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After attending several classes, Nie Yan discovered the content was fairly easy. Many of the theories he couldn’t understand in the previous timeline were now easily solvable. Perhaps it was due to the change in his mentality or the fact that he was more mature, but his comprehension ability seemed to have improved significantly.

Xu Yan pointed at a student sitting in the middle of the second row. “You see that guy? He’s Dan Yan. He only started coming to class a few days ago. He’s probably your strongest rival. He’s rank two in the class.”

Nie Yan’s eyes followed the direction Xu Yan pointed. Dan Yan looked like quite the pretty boy, especially with his fair skin and trendy hairstyle. He dressed casually in slacks and a t-shirt. He kind of resembled those celebrities on the television. However, one could tell his muscles weren’t simply for aesthetics but rather brimmed with explosive power.

Nie Yan chuckled. He wasn’t the slightest bit worried about Dan Yan. His real enemies were people like Cao Xu, Soaring Angel, and Qin Han, not these random students in the Top Military Academy. Xu Yan probably didn’t understand this. After all, the two of them lived in different worlds.

Dan Yan wasn’t the only one with both muscle and brain in the command faculty. There were several others.

The end-of-class bell rang. Nie Yan prepared to get up and leave, when a figure appeared in front of him. He nearly collided into them.

Nie Yan lifted his head. Standing in front of him was their class president, Zhao Shiyu.

Nie Yan eyed Zhao Shiyu. She wore a pink spaghetti top which revealed her delicate shoulders, a pair of shorts that barely covered her butt, and black kneesocks that accentuated her slender legs. Given her looks and fashion sense, she did pass as a beauty. However, everything was relative. Though she did give off a bit of sex appeal standing like that, she paled in comparison to Xie Yao. It was like pitting the dim glow of a firefly against the moon. Everyone’s taste was different too. He personally disliked these types of pushy women.

“Class President, what can I help you with?” Nie Yan asked.

“Nie Yan, our class is having a get-together in Conviction later today. Would you like to join?” Zhao Shiyu asked with an alluring smile. Xu Yan and several other male students in the vicinity were entranced.

“Sorry. I’m a bit busy tonight. I can’t make it. You guys go ahead without me. I’m only a low level anyway,” Nie Yan politely declined. After all, they were all in the same class. There was a need to maintain a sense of cordiality.

Zhao Shiyu’s eyebrows twitched. This was her first time organizing this kind of class get-together. Everyone else had agreed enthusiastically. Nie Yan was the only one not giving her any face by declining. With his first place ranking in the overall score, him not coming was a slight to her reputation.

She was confident in her looks. Why else would the male students in the class push for her to be the class president? However, Nie Yan hadn’t given her so much as a glance.

“Everyone else is coming. You’re the only one who’s not. Aren’t you acting a bit too high and mighty?” Zhao Shiyu said in an unpleasant tone.

“Class Prez, I can vouch for him. He really is busy tonight. Next time. He’ll definitely be there,” Xu Yan spoke up in an attempt to mediate.

Zhao Shiyu coldly snorted. “If he doesn’t want to come, so be it. He won’t be missed anyway.”

Nie Yan coldly gazed at Zhao Shiyu. What an arrogant woman. Just because she was elected as the class president, she believed she could boss everybody around. He actually wanted to come originally. However, it appeared that wasn’t necessary now. Nothing worthwhile would come out of this kind of get-together anyway, at least not with her as the organizer.

Nie Yan couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this kind of woman.

“Nie Yan, a beauty is looking for you!” a student shouted from the door.

Everyone turned their attention to the door and fell into a daze. The unexpected visitor was Jiang Yingyu. The boys in the class were immediately enamored by her figure. She was far more beautiful than Zhao Shiyu.

Staring at Jiang Yingyu with heated gazes, many of the male students started drooling.

“It’s Jiang Yingyu!”

“Why is she here? She’s looking for Nie Yan too! I wonder what their relationship is.”

“Who knows? Could they be lovers?”

Jiang Yingyu immediately became popular upon entering the Top Military Academy. She was elevated to a goddess in the hearts of the male students. Many people longed after her flawless figure. Few guys could resist having dirty thoughts surface in their hearts after seeing her alluring dance. However, now, this goddess was specifically looking for Nie Yan.

Many of the male students in the class shot Nie Yan a jealous glare.

Nie Yan stood up. Zhao Shiyu was shocked and stepped aside. Seeing Jiang Yingyu standing at the doorway, she immediately felt her own lustre dim as a feeling of inferiority washed over her.

Jiang Yingyu stood around restlessly, her heart beating heavily in her chest. Thinking about the awkwardness of meeting Nie Yan, she wanted to turn around and run.

Nie Yan walked up to the doorway. He looked at Jiang Yingyu and asked in an insipid tone, “Do you need something?”

“Erm… it’s like this. I have a show in two days, and I’d really like it if you could come and watch. Here are some tickets. You can invite a few of your friends,” Jiang Yingyu said after mustering up all her courage. She stared at Nie Yan in anticipation.

“I’ll think about it, but I probably won’t have the time. If you don’t mind, can you give me those tickets? A lot of the guys in my class are probably interested in your show,” Nie Yan said after thinking for a bit. From beginning to end, he didn’t really have any interest in Jiang Yingyu. If it was just as a friend, he didn’t really mind. After all, they both came out of Huahai High. They still had that bit of a connection.

