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“No thanks. Not interested.” Nie Yan’s expression turned cold. This asshole dared to say he wanted to buy Asskickers United? There was a limit to how boastful one could get!

Liu Tianshi chuckled. He wasn’t too bothered by Nie Yan’s reaction. “Don’t worry. I’m a patient man. I can wait. It just won’t be the same offer when you’ll be begging to sell it to me.” He turned to Qin Han. “Come on, let’s go.”

Nie Yan and Qin Han met eyes. Qin Han gave him a self-satisfied smile, then turned around and followed Liu Tianshi to leave.

The two disappeared behind a corner.

“Nie Yan, do you know what kind of background that guy has?” Xie Yao asked. She felt an uneasy feeling creep up on her from the way Liu Tianshi spoke.

“I don’t.” Nie Yan shook his head.

“Be careful. I don’t think he’s simple. Even Qin Han seems afraid of him."

“I understand. Come, let’s head to class.”

Recalling how agitated Nie Yan was just now, Xie Yao believed he had definitely met Liu Tianshi before today. But she also knew he’d keep his lips tightly sealed no matter how much she pursued the matter. He was the type who only reported the good and happy news, while sweeping the bad news under the carpet. If a problem occurred, he would keep it from his loved ones and deal with it by himself.

Nie Yan escorted Xie Yao to her school building.

“Alright, I’ll see you later. Have fun in class.” Nie Yan gazed at Xie Yao. She was the woman he pledged to protect with his life. No matter what happened, he wouldn’t do anything that risked her wellbeing.

“Okay.” Xie Yao nodded.

Nie Yan turned around and headed for the command faculty building.

Seeing Nie Yan’s departing figure, Xie Yao took out her phone and called up Xie Jun.

「Daddy~」Xie Yao sweetly said.

「My lovely daughter, how is school? Is that little punk Nie Yan teasing you?」

「No, he treats me very well!」Xie Yao blushed. The word teasing had a very different meaning to her.「Daddy, can you help me investigate a student called Liu Tianshi? I want to know what kind of background he has.」

「What, did something happen?」Xie Jun knitted his brows, a slight trace of worry in his voice.

Xie Yao quickly explained her and Nie Yan’s encounter with Liu Tianshi just now.

「I see. He wants to acquire Asskickers United? He really is too big for his britches. Don’t worry. He isn’t a threat,」Xie Jun assured. Liu Tianshi probably wasn’t aware of the situation. Not only World Bloc had an interest in Asskickers United, through Nie Yan’s connection with it, but also the Dragonsoar Financial Group, Glory Financial Group, and numerous other large companies. With this kind of support, how could they be so easily acquired?

Hearing Xie Jun’s words, Xie Yao could relax her heart a little. The two chatted for a while longer before ending the call.

Nie Yan headed directly for his classroom. Liu Tianshi left him feeling very uneasy. He called up Guo Huai and asked him to investigate Liu Tianshi’s background. Afterwards, he rang up Tang Yao.

「Yo, Nie Yan! That’s rare, you calling me first. What’s up?」Tang Yao chuckled.

Hearing Tang Yao’s familiar voice, Nie Yan’s nose soured as he was overwhelmed with emotions. He inwardly vowed to his heart, Brother, thank the heavens you’re still alive. This time around, I won’t let anything happen to you.

「How’s university life? You holding up alright? Find yourself a pretty lady yet?」Nie Yan asked with a smile.

「Bah, don’t mention it. 95% of the students here are guys while the 5% that are girls all look like they came from the Jurassic. You on the other hand... I bet the Top Military Academy has a lot of hotties, right?」Thinking about seductive beauties walking around in military uniforms, he almost started drooling.「But you have Xie Yao. I guess none of them can compare to her. Ahh, my poor bachelor life.」

「Haha. I’ll introduce you to one next time. But I have something important I want to talk to you about. You have to promise me something. Stop going to nightclubs and bars,」Nie Yan said in a serious tone. He was worried the tragedy of the previous timeline would repeat itself.

「Huh, why?」Tang Yao asked in a daze. Why did Nie Yan call him out of the blue to talk about something like this?

「Because I know you. From one brother to the other, please, listen to my words,」Nie Yan said.

Tang Yao hesitated for a moment before nodding.「Well, I never really liked that scene much anyway. Alright, I’ll stop going.」

「No matter what happens, don’t go. If for some reason you do end up going to one, give me a call first,」Nie Yan said. Fate was a mysterious thing. He had no idea what it had in store for him. All he could do was try his best to change it to his desired outcome.

「Alright.」Tang Yao nodded in a daze. He trusted Nie Yan. This random warning planted a seed of uneasiness in his heart. From now on, if he were ever in a situation where he was forced to go to a bar, he would definitely recall today’s conversation with his brother.

