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Chapter 359 - Power-Levelling With Death Wave Scrolls

A legend would always be a legend no matter the circumstances. Just like how a piece of gold would always shine, nothing could contain their brilliance!

Take Sun, for example, his reputation among Thieves soared after successfully advancing into a Great Thief. He was hot on Nie Yan’s heels. King of the World slaughtering over a thousand players from Bloodlust Blades also garnered a great deal of attention, and his radiance was starting to blossom.

Nie Yan contacted Guo Huai straight away to recruit King of the World and accept all his conditions so long as they weren’t too excessive.

With the addition of King of World, Asskickers United would have another Shadow Dancer added to the roster, which comprised Nie Yan, Sun, and One Strike Vow. Add this to the dozen other players who showed potential of becoming Shadow Dancers, and Asskickers United was turning into a holy land for Thieves.

The Thief was a heavily skill reliant class which clumsy players would find difficult to play. Many Thieves held skill in far higher regard than players of other classes, frequently scouring through videos of top-ranking Thieves on the forums. Any half-decent Thief would yearn for the opportunity to receive personal guidance from any one such figure. This was why existences like Nie Yan and Sun would inevitably attract the most talented Thieves to Asskickers United.

Of course this didn’t merely apply to Thieves but other classes too. If it wasn’t for the war with Bloodlust Blades, Asskickers United would have even more experts in their ranks. However, the recent raise in player benefits did aid in renewing confidence in the guild. Those who previously left couldn’t help but feel a tinge of regret. Many didn’t have the face to return. Others were begging to be taken back. However, their loyalty couldn’t help but be put into doubt.

Guo Huai immediately set to task after receiving Nie Yan’s order.

Nie Yan also gave Bird a call and instructed him on the next steps of development for the Starry Night Potion Shop. It had already become a household name, so slowly expanding out absolutely wasn’t a problem. Furthermore, thanks to the Grand Scholar title, his properties received the protection of the Viridian Empire. Even if he opened up a branch in the heart of Glory City, there was nothing Bloodlust Blades could do about it.

The surroundings gradually transformed into a muddy marshland as Nie Yan continued galloping on his Faulkner Warhorse. It wasn’t long before he encountered monsters, fairies roughly the size of a child with pale green skin. They slowly fluttered around with wings on their backs, wielding three-pronged spears in their hands.

The marshland was filled with this particular type of creature.

They were a hybrid between goblin and fae with violent natures. Their hostility toward humans led to them being classified as monsters. Their attacks were powerful, over several times that of ordinary monsters. They could probably kill Nie Yan in a single hit. However, they only had a little over 5,000 health, which was rare among Level 80 monsters. Their Awareness was also low, so a Thief in stealth could easily escape from them. Lastly, they were slow.

Nie Yan carefully approached one of them from behind and activated Transcendent Insight.

Faelin: Level 80

Health: 5,200/5,200

Nie Yan took out his Cavalry Crossbow and fired out five bolts at the Faelin, which let out a sharp howl and alerted the other Faelin to his presence. He immediately had an angry swarm of Faelin descend on him from all around.

Nie Yan turned tail and fled. He fired his Cavalry Crossbow every time he came across a group of Faelin, who came rushing after him one after another.

The mass of mobs behind Nie Yan quickly grew to an astonishing size.

Nie Yan glanced back at the hundreds of Faelin chasing him. He took out a Death Wave Scroll which radiated a profound dark energy.

One second, two seconds, three seconds, potent death energy began spreading outward like ripples on the surface of a pond and sweeped over everything in a 20 meter radius.

The death energy surged out like a tidal wave, swallowing up every Faelin in the vicinity.

−1,000, −1,000, −1,000… A blanket of damage values rose up into the sky.

All the Faelins halted in their tracks and shuddered violently.

Nie Yan maintained the aggro of the Faelins while running a giant loop around them. When the Death Wave Scrolls went off cooldown, he activated another one. A second tidal wave of death energy surged out and engulfed the Faelins.

Whenever the Faelins caught up to him, Nie Yan would escape with Disappear. Afterwards, he would reappear by activating another Death Wave Scroll.

One scroll, two scrolls, three scrolls… after Nie Yan used the sixth Death Wave Scroll, swaths of Faelins let out mournful moans and fell dead to the ground. Their corpses were strewn everywhere while loot glittered across the landscape.

