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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 707 - NPC Follower

Author:  Mad Snail Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2019-07-22 17:40:43

Yallop’s gaze seemed to cut through Sampur. He looked like he wanted to tear Sampur’s throat out.

“Kneel!” A guard ruthlessly stomped the back of Yallop’s knee.

Yallop nearly collapsed to the ground, but he forcefully regained his footing.

“Sampur, a warrior of the Kavannas will never kneel before anyone!” Yallop said in a deep tone, his eyes shining with an unyielding light.

Sampur’s eyes flashed with killing intent. However, he still maintained his calm. “Yallop, you’re free.”

“Cut your bull**, Sampur. What are you planning. You think I’ll fall for your trickery so easily?” Yallop sneered.

“The Great Prophet is the new lord of the Abernathy Great Grasslands. He’s decided to absolve you of your crimes. So, you’re free. But from now on, you’re no longer a warrior of the Kavannas. You’re hereby banished from the tribe,” Sampur coldly said.

Yallop was stunned. He slowly turned his head to Nie Yan. Only now did he understand why Sampur would suddenly let him go. I’m saved... A spark of hope illuminated his heart, lifting him up from the pits of despair. He clenched his fists until his veins bulged out, revealing the turbulent emotions in his heart.

Yallop was like a beast. He wished for nothing more than to tear Sampur apart limb by limb. But after this fierce internal struggle, he calmed his agitated self. He relaxed his grip, as the bulging veins on his arms slowly receded. If he attacked Sampur, not only would he fail to kill him, but he would also be throwing his life away and betraying Nie Yan’s kindness.

Yallop no longer paid attention to Sampur. He faced Nie Yan properly, placed his hand over his chest, and kneeled down on one leg.

“Yallop, didn’t you say a warrior of the Kavannas will never kneel to anyone?” Sampur coldly chuckled.

“You banished me from the Kavannas. I’m no longer a warrior of yours. From now on, I’m the slave of the Great Prophet!” Yallop raised his head and gazed at Nie Yan with firm resolve. “Please, let me serve you. In the name of the God of the Grasslands Bekepein, I swear my undying loyalty to you!”

Nie Yan was caught off guard by this development. A notification suddenly popped up.

Are you willing to accept Great Berserker Yallop as your slave?

Seeing this notification, Nie Yan couldn’t hold back his excitement. He didn’t expect to obtain such a harvest today. However, he wasn't sure about taking in Yallop as a slave. After all, it was the lowest position in society.

Nie Yan suddenly thought of something and hit no on the prompt.

“I’m sorry, Yallop. I can’t accept you as a slave.” Nie Yan shook his head.

Yallop’s face crumpled. “G-great Prophet, am I not even worthy of being your slave...? I-” Even if he left this place himself, he would be hunted down by Sampur’s men. The only safe way out he saw, was to put aside his ego and submit to Nie Yan. Who would’ve thought he would be rejected?

“Let me finish. Yallop, being branded a slave is a stain for a brave warrior like you. I hereby free you of your status as a slave. If you’re willing, you can join me as my follower,” Nie Yan said.

Yallop’s face lit back up. He gave Nie Yan a grateful look.

Nie Yan could tell Yallop’s feelings were sincere. What he wanted wasn’t an obedient slave but rather a loyal servant!

Normally, a player could have up to three followers after becoming the leader of a Level 8 guild; something Asskickers United was still a ways off from reaching. However, Nie Yan as a Great Prophet had no such restriction. At present, he could recruit up to five servants. When Asskickers United rose to a Level 8 guilld, he could have another three slots.

Are you willing to accept Great Berserker Yallop as your follower?


Warlord Yallop has become your follower.

Nie Yan checked Yallop’s stats. Yallop was a Level 180 Elite Great Berserker. It was a pity he wasn’t a Sword Saint or Champion. The servant system in Conviction was fairly special. Yallop was his own unique self. The only reason he did Nie Yan’s bidding was because his loyalty was high enough; which could drop if Nie Yan treated him poorly. There were stories of how ill-treated followers could even turn on their lord. He could gain experience—a portion of which would go straight to Nie Yan, learn skill, and wear equipment. However, if he died unless he was revived within 30 minutes of his death with a special revival magic, he would disappear forever.

Nie Yan checked Yallop’s health and loyalty. Since Yallop was a tanky Warrior, he had 300,000 health. At present, his loyalty was 90. Normally, a loyalty of 70 was already fairly good. Having your servant’s loyalty at 80 was fairly rare. He assumed it was because his actions just now had moved Yallop.