“Alright, thank you!” Jiang YIngyu nodded vigorously. Seeing that Nie Yan hadn’t flat-out rejected her, she was ecstatic as a cheerful smile blossomed on her face.

Nie Yan was dumbstruck. Just who was thanking who? He accepted the tickets from Jiang Yingyu. There were five in total. She had prepared quite a few.

After handing over the tickets, Jiang Yingyu left.

Nie Yan walked back into the classroom, only to be greeted by a room full of glares. Their eyes were filled with naked envy.

Nie Yan bitterly smiled. There was probably a huge misunderstanding. In this kind of situation, however, he couldn’t explain himself even if he had 10 mouths. Forget it. His conscience was clear.

Zhao Shiyu retreated in defeat. She felt completely overshadowed the moment Jiang Yingyu appeared. Nie Yan’s rejection made her feel like she had lost all face. A seed of resentment was planted deep in her heart.

“So, tell us. Why did Jiang Yingyu come looking for you?” Xu Yan approached like a housewife who had sniffed out some juicy drama and hung his arm around Nie Yan’s neck.

“She’s my old high school classmate. She gave me a few tickets for her performance. If you guys want, I can give them to you.” Nie Yan handed over the tickets to Xu Yan and the others.

“Wait, really!? Awesome! You’re a godsend! I’ve been trying to get my hands on one, but I couldn’t find them for sale anywhere! But five just plopped down into your hand like that!” Fei Zhe said.

“One per person, don’t fight!” Xu Yan shouted. Several people in the vicinity immediately made a mad scramble for a ticket. Thankfully, his hands were quick. He had also gotten himself one.

Even a reserved fellow like Xia Tianyu fought for a ticket like he was possessed.

Every person that managed to snag a ticket was extremely excited.

Nie Yan was speechless. He had no interest in these kinds of performances.

“Nie Yan, if you get more tickets in the future, make sure to remember this brother here.” Fei Zhe patted Nie Yan’s back with a hearty smile

“Me too!” Xu Yan added.

“Hey, tell us the truth. You and Jiang Yingyu aren’t just classmates, right? Don’t think no one saw how excited and happy she looked when you accepted those tickets. Seeing her like that, I thought I saw an angel descend to earth,” Fei Zhe said.

“Mhhm!” Xu Yan firmly nodded in agreement.

Jiang Yingyu soon became the hot topic of everyone in the class. All the while Zhao Shiyu sat to the side, fighting the urge to bash her head into her desk.

With 20 more minutes to go before the next class. Nie Yan planned to go to the gym for some quick exercise. As he left his desk, someone called out to him.

“Hi, my name is Zheng Xu.” The student extended his hand.

Nie Yan sized up Zheng Xu. They were roughly the same height. He looked quite muscular. Though he wasn’t much in the looks department, he was still passable. More importantly, Nie Yan could acutely detect the trace of hostility in his eyes. This fellow had come with malicious intentions.

Nie Yan didn’t know why his senses had become so much sharper than before. He could detect even the slightest changes in someone’s expression.

Nie Yan recalled Zheng Xu was ranked third in the class. He was quite strong. His score in the fitness examination wasn’t that far off from Nie Yan’s. A difference of 100–200 kg in punch force, kick force, and so on could be easily made up for in a fight with skill. However, Nie Yan had grown immensely since the Top Military Academy’s entrance exams. If the two were to compete now, Zheng Xu would be in for a rude awakening.

“It’s like this. I recently hit a bottleneck in my training. I’ve been looking for someone to give me some pointers, and I thought of you. Do you mind sparring with me for a bit? We can probably learn a thing or two from each other,” Zheng Xu said. His tone was quite polite, but the corners of his lips flashed with a faint sneer.

Nie Yan sensed this guy had a dagger hidden in smiles. Since Zheng Xu was simply asking for pointers, he could only go easy on this guy. If he got heavy-handed during the spar, it would become a topic of derision. However, if he let Zheng Xu seize an advantage, this treacherous fellow definitely wouldn’t hesitate to inflict serious injuries.

Nie Yan shot a glance at Zhao Shiyu in the back. She acted like this had nothing to do with her as she leisurely read a book.

Nie Yan inwardly sneered. These sorts of childish tricks couldn’t escape his eyes.

“Alright. Let’s meet in the gym.” Nie Yan nodded.

Zheng Xu’s eyes flashed with a trace of excitement. “Sure!” He already started making his way toward the gym.

Xu Yan walked over and whispered, “Nie Yan, don’t spar with that guy. He’s definitely up to no good. Don’t fall for his trap.”

“Right! That guy is shady as hell,” Fei Zhe added.

“Nie Yan, I believe in you! Teach him a lesson!” Xia Tianyu said with a raised fist.

Seeing their worried expressions, Nie Yan was moved. He could tell their feelings were sincere.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” Nie Yan confidently smiled. It had been a long time since he had gotten some good exercise. He hoped Zheng Xu wouldn’t fall too easily.

No one knew who spread the news, but the whole class soon learned about the match. Who would want to miss out on something so entertaining? Everyone swarmed into the gymnasium. This was the first duel of the school year. They were all curious. Who was stronger between Nie Yan and Zheng Xu? Would Nie Yan really live up to his reputation of placing first in the overall score?

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