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After fighting for two whole days, the Royal Griffon Corps suffered 900 casualties. Among them more than 30 Masters had died at the hands of Necromancer Vorderman.

As time passed, like an oil lamp slowly drying up, so to did Necromancer Vorderman's spark of life slowly dim until almost nothing was left.

Nie Yan inspected Necromancer Vorderman’s status. His health had already fallen to critical levels, but the exact figure wasn’t shown. As for the bone dragon, it was also on the verge of death.

Necromancer Vorderman stood atop the bone dragon’s head, the flames in his eyes flickering with an inconsolable grief.

“Brave soldiers, Necromancer Vorderman is at the end of the road. Your achievements will be recorded down in the history books!” Nie Yan shouted. He knew NPCs cared greatly for glory.

“For the glory of the Viridian Empire!” The Royal Griffon Corps intensified their assault. They were about to overpower Necromancer Vorderman completely.

“Despicable humans, you can all follow me into destruction! Let the curse of death eternally linger in your ears. Cry out and tremble in fear!” Necromancer Vorderman shouted. A thick, black miasma started pouring out from his body.

The death energy contained within the miasma instantly affected the NPCs in the immediate vicinity.

They let out miserable shrieks as the life energy was rapidly sapped away from their bodies. Their originally bright and healthy skin dried up into a sickly yellow. The griffons didn’t fare any better. They quickly withered up and dropped out of the sky.

THUD! THUD! THUD! One corpse after another hit the ground.

The miasma continued spreading out.

“HAAAAKakakakakaaaa...” Necromancer Vorderman laughed sinisterly, his voice growing increasingly hoarse.

“Nie Yan, let’s leave! Now!” Bladelight anxious cried out. They would definitely die if the miasma touched them.

“You guys leave first!” Nie Yan said. His eyes locked onto Necromancer Vorderman who was laughing maniacally. He could sense Vorderman was already at his limit.

“What are you planning to do!?”

“Boss, hurry! We’re almost out of time!”

His brothers all urged him to escape, but Nie Yan showed no intentions to. Instead, he urged the Darkwing Dragon forward and pounced toward Necromancer Vorderman.

Seeing Nie Yan’s actions, Bladelight and the others’ eyes trembled. They realized what he was trying to do. Since he dared to go in for the kill, that naturally meant he had a plan.

“Everyone, retreat!”

Bladelight led the players from Asskickers United away.

Adjudicator of God!

A golden barrier enveloped Nie Yan. When the miasma came in contact with the membrane of light, it immediately dispersed into nothing.

“It works!” Nie Yan smirked, his eyes flickering with a cold light.

The Darkwing Dragon let out a miserable cry as the miasma invaded its body. It trembled violently in the air, almost dropping out of the sky.

Even if the Darkwing Dragon would have to be sacrificed, it was already too late to turn back now!

Nie Yan arched his body. He was only about 30 meters away from Necromancer Vorderman. Activating the Leap ability from his Web-Crawler Ring, he pushed off from his legs and soared through the sky.

Necromancer Vorderman’s shrill cackling grated at his ears. This sound inflicted fear. Nie Yan couldn’t help but knit his brows. If it wasn’t for Adjudicator of God, he would’ve long since fallen under its influence.

Necromancer Vorderman had exhausted his mana pool. What little skin covered his body had withered to the limit. There was only a spark left in his eye sockets, incomparable to the powerful flames from before. He noticed Nie Yan approaching, but he had no more strength to do anything. His eyes flashed with alarm, rancor, and a mix of other emotions.

“Die!” Nie Yan slashed down with Zennarde’s Sword.

Annihilation Slash!

10 sword silhouettes cleaved down on Necromancer Vorderman, converging into one enormous slash carrying unrivalled destructive power. BOOM! Necromancer Vorderman let out a heavy grunt and was sent flying back.

Necromancer Vorderman’s lifeless body plummeted to the ground as something fell out of his hand.

Such a powerful NPC had been slain by Nie Yan.

The item was a dagger, the blade flickering with a cold light. Nie Yan extended his hand and shot out a web line at it.

You have received 30,000 Glory for slaying Necromancer Vorderman.

One notification after another popped up. Nie Yan also lit up consecutively with flashes of bright light. This was definitely the first time he had heard so many notifications ring at once.

Before Nie Yan could pull the item into his grasp, the bone dragon let out a mournful cry. It had lost its master. Soon, it would die too. It suddenly moved, as though it had received one last command. Without a care for its well-being, it charged toward the Asskickers United guild headquarters.

The bone dragon shot forward, knocking aside the griffons in its way.

Like a meteor, it slammed into the Divine Radiant Bastion protecting the guild headquarters.

This development was fishy. Someone had definitely ordered the bone dragon. Necromancer Vorderman was already dead, so that person could only be Qin Han!

That fellow was determined to take down the guild headquarters!

