

“Gurururu! Gurururu!” It responded by happily wobbling its gelatinous body.

Young Seven recalled the slime into his pet space. This fellow was his trump card. What it lacked in offensive, it more than made up for in utility.

The Blood Reaver Corps’ casualties were climbing higher and higher. The remaining few team members were scattering like terrified rats. It was only a matter of time before they were killed too.

The fight was over. Lost. Blood Devil activated several speed boosting skills and fled for his life.

Nie Yan activated Gale Step and was hot on Blood Devil’s tail.

Blood Devil was already bound to Nie Yan through Shackles of Strife. For now, his teleport skills and scrolls were all greyed out!

It looked like a cheetah chasing down a hare on an open plain, as a high-speed chase ensued.

There were about 100 meters between the two sides. However, Nie Yan was quickly shortening the gap. Even if Blood Devil activated Charge, he was no match for Nie Yan in terms of speed.

Glancing back, Blood Devil was shocked to see Nie Yan had almost caught up to him. His face paled in fright.

Nie Yan leaped into the air and pounced on Blood Devil.

Blood Devil rolled out of the way, cutting a sorry figure as he scrambled back to his feet.

Running at this speed, Blood Devil had a hard time controlling his body. He stumbled and lost his balance. As he fell, he braced his hand on the ground and flipped himself back up. Nie Yan was almost on him again. He let out a roar.

Demon God Sacrifice!

Blood Devil’s body ignited with crimson red flames as the silver wings on his back erupted into flames. He let out a deep shout, “Come at me, Nirvana Flame! Let’s have our final showdown! Even if I die today, I’ll be taking you down with me!”

“I’d like to see you try!” Nie Yan coldly chuckled, as Zennarde’s Sword erupted out with raging black flames.

Blood Devil raised his greatsword and ferociously chopped down.

Nie Yan planned to greet Blood Devil’s attack head-on. However, an enormous pressure bore down on him, rooting his legs to the ground. He could only raise Zennarde’s Sword to block.

KLANG! KLANG! KLANG! Blood Devil crazily hacked down at Zennarde’s Sword.

Nie Yan blocked with great difficulty. The incredible strength behind the blows caused his feet to sink into the earth. Fuck! What kind of skill is this!? Such an overbearing aura!

Blood Devil’s body burned with raging flames. He looked like a true demon.

Nie Yan guessed this skill was similar to Bladelight’s Bulwark of the War God.

A string of 6,000s floated up above Nie Yan’s head. He quickly drank a Specialist Health Potion, restoring his health back to full.

Just as Blood Devil was about to hack down with his sword again, Nie Yan’s body blurred as he split into two.

Both the original and clone brandished their blades and attacked Blood Devil at the same time.

Suddenly encountering this kind of situation, Blood Devil was completely caught off-guard. He tried to dodge.

Extreme Intimidate!

A powerful force locked onto Blood Devil, causing his body to turn rigid. Nie Yan shot forward with Zennarde’s Sword and pierced his heart.

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