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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 756 - Demon’s Feather

Author:  Mad Snail Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2019-08-20 23:57:48

Now! Nie Yan flicked his wrist as he switched out Zennarde’s Sword for Paternoster’s Warhammer.

Frozen Fortress!

The temperature suddenly plummeted. The ice elements in the surroundings gathered together toward Paternoster’s Warhammer, forming a layer of ice which rapidly grew thicker and thicker before sealing Nie Yan completely within.

Encased in an enormous block of ice, Nie Yan had become a grand ice sculpture.

BOOM! The Demon Slaughterer’s slash struck the block of ice.


The Demon Slaughterer’s attack carved out a large crack in the ice. However, the damage was quickly repaired at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After using Frozen Fortress, Nie Yan was invulnerable. The Demon Slaughterer couldn’t do anything to him.

At the same time, all signs of Nie Yan’s life disappeared too. So, he subsequently lost all aggro.

No longer tunnel visioning on Nie Yan, The Demon Slaughterer finally took note of the arrow towers and players in the vicinity and pounced on them.

A chaotic battle ensued. The Demon Slaughterer started massacring the Angel Corps players, toppling arrow towers like dominos. Some of its attacks also struck the barrier protecting the guild headquarters, causing it to tremble violently.

When Soaring Angel’s party finally arrived on the scene, they discovered the Demon Slaughterer wreaking havoc on the surroundings.

“Where’s Nirvana Flame?” Soaring Angel looked around before spotting Nie Yan encased in a block of ice.

“Seems like he’s sealed himself up in ice. That skill looks similar to an Elementalist’s Ice Armour,” Drifting said. Ice Armour was a fairly useful skill in battle, lasting about 30 seconds. However, at 30 minutes of invulnerability, Nie Yan’s Frozen Fortress was clearly far superior to the ordinary Ice Armour.

When Nie Yan was sealed, he was invulnerable. No one could damage him and he would instantly lose all aggro. It was no wonder the Demon Slaughterer shifted targets.

“Boss, what do we do now?”

“Have some people keep an eye on Nirvana Flame. Everyone else needs to help us deal with the Demon Slaughterer,” Soaring Angel said. The Demon Slaughterer had already destroyed large sections of the Clemenci Stronghold. If it were allowed to continue, he didn’t want to imagine what kind of state the stronghold would end up in.

A group of Thieves surrounded Nie Yan. Everyone else focused their attention on the Demon Slaughterer.

Under the relentless assault of the arrow towers, the Demon Slaughterer’s health gradually fell.

The two sides started a battle of attrition. Facing not only a seemingly endless ocean of players but also countless arrow towers, the Demon Slaughterer was losing badly.

About 20 minutes later, the Demon Slaughterer’s health fell to 13%. It went berserk and destroyed over a dozen arrow towers in an instant. When its health bar reached critical levels, its health was finally revealed. It still had over 10,000,000 health remaining.

One could imagine how frightening of a health pool the Demon Slaughterer had.

After going berserk, the Demon Slaughterer still couldn’t reverse the tide. Even if it were in peak condition, there were simply too many arrow towers.

Even though Nie Yan was sealed in ice, he was still aware of everything happening in his surroundings. The Demon Slaughterer couldn’t hold out for much longer. In another five minutes, it would likely fall.

This would present a great opportunity. Nie Yan wondered what sort of items the Demon Slaughterer would drop.

Although there were 80 Thieves in the surroundings closely watching him, there was no way they could stop him!

「We’re at the final stretch! Everyone, keep at it!」Soaring Angel shouted in voice chat, unable to contain his excitement.

Everyone went all out, blotting out the sky with a frantic storm of attacks.

The lower the Demon Slaughterer’s health fell, the more berserk its attacks became. It let out a furious roar as its entire body ignited in flames, making it resemble a flame giant. With a powerful beat of its wings, it took to the air and started chanting out ominously.

「It’s Forbidden Magic! Be careful! Can anyone interrupt it!?」

No one answered. This was a Level 130 Demonified Lord. None of their skills would be effective against it.

After several syllables, everything in a 600-meter radius erupted into flames, transforming the Clemenci Stronghold into a sea of fire. Thankfully, all the buildings here were made out of stone. Even if they burned, they wouldn’t collapse.

Like a game of the floor is lava, Angel Corps quickly found their way to the roofs. The higher the flames burnt, the taller the buildings they sought out. Not to mention they all used various protective shields.

Fortunately, it was only a small scale Forbidden Magic. If it were anything else, the Clemenci Stronghold would be in trouble.

Within the flames, cracks started appearing on the barrier surrounding the guild headquarters.