When Nie Yan gazed at Yallop, he noticed the slave mark on Yallop’s face gradually disappearing. It appeared it was a blood branding. After he accepted Yallop as a follower, the branding disappeared.

Yallop was a head taller than Smoke Stub and Bladelight. He was built like an ox. Right now he had no equipment. Nie Yan planned to fit him with a decent set of armour. His appearance alone would become a huge deterrence.

As far as servants go, Yallop was on the weaker side. For example, Qin Han’s servant Necromancer Vorderman was a demi-god like existence. However, these types of NPCs were incredibly rare. Relying on strength alone wasn’t enough. Luck mattered too. Nie Yan had previously received the quest to rescue the Ten Holy Paladins. The final reward was obtaining Karsi as his servant. However, this task was still far beyond the scope of his ability.

Nevertheless, obtaining his first NPC follower was something still worth celebrating.

“The Abernathy Great Grasslands is a dangerous place. The various tribes living here are at constant war. Great Prophet, be careful, or you might get dragged into the chaos,” Sampur said in a dark tone.

“Thank you for your warning, Sampur. I’ll watch out. I still have matters to attend to, so I won’t take your time any longer,” Nie Yan said. He understood the veiled threat behind Sampur’s words. He was in a good mood after recruiting his first follower.. Lingering around here any longer had no meaning anyway.

“Have a safe journey, Great Prophet,” Sampur said in a cold tone.

Nie Yan, Bladelight, and the others turned around and left.

Yallop was like a lion. He calmly swept his gaze over this land where he grew up, then followed Nie Yan out.

Nie Yan’s group arrived at the outskirts of the tribe. Yallop wasn’t like Paladin Lafus. He couldn’t be recalled. Nie Yan thought for a moment before summoning his Darkwing Dragon. It could carry multiple people anyway.

Everyone got on their respective flying mounts, then took to the air.

The tents below became smaller and smaller until they were nothing more than tiny little dots.

Nie Yan stood on the Darkwing Dragon’s head. He glanced back at Yallop who was gazing at the land below with a dazed expression.

“Yallop,” Nie Yan called out.

“Yes, Master,” Yallop replied.

“Follow me. One day, we’ll flatten the Kavannas and take back what rightfully belongs to you,” Nie Yan said.

“Master, I’ll do whatever you ask of me.” Yallop couldn’t contain the excitement in his heart, his voice slightly trembling.

Nie Yan gazed at Yallop’s loyalty. It had risen to 92. Raising a servant’s loyalty required knowing what they desired.

Yallop’s reason for living was revenge. Nie Yan had given him hope!

Nie Yan’s group flew over the endless stretch of grasslands for a long time, seeking out the perfect location to build a city. They eventually found it. This area was located in the heart of the Abernathy Great Grasslands. If he constructed his city here, it would be easier to control the entire territory.

“We’ll be building our city here. Let’s head down and clear away the mobs,” Nie Yan said.

The group slowly descended from the sky and landed on the grassland.

Nie Yan would have to first clear away all the monsters in the vicinity to build his city.

Nie Yan glanced at Yallop beside him. He was only wearing a pair of shabby pants. He needed some equipment to fight.

「Have some Thieves deliver Level 100 Dark Gold-grade Warrior equipment, preferably as close to Level 180 as possible. Also send a 500-man team over. Here are the coordinates. Abernathy Great Grasslands 1239.285.1285,」Nie Yan sent Guo Huai a message.

「Alright.」Guo Huai nodded. He immediately got to work.

“The monsters in the vicinity are all Level 100. The neighbouring maps around also all Level 100 , from Level 100–160. This place has good growth potential for the future,” Bladelight remarked. He discovered a Level 100 Black Lion. He immediately raised his sword and charged toward it.

A Level 100 Black Lion with almost 100,000 health was fairly strong among ordinary monsters.

A pride of enormous Black Lions came over and surrounded them. Nie Yan and the others prepared to take action when-

“GWRAAAAGH!” Yallop charged into the pride of lions.

“Wait, what!? Is he fine going in empty-handed like that!?”

“He’s a Level 180 Elite. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

, sending it flying back and crashing into the ground.


What frightening damage! Yallop was barehanded too!

Another Black Lion pounced forward and swiped at Yallop. KLANG! As soon as its claws struck his skin, it bounced off almost as if it had hit metal.


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