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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 601 - Godly Blessings

Author:  Mad Snail Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2019-07-22 17:40:43

The forces of Winter Darkness, Death Descent, and Sky Siever held the absolute advantage. Even though they met fierce resistance from Splendid Star, they progressed smoothly. Splendid Temple only had 500 players left from their initial 2,000. Meanwhile, their combined casualties barely exceeded 200.

Splendid Star and his troops were in their death throes.

Dark, Ardent, and the other three Thieves from Bloodfiends surrounded six Priests and made short work of them.

The 30 Thieves from Bloodfiends moved like a pack of wolves. Acting in groups of three or four, they would pop out of nowhere, leaving behind a pile of corpses before disappearing without a trace.

This tactic proved effective. More than half the Priests from Splendid Temple died at the hands of these Thieves.

“Die, you son of a bitch!” Splendid Star roared as he charged at Ice Age.

Ice Age sneered, “Come and try if you think you have the ability! We’ve killed more than half your elites already. I’d like to see how Splendid Temple will make a recovery from this. Aren’t you buddies with Asskickers United? Where are they? Why haven’t they come to rescue you yet?”

Ice Age kept throwing out insults and taunts, even in the face of Splendid Star’s charge, while retreating toward the back. Several dozen Warriors came out from behind him. They rushed forward to intercept Splendid Star.

Charge! Intercept!

The Warriors blocked Splendid Star’s advance.

Splendid Star’s group was completely surrounded. Of the dozen or so Warriors that charged into battle with him, only two were left alive. They were Bitter Coffee and Lone Falling Leaf.

The two Warriors stood in front of Splendid Star.

“Boss, quickly escape with an Unknown Transfer Scroll! We’ll cover you!” Bitter Coffee anxiously yelled.

“Screw that! I’m going to kill Ice Age even if it costs me my life!” Splendid Star cursed.

Barbarian Strength!

Seismic Slam!

“HAAAH!” Splendid Star slammed his greatsword into the earth and sent three enemy Warriors flying. He then charged at Ice Age.


“Protect the Boss!” Lone Falling Leaf yelled after seeing he couldn’t dissuade Splendid Star. Charge! He rushed forward to provide support.

“This is bad! We won’t last without any healing!” Bitter Coffee anxiously shouted.

The Shadow Priests locked down Splendid Star, Bitter Coffee, and Lone Falling Leaf with Shackles of Strife. Teleporting away was no longer possible.

A shower of spells rained down from the sky and bombarded Bitter Coffee. His health bar bottomed out, and he collapsed on the ground.

A Thief appeared out of stealth and picked up the equipment Bitter Coffee dropped. “Damn, this guy has some pretty good equipment.”

Several Warriors ganged up on Lone Falling Leaf. After a fierce struggle, he was also cut down.

Seeing his two closest subordinates dying, Splendid Star’s eyes reddened with rage. With a Whirlwind Slash, he cleared away the last of the Warriors between him and Ice Age.

“Ice Age, face me like a man if you have the balls!”

The blood soaked Splendid Star resembled a god of slaughter. Ice Age felt fear creep over him. He anxiously retreated, while simultaneously putting on a brave front and shouting, “Mages, kill him! He’s only one person!”

Splendid Star barreled forward and knocked aside two Thieves attempting to intercept him. 10 meters... 7 meters... 3 meters... he was fast approaching Ice Age.

Ice Age was a Mage. Once Splendid Star entered within melee range of him, he would be dead for sure. He quickly turned tail and fled.

“He only has 30% health left. Finish him off!”

Spells arced through the air and rained down on Splendid Star.

Splendid Star quickly drank an Advanced Health Potion. “You think this will stop me!? Get back here, you coward!” He braved through the shower of spells, his focus only on Ice Age.

“Fuck! Just die already!” Ice Age cried out.

Splendid Star quickly caught up to Ice Age and cleaved down with his greatsword.

“Die!” Splendid Star roared with bloodshot eyes.

Splendid Star’s fury was truly frightening. As his blade was about to land, Ice Age shielded himself with Ice Barrier. A white membrane enveloped his body.

CRACK! Splendid Star’s attack shattered the Ice Barrier and slammed into Ice Age’s chest, knocking him several meters back.


Ice Age was frightened out of his mind! If he hadn’t cast Ice Barrier in time, he would be a cold corpse on the ground right now!

Scrambling back to his feet, Ice Age fled for dear life. Splendid Star immediately gave chase. The players of Winter Darkness were completely awestruck. They had never met someone so fearless and unrelenting in the face of death.

“Save the boss!”

“Mages, don’t stop firing. Warriors, intercept him!”

