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Queen Fighter 2 Taking the Chance

Author:  ChxnaLei Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:52

However, this did not mean that they did not want to start a new life. It was known to the children that they are able to buy their own freedom if only they could bring forth five hundred thousand dollars.

Thus, Max and Alex found hope in this near impossible chance of freedom. Though everyone knows about it, there were no stories of anyone ever succeeding. As they sworn to stick together no matter what, Max and Alex decided to secretly gather one million dollars in order to buy their freedoms at the same time.

It has been six years since they started saving and currently they have accumulated nine hundred thousand. In just a few weeks, they'll be able to buy their freedom and leave this place.

Every evening before heading back to the house, they would go to the forest behind the house to check up on their hidden stash as they didn't want their plan to be known to the other kids. They never talked about it in the house either.

Alex and Max were one of the few that rely on their own skills in order to get money. Ever since young they have been practicing their pickpocketing skills and since then they have never gotten caught once as the two of them work together really well.

Other than picking pockets, they also come up with various ways to scam people. Alex can be said to have become a hacker god, while Max is extremely talented at creating disguises. They would never do the same scam twice, thus they have never been caught or recognized. Sometimes they would even scam the same people in different methods and they wouldn't even suspect a thing.

Max and Alex were smart in choosing their scam targets. They would never target those people from poor families as they know how hard it is to make a living. Their targets are all from the rich upper class and not just any of them, but the ones who are dumb and arrogant. Max and Alex felt that those people should learn to respect others more and not take them as slaves who would do anything for money. They thought of their actions as teaching these rich elites a lesson, thus they never felt bad for them.

Happy to be one step closer to their freedom, Max rolls out of bed to get ready for the day ahead. Already, another mischievous scam plan begins to brew in her little mind.

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