The Demon Slaughterer showed no signs of stopping. It continued chanting out syllables. This second round of Forbidden Magic seemed to be even more powerful than the first one.

At this rate, the guild headquarters would be destroyed.

「Don’t let it finish chanting! Kill it! Now!」Soaring Angel shouted. A hail of arrows blotted out the sky.

The Demon Slaughterer only had a sliver of health remaining. It probably only had a few hundred thousand health left.

Soaring Angel notched five arrows onto his bows. Phoenix Flame Punisher! The arrows transformed into enormous flame swords. At this moment, he seemed like the embodiment of a god. Whoosh whoosh whoosh! The five flame swords flew toward the Demon Slaughterer.

Seeing this scene play out, Nie Yan focused his attention. All around him was a sea of fire. The tongues of flames licked the Frozen Fortress, but it showed no signs of melting. He was completely isolated from the outside. Those Thieves that were watching him had either died or run away to safety.

The Demon Slaughterer was on its last breath. How could Nie Yan miss out on this perfect opportunity?


Nie Yan had voluntarily released the skill! As the Frozen Fortress rapidly melted away, scorching hot flames assailed him. He hadn’t realized just how hot it really was, since the ice had kept him cooled. If he didn’t act quickly, he was going to be roasted alive!

Gale Step!

Nie Yan took advantage of the invincibility to brave through the flames. With Gale Step at Rank 18, it lasted for a full nine seconds!

Activating the Leap ability from his Web Crawler Ring, Nie Yan jumped more than 30 meters in the air, soaring towards the Demon Slaughterer.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Soaring Angel’s flaming sword arrows struck the Demon Slaughterer, creating a dazzling light show in the sky.





Even Nie Yan was taken aback. He wondered what sort of skill could deal so much damage. After taking five hits ranging from 5,000–7,000 damage each, the Demon Slaughterer’s health fell to zero. It let out a hoarse cry, as its body slowly disintegrated and lightning crackled around its body.

The lightning went out of control, shooting out everywhere like electrical serpents. Anything they came into contact with, players and buildings alike, was instantly vaporized.

The Demon Slaughterer was dead!

Soaring Angel breathed a sigh of relief. For the sake of using this skill, he had completely emptied out his mana bar. The instant the Demon Slaughterer fell, his body lit up consecutively with a dazzling radiance. His health and mana instantly filled back up to full.

“Nice!” Soaring Angel was just about to check his character status, when he saw a silhouette soaring towards the Demon Slaughterer’s corpse.

「Fuc- Nirvana Flame! Don’t let him snatch away the drops!」Stone Splitter shouted. He suddenly kicked off the ground and charged toward Nie Yan.

Soaring Angel no longer cared about looking at his own stats. He quickly shot out five arrows at Nie Yan.

A single feather dropped from the Demon Slaughterer’s body. It slowly floated down in the air.

This feather was jet black. The colour was pure like a gem. It emitted a dazzling black radiance in the air.

This was the drop!

Everyone looked in confusion at the feather. The Demon Slaughterer's wings were made out of flesh! Why would it drop a feather of all thing?

Among NPCs circulated a rumour. Demons were fallen angels. After a long period of evolution, they became their current appearances. However, they would keep a single feather. It was said that a Demon’s Feather was a treasure all legendary NPCs sought after. Though none of this was recorded down in any history books, suggesting it was simply a myth, NPCs seemed to believe it with full conviction.

Everyone’s attention was focused on this black feather.

「Don’t let him snatch it away!」Soaring Angel anxiously shouted. He frantically shot out arrow after arrow, trying to kill Nie Yan.

About 10 meters from the feather, Nie Yan’s gaze fell on the Demon Slaughterer’s corpse. It had yet to completely vanish.

I’m not going to make it! Nie Yan’s ascend came to a slow stop before he started plummeting back to the ground. He quickly shot out a web line at the Demon Slaughterer’s corpse. With a hard pull, the line went taut and he was soaring through the air again.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh! Several arrows flew past Nie Yan, all of them missing him.

Nie Yan was getting closer and closer to the feather. He stretched his hand out.

“Got it!” In the instant he grabbed the feather, Nie Yan felt a dark, corrosive energy burning his palm.

Nie Yan hurriedly tossed the feather in his bag, as he continued swinging through the air.

「Shit! Shoot him down! I want him dead!」Soaring Angel roared. After working so hard to kill the Demon Slaughterer, Nie Yan had swooped in and snatched away their spoils. How could he not be furious!?

HUUUMMM! A droning noise rang out through the air as the several hundred arrow towers in the vicinity all targeted Nie Yan. Countless arrows flew toward him, completely blotting out the sky overhead.

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