Nie Yan understood Tang Yao’s personality. With Tang Yao agreeing, he breathed a sigh of relief.

As for Liu Tianshi’s words, Nie Yan couldn’t help but inwardly sneer. If he believed he could acquire Asskickers United, he was free to try. It would be impossible for him to do anything to them inside the game. All he could do was try to apply pressure in reality. He’d have to battle it out with behemoths like World Bloc, the Dragonsoar Financial Group, and the Glory Financial Group. Not to mention Nie Yan was a core member of Heavenly Kings. Naturally, if something happened, Mo Yuntian wouldn’t sit still either.

Even though he felt there was no threat, Nie Yan still decided there was no harm in being careful. After all, he knew nothing about Liu Tianshi.

Nie Yan walked into the classroom to attend class like normal. All eyes were on him. He felt slightly confused until his eyes fell on his desk. A literal pile of love letters were stacked up neatly. He couldn’t help but break out into laughter. Reading over a few of them, the brazen and flirtatious writing brought a hint of red to his cheeks—any man would react the same! These girls… He bitterly chuckled before tossing all these letters into the recycling bin.

“Hehe. Didn't you know, mister celebrity? All the girls here are heads over heels for you.” Xu Yan chuckled.

Nie Yan helplessly waved his hand. He wasn’t like Lei Su, who changed girlfriends like sets of clothes. His heart belonged to Xie Yao, and Xie Yao alone. The only reason Lei Su was such a casanova was that he hadn’t found the one yet.

Nie Yan studiously worked on the courses where his marks were starting to fall. Between classes, he headed to the gym to work out. He discovered he was still growing stronger all this time. His body’s resilience had also increased significantly. In fact, his growth speed hadn’t slow down at all. He wondered when he would reach his limit.

Nie Yan gradually understood why Mo Yuntian was so interested in Master classes, If Wang Duo and the others could comprehend the mysteries behind them, the would enjoy lifelong benefits.

Come afternoon, Guo Huai still hadn’t made any progress in investigating Liu Tianshi’s background. Nie Yan rubbed his chin. If he still couldn’t dig up anything, he would ask Mo Yuntian. No matter how powerful Liu Tianshi’s background was, Mo Yuntian would know at least something.

After school ended, Nie Yan and Xie Yao returned to their villa together. Their little place of heaven on earth where no one could interrupt them.

Nie Yan skimmed over the news, then headed to the workout room to do some exercising. The home gym was outfitted with everything he needed, allowing him to clearly measure his growth.

Nie Yan took off his shirt. He walked up to the barbell rack, then slowly started adding on the weights before stopping at 480 kg. He let out a grunt and started squatting, his muscles trembling and straining.

One, two, three... Nie Yan’s movements were slow and purposeful. If he wanted to protect those around him, increasing his own strength was also crucial. Although he had a top expert like Bayonet by his side, that didn’t mean he could slack off.

Before long, an hour passed. Nie Yan was still doing high intensity exercises, showing no signs of stopping.

At this moment, the door to the workout room opened and Xie Yao walked in.

Nie Yan looked at her. Xie Yao was wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt and shorts. With only a simple glance, his eyes were glued onto her body.

The white gym clothes Xie Yao wore didn’t clash with her refined and graceful temperament. Rather, it added to her seductiveness. The shorts tightly wrapped around her curvaceous buttocks. They reached halfway down her thighs, revealing a pair of fair and slender legs. She didn’t have shoes on, revealing her white as a delicate jade toes which caused one’s heart to race. Her shirt was a bit loose, making it easier for her to move around, but one could still make out her flawless figure. What made Nie Yan’s gaze heat up was that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The curvaceous outline poking out through her shirt made his imagination run wild.

Even though this was no longer his first time with Xie Yao and he was very familiar with her body, the feelings and attraction he felt toward her never waned in the slightest. She was definitely god’s most perfect creation. He was completely and utterly enamored with her.

“Nie Yan, how do I look?” Xie Yao gazed at him with expectation.

“You look beautiful.” Nie Yan nodded.

Xie Yao burst out into a giggle. “You always say the same thing, I like it.” Seeing Nie Yan’s heated gaze, she already had her answer. She knew her current attire aroused him. She proudly raised her head and chest. Hmphh! I know I’m hot. What are you gonna do about it?

Nie Yan was at a loss for words. At this moment, Xie Yao was like a beautiful and enchanting fairy.

“Nie Yan, come be my training partner.” Xie Yao jumped up and down, loosening her muscles, before performing a roundhouse kick. After all, she was a taekwondo black belt. She could handle herself.

Xie Yao’s slender leg kicking through the air was a beautiful sight.

“Sure.” Nie Yan nodded. How could he possibly refuse?

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