More Faelins rushed up from the back. Nie Yan used one Death Wave Scroll after the other.

The Faelins were being harvested like wheat, collapsing in droves.

Nie Yan heard series of crisp jingles. Checking his character status bar, he had already reached Level 49. It was much harder to level the higher you climbed. However, you were rewarded generously for hunting monsters far above your own level, and his was rising by leaps and bounds.

Nie Yan picked up all the loot that dropped from the Faelins. He collected a total of 36 pieces of equipment. However, all of them were Level 80, so they were only good for padding the treasury. He also found two Junior Revive skill books which left him pleasantly surprised.

Junior Revive skill books were still rare, with perhaps only 1 in 50,000 Priests knowing the spell. The current price of a single Junior Revive skill book had inflated to several thousand gold.

Junior Revive skill books would only start becoming widespread when players reached Level 60, at which point monsters started dropping them at a dramatically increased rate. By then, all Priests would know the skill, and the price of the skill book would drop down to just 1 gold. However, that was still a bit of a ways off.

Farming Junior Revive skill books here wasn’t a bad idea. Right now, Asskickers United only had nine Priests who knew Junior Revive. For every additional Priest that learned the skill, another 20-player team in the guild would have the chances of them wiping during a difficult dungeon run substantially reduced. A dungeon that might have previously taken over a dozen attempts to clear would now only take a few at most.

Ordinary players couldn’t hunt monsters over Level 60 yet. Nie Yan was perhaps the only player who dared to level in a Level 80 map, let alone one with such a high mob density.

Besides the two Junior Revive skill books, nothing else worth mentioning dropped.

Nie Yan continued levelling as groups of Faelins fell one after the other. He left a long unbroken trail of corpses behind him.

The Faelins weren’t respawning fast enough, so Nie Yan had no choice but to set off deeper into the map.

Nie Yan would receive a 50% increase to all stats by class advancing. The category of his attack and defense would change from Ordinary to Enhanced, making them almost 80% higher than equal-levelled players who hadn’t class advanced. His Cloaking and other class-related stats would also receive bonuses.

Class advancement to an ordinary Thief was like adding wings to a tiger. When a player normally reached Level 50, they would elect to attempt their class advancement first. Like this, their levelling efficiency would greatly improve. But since Nie Yan was using Death Wave Scrolls to level, class advancement wouldn’t speed up the process. So what was the harm in grinding out a few more levels?

Nie Yan’s level continued skyrocketing. By evening, he had reached Level 54, the same as Tang Yao and Bloodlust Mad Blade. He checked his inventory. He had only used a little less than 200 out of 1,000 Death Wave Scrolls!

Tang Yao happened to see Nie Yan’s level while checking his friends list. His eyes practically popped out in shock, clearly recalling Nie Yan was only Level 40 the last time he checked earlier in the day. How did Nie Yan jump a total of 14 levels in the span of just a few short hours? This levelling speed was simply too frightening!

「Nie Yan, where the hell are you levelling? I’ve been searching everywhere for a good spot to grind. That bastard Mad Blade is still right on my tail and catching up fast. This pressure is driving me nuts! Yet here you are are jumping 14 levels in just a few hours!」Tang Yao exclaimed. Bizzare was the most apt description for this situation.

「Open up the greater map of Calore and search for the coordinates: 18295.23829.38920. I’ll help you level up. You should do your class advancement too. I bet Mad Blade has already succeeded his,」Nie Yan replied. The only explanation for Mad Blade’s unusual levelling speed was that he successfully class advanced.

「I understand. Guo Huai told me not to lose the number one position to Mad Blade no matter what. I’m afraid I’ll be overtaken if I try to class advance. That would be a blow to our guild’s prestige,」Tang Yao explained. He was also a prominent public figure of Asskickers United.

「Sharpening the axe won’t delay the chopping. I’ll quickly help you get your level up, then you can go class advance.」

Nie Yan checked the harvest from these past several hours of grinding. His mobbing speed was nothing short of monstrous. Thanks to the increased drop rates from hunting monsters above his level, he filled up three entire bags with equipment. On top of this, he also picked up seven Junior Revive skill books. He had really made a killing.

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