「Guo Huai, have everyone teleport away! Hurry!」Nie Yan anxiously shouted.

The players of Asskickers United quickly evacuated through the transfer point in the guild headquarters. They all teleported away without exception.

The bone dragon’s body was glowing red as the temperature around it soared. It was burning up!

“Not good!” Nie Yan immediately realized what the bone dragon was trying to do. It was going to self-destruct! Still standing on its head, he quickly stored away the item that fell out of Necromancer Vorderman’s hand. The cold and gloomy aura around it caused his very soul to tremble. Just as the bone dragon was about to ram into the Divine Radiant Bastion for a second time, he teleported away with an Unknown Transfer Scroll.

BOOOOOOM! The bone dragon immediately detonated upon making contact with the Divine Radiant Bastion. A powerful shock wave swept up, engulfing everything in flames.

The Cripps Stronghold was completely razed to the ground!

The powerful explosion caused the earth to shake.

Nie Yan used up quite a few Unknown Transfer Scrolls consecutively to escape the range of the explosion. Looking back, he saw a giant mushroom cloud rising up in the sky.

The bone dragon was a Level 160 Demonified Lord. One could imagine the destructive power produced from such an existence self-destructing. Nie Yan estimated all the players who failed to evacuate through the transfer point in time were dead.

Necromancer Vorderman and his bone dragon were dead. Asskickers United had won!

Nie Yan immediately thought of his Darkwing Dragon. Pulling up its status screen, he discovered it was still alive. He hurriedly gave it a command.

Off in the distance, a black dot was unsteadily flying over to him.

The Darkwing Dragon had barely endured the assault of the miasma. Thankfully, Nie Yan had killed Necromancer Vorderman so quickly, or else it would be dead. Not to mention, it was far away from the epicenter of the explosion. Even though it was hit by the aftershock, that wasn’t enough to kill it.

Seeing the Darkwing Dragon struggling to fly back to him, Nie Yan’s heart ached. Even though this was only a pet inside the game, they’d still built up a powerful bond. Flying through the sky as rider and flying mount, fighting in battle in perfect harmony... he’d grown incredibly attached to it.

Nie Yan glanced at his status page and was dumbstruck. Necromancer Vorderman had given him a lot of experience! He was already Level 120!

Zennarde’s Sword also underwent another change. The black flames now had a trace of gold while the blade sparkled with an ominous glint. The dark energy contained within was rumbling.

This powerful energy caused Nie Yan to feel a sense of dread.

Two more seals had been released from Zennarde’s Sword. He was only one step away from completely unlocking this godly weapon’s true power.

Nie Yan examined its properties.

Sealed Zennarde’s Sword (Godly Legendary)

Nightmare Curse of the Dead: Reduces the player’s stats by 10% (Effect halved by Barbarian Kelowitz’s Blessing).

Description: A godly weapon created by Kallander and imbued with the dark magic power of Dragon King Zennarde. Failing to subdue the evil energy within Zennarde’s Sword will result in a fatal backlash. Six Divine Seals were placed on this sword by the God of War Kelo. (Seals: 1/6)

Properties: Attack 5,560–5,827, Critical 650, 35% chance to deal 1,000% Critical Damage, Ignore Level 65, Ignore Armour

Hell Execution (Rank 12): Chance to instantly execute an enemy when their health falls below 27%. Success rate is determined by level difference and enemy defense. Energy Cost: 20. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Advanced Apocalyptic Extinction: Inflict the enemy with five types of Curses: Rank 15 Exhaustion, Rank 15 Cripple, Rank 15 Disease, Rank 15 Fear, and Rank 15 Corrode. Duration: 15 minutes. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Annihilation Slash (Rank 16): Channel your energy into an enormous sword of dark fire and annihilate all enemies in your path. Deals 3,000% damage to all enemies in a 5 by 30 meter area in front of you. Cooldown: 2 days.

Restrictions: None

-Creator: Kallander

Zennarde’s Sword’s amazing properties caused Nie Yan to break out in a cold sweat. Its attack power had already crossed 5,000. In both his lifetimes, even when he was Level 180, most of the high quality weapons only had attack powers of around 3,000 with ones breaching 4,000 being super rare. Not to mention almost all of these weapons were for Warriors, Thieves couldn’t equip them.

Apart from Zennarde’s Sword, Nie Yan also discovered one other change. The Holy Spirit Imprint on his hand was glowing even brighter. A powerful energy was spreading out from it to the rest of his body.

Nie Yan recalled the moment when Necromancer Vorderman fell out of the sky, Battle Angel Kalenna had exorcised his corpse with Purify.

In other words, Nie Yan had purified the corpse of a legendary NPC!

Looking at the experience bar for the Holy Spirit Heart, it had already reached 95%. He was only a small step away!

After obtaining the Holy Spirit Heart, Nie Yan could release all the seals on Zennarde’s Sword and rescue War God Kelo!

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