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Nie Yan checked the three items Splendid Star had deposited into his personal storage.

There were two pieces of Legendary-grade equipment and a quest item in the form of a broken staff. Xie Yao had already accepted the quest line for the Saintess Christina Set. So, this staff wouldn’t be of any use to her. Nie Yan pondered for a moment. He decided to give it to Undying Scoundrel.

One of the two pieces was for a Berserker. Nie Yan could give it to Smoke Stub, Monochrome, or Edgeless. The other actually turned out to be for a Thief—Orpheus’ Vambraces.

Nie Yan examined the item.

Orpheus’ Vambraces (Legendary)

Requirements: Level 100 Description: Vambraces worn by Shadow Dancer Orpheus. It is covered with remnants of his past battles.

Properties: Defense 820–838, Magic Resistance 20%, Defense Rank 2, Health 10%

Restrictions: Thief

These vambraces were pretty amazing. The high defense, magic resistance, and especially the Defense Rank 2 would greatly reduce the damage the wearer took. The higher the defense rank, the harder it was for enemies to break through your defense. Nie Yan’s defense was currently at Rank 7. Most players were only at Rank 1 or 2. Anyone with an attack below Rank 4 couldn’t break his armour. Even if he stood still and did nothing, he would still be perfectly fine. Attack and defense ranks were generally very difficult to raise.

Ygris’ Guardian Gages and Orpheus’ Vambraces made Nie Yan’s old equipment look like junk.

“This is a nice upgrade.” Nie Yan put on Orpheus’ Vambraces. His health and defense rose drastically. With his stats right now, he could easily survive five or six hits from a Level 100 Lord.

Nie Yan had two pieces of Legendary-grade equipment on him. Before Level 180, he wanted to get himself at least a full set to tide him over. Of course, the end goal was the Tyrant Abak Set.

Nie Yan glanced at his boots. “I’m still missing the last fragment...” With Sulgata’s Shadow complete, he would have three pieces of Legendary-grade equipment. He was previously too busy to go collect the last fragment. He knew the location. However, it was a path only he could walk. Even if he sent Sun or King of the World, it would be useless.

Sulgata’s Shadow required Sulgata’s Boots, Sulgata’s Feather, and Sulgata’s Runic Cloth to complete. He was still missing the feather. In the previous timeline, Sulgata’s Feather was found by a Shadow Dancer.

Retrieving Sulgata’s Feather would take at least two to three days.

Nie Yan pondered for a moment. He had already pulled far ahead of ordinary players in level. There was no harm in delaying himself by a couple of days. Every small upgrade to his equipment took top priority right now. It would help increase his chance of clearing the Luminous Dancer class advancement quest.

After making his decision, Nie Yan had Guo Huai search for some rare gems. He planned to socket them into Orpheus’ Vambraces and Sulgata’s Shadow. He started making preparations to retrieve Sulgata’s Feather.

Sulgata’s Feather was located in the icy tundra to the far north of the Viridian Empire. Retrieving it was actually quite simple, taking no more than a couple of hours. However, the requirement for travelling to this region was extremely high—260 Ice Resistance at minimum. Nie Yan’s was only at 120. So, he had a lot of work ahead of him. Raising his Ice Resistance to 260 was an incredibly difficult task.

Nie Yan thought of various methods to raise his Ice Resistance, including purchasing skill books, equipment, and so on. He spent about 200,000 gold altogether.

“Whew… That’s the last one. I have the Flame Body skill now,” Nie Yan glanced at his Ice Resistance. After all that work, it was only at 180, still a far cry from the necessary 260. He couldn’t help but feel a little helpless.

“This won’t do. I need to find some better quality items…” Nie Yan skimmed over his inventory.

While Nie Yan racked his brains trying to figure out a solution, Xie Yao sent him a message,「The students in the Top Military Academy are hosting a private event at the Calore Central Arena. Should we check it out?」

Nie Yan pondered for a moment. He contacted Guo Huai to help him find Ice Resistance items. Meanwhile, he would take a small break and check out what his classmates were up to.

「Alright, let’s go together. Where are you right now?」

「I’m browsing in the pet shop.」

「Okay, I’ll meet you there.」Nie Yan put on the Shadow Walker Cloak. Hiding his face behind the hood, he headed for the pet shop.

Before long, the two met up outside the entrance of the pet shop. Xie Yao wore a light grey cloak that also hid her appearance and information. They were too famous, not just in Calore but the whole Viridian Empire. If they didn’t hide themselves, it would attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Nie Yan could still see the faint outline of Xie Yao’s curvaceous figure through her cloak. The familiar scent of her simple and elegant perfume relaxed his mind.

「Let’s go.」Nie Yan grabbed Xie Yao’s hand as the two walked over to the Central Arena together.

Two guards in gold armour stood at the entrance. Nie Yan and Xie Yao flashed their students IDs and were let inside.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao looked around. The spectator stands were packed. It was quite a lively sight. There were about 6,000 people altogether, and this wasn’t even everyone. Many people were too busy with levelling and questing to come.

The Top Military Academy’s players regularly organized these sorts of gatherings. One reason was to help students to socialize and maybe find a suitable team. Another was to allow the various clubs in the school to settle scores and duke it out.

Nie Yan looked around. The players enrolled in the Top Military Academy weren’t half-bad. They were all at least Level 70. Those who were too low level generally didn’t participate in these types of events since they would only be embarrassing themselves.

“Look over there, it’s Muslin, Scoundrel, and the others.” Xie Yao pointed toward another section in the stands.

Nie Yan looked over. He saw Painted Muslin and Undying Scoundrel’s group. Elsewhere he saw people from Bloodfiends and many other familiar faces, including Liu Rui.

“What a party…” Nie Yan remarked.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao sat down in a corner at the back of the command faculty section. Since the game changed everyone’s appearance, he didn’t recognize anyone. These players were chatting and introducing themselves. Since they all belonged to the same faculty, they would surely familiarize themselves with one another bit by bit.

Nie Yan only came here to look. So, he didn’t bothering mingling. He quietly talked to Xie Yao.

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