Ice Age cut a sorry figure as he crawled and rolled out of the way of Splendid Star’s attacks. He was being chased down like a dog.

It didn’t matter how many spells he had. With Splendid Star hot on his heels, Ice Age didn’t have the time to cast any one of them.

Flame Slash!

Splendid Star’s sword ignited with raging flames as he chopped down. It looked to be the end of the road for Ice Age.

Charge! Intercept!

Five Warriors from Winter Darkness arrived just in time.

Splendid Star slashed down with his sword and sent one of the Warriors flying. He watched as Ice Age escaped further and further away.

“Fucking hell! Kill that bastard already!” Ice Age cursed in a fit of anger. He had embarrassed himself greatly while running away from Splendid Star.

The several Warriors closed in. Splendid Star only had 10% health left. This was the end of the road. It was impossible to reverse the tide.

“Ice Age! Every debt has a debtor, every injustice a perpetrator. Today you’ve cut down 2,000 of my people. I won’t forget this enmity. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day I’ll find you and pay back everything in full!” Splendid Star declared.

A dense shower of spells whizzed through the sky and rained down on Splendid Star.

Splendid Star closed his eyes, resigning himself to death. At this time, a white light suddenly fell over him and instantly restored his health back to full.

BANG! BANG! BANG! After the dust and smoke cleared, Splendid Star was surprised to discover he was still alive. His health was also restored to full. What happened next filled him with far greater shock. After the healing, several more rays of light fell over him.

A barrier of holy light enveloped Splendid Star. He felt energy flowing into him, seeping into every muscle fibre of his body. He was brimming with strength!

As Splendid Star lowered his head to glance at his stats, his jaws dropped in shock. His strength had gone up from 1,600 to 5,300. His defense rose from from 5,100 to 19,000. His dexterity doubled, attack power and evasion tripled, and health quintupled!

These stats could only be described as cheats! Splendid Star knew there wasn’t a single Warrior capable of rivalling him right now.

“Damn. My defense is even higher than a Fighter with a shield!” Splendid Temple gasped.

A dozen Warriors surrounded Splendid Star. The more they slashed and hacked away at him, the more baffled they became. Before, they were doing roughly 500 damage a hit, sometimes even up to 800 damage a hit. Now, it took all their effort just to breach 10 damage a hit.

His defense was too ridiculous!

Glancing at Splendid Star’s health again and seeing that it was almost 70,000, they nearly fainted from shock.

Spells continuously rained down on Splendid Star. A string of damage values rose up from his head.

However, Splendid Star’s health barely fell.

Splendid Star finally regained his wits. He raised his greatsword and chopped down, instantly killing a Warrior with 5,000 health.

One slash after the other, Splendid Star cut down 10 Warriors in a row like he was chopping vegetables. He didn’t even have to rely on any techniques. A feeling of incomparable bliss washed over him!

“My attacks are so powerful! Just what’s going on!?”

When Splendid Star looked around for the answer, he saw a Paladin sweeping through the forces of Winter Darkness, slaughtering players left and right. He was about a head taller than the average person and clad in silver white armour.

“Huh, an NPC saved me?” Splendid Star remarked in a daze. “Well, whatever. All that matters is that I’m still alive!”

Splendid Star’s eyes flashed with a cold light as he locked onto a certain figure in the distance. “Ice Age, wash your neck. It's time for you to die!”

Seeing Splendid Star charging over, Ice Age’s face paled in fright. He quickly turned and fled. Splendid Star was already difficult to deal with before. Now with his stats buffed by so much, he had become a super cheat!

Ice Age couldn’t fathom for the life of him how the situation took such a turn. Why did an NPC of all things come to Splendid Star’s rescue? It appeared out of nowhere and ruined everything. Winter Darkness’ battle formation was in complete disarray.

This NPC was precisely Paladin Lafus. Nie Yan hid some distance away and remotely ordered Lafus to aid Splendid Star. Lafus’ blessings were all Rank 10 or higher. Their effects were naturally outstanding. After buffing Splendid Star, he turned from a mortal into a god of war. He was invincible!

After decimating Winter Darkness’ forces, Paladin Lafus had only used up 30% of his mana while his health was still full.

Lafus chanted out an incantation. A curtain of light fell over the surviving 200 players of Splendid Temple. After several AoE blessings, they instantly felt reinvigorated and were brimming with strength.

“Wow! My strength tripled!”

“My health quintupled! This is crazy!”

“This is our comeback! Everyone, let’s slaughter Death Descent! Kill those bastards!”

They let out thunderous battle cries as they charged at the forces of Death Descent and Sky Siever.

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