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President Daddy’s Excessive Love Chapter 2172

Author:  Bei Xiao Ai Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2020-11-02 11:45:32

Luo Beiyuan looked at her strangely: "An'an, are you saving money for me?"

Joanne nodded: "yes, to save money for you, anyway, you don't need to spend, or you can not spend it."

"Spend on you, is my willing thing, you don't always think about saving, save to whom to spend?" Luo Beiyuan you Mou congeals her, tone of voice changes dangerous rise.

Joanne was a daze again, and then narrowed his eyes: "you are not allowed to spend it on other women, except your family."

"So overbearing." Luo Beiyuan laughed.

Only then did Joanne find out how he had just said such unreasonable things? She is definitely not such a mean woman.

"I see. Let's go and have a look at the jewelry. I'm going to give you a necklace and a diamond ring." Luo Beiyuan finished, waiting for her retort, had already led her hand, turned into a nearby jewelry store.

Joanne was boiling in her heart. Of course, she was very happy when a man gave her a gift, but would she also like to give him something?

As soon as luobeiyuan entered the jewelry store, the shopping guide was very enthusiastic. They read countless people and knew the value of the guests. When they saw luobeiyuan, they felt that they would be big customers.

Sure enough, Luo Beiyuan picked several kinds of jewelry for Qiao an at one breath.

Joanne looked at the gift that the man put in her hand. Her eyes were full of tears and moved.

Luo Beiyuan knew that she was crying with joy, but she couldn't bear to see her tearful appearance. He said to her, "there is a coffee shop on the top floor. Let's go and sit down."

Joanne nodded, "OK."

They took the elevator and went upstairs.

After sitting down in the coffee shop, Joan an couldn't help sending a text message to Cheng Qingqing. Because of her affairs, Joan an has always remembered her.

She was also a cousin of her own. Most importantly, the fate she accepted at the moment made Joanne worry about her. She was going to marry a stranger at a young age. That kind of fear was beyond ordinary people's endurance.

Luo Beiyuan ordered a lot of delicious food for her. Seeing that she was playing with her own mobile phone, she seemed to be chatting with others. Someone's expression was discontented instantly. This is their date. Who can be more important than him?

"Who are you talking to again?" Luo Beiyuan was not a man who could bear it. He couldn't bear it. So he asked her directly.

"Cheng Qingqing, she has already lived in Li Qingyan's house. I'm worried that Li Qingyan will Bullying her. " Joanne said, her pretty face was covered with a layer of sadness.

It's not surprising that Joanne wants to think wildly. TV plays can't be so bloody. But this kind of bloody plot happens in reality. The other party is a poor girl and her cousin. Why doesn't she worry?

As a man, Luo Beiyuan also knows what men think. If he leaves a beautiful young girl in a man's home, maybe Li Qingyan can't help bullying her.

"Don't worry. When I go back this time, I'll take the opportunity to get to know Li Qingyan. You don't have to worry too much. I don't think he will be so hungry." Luo Beiyuan can only comfort her like this.

At this time, Cheng Qingqing's **S reply.

She replied a long way of content, probably meaning, thank Qiao an for her concern. Although she married, Li Qingyan was good to her and did not abuse her. Instead, she gave her substantial help in her career. In addition, she would like to invite Joan an to dinner and thank her if she was free in the next two days.

After reading these contents, Joanne finally breathed a sigh of relief: "it's good. It's not what I thought, otherwise, I would have nightmares."

"What do you think? The wolf swallowed the rabbit? Or whip and candle Suddenly, the man leaned over, thin lips attached to her ears, and lowered his voice.

Because there were guests around, Luo Beiyuan did not dare to talk to her about this topic aloud.

"You What do you think? I don't think about it Joan an blushed all of a sudden. Well, Luo Beiyuan said that she had thought about it. Yes, she has always set Li Qingyan as a abnormal man. That abnormal person will definitely do something different.

"Well, don't think about it. We're dating now. You should think about me more." Luo Beiyuan gently and dotingly pinched her blushing face.

"You are standing in front of me, how can I miss you?" Joanne couldn't help laughing.

"Think about our future life, think about what if we had a baby." Luo Beiyuan said interestingly.

Joan an was even more shy and flustered. Her two small hands tightly squeezed her skirt: "luobeiyuan, what your parents mean, have you accepted me?"

Luo Beiyuan nodded and said definitely, "it's natural. My parents like you very much. Don't you see it?"

"I feel it. Your family all like me, but I still feel some unreal, just like in a dream, you say You have such a big family, why don't you dislike me? " Joan Ann supported his chin, how can not think of it, her impression of the right match, is not like this."Do you watch too many TV dramas, marriage is about fate, I know many happy families, people do not talk about the family, home and everything is happy, if the relationship between husband and wife is not good, money can be very together, encounter difficulties even can not face together, such a look and God of marriage, this world, how many pairs are not tired to old?" Luo Beiyuan knew what she was worried about, so he explained to her in one breath, hoping that she would not have psychological pressure.

Joan an listen to a Leng a Leng, feel he said reasonable.

"If you don't dislike me, I will be very happy, luobeiyuan. I didn't study hard before, but now I will try my best. Although I can't get to the same height as you, I will try my best to narrow the gap between us." Joanne also made up her mind to change herself for the man in front of her. This time, she was serious.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. I hope you can be yourself." Luo Beiyuan saw her determination, naturally happy in his heart, but he loved her more.

"I can't lose a good boyfriend like you." Joanne boldly expressed her feelings. "I won't lose it unless I lose my memory and forget you." Luo Beiyuan's thin lips arouse a smile.

The next second, the girl put her finger against his thin lip: "don't say such unlucky words, I want you to remember me all your life, don't leave."

"Of course." Luo Beiyuan said definitely.

The words between lovers, as if how can't say enough, can't finish, Joan Ann felt at the moment, how time passed so fast, twinkling of an eye more than 11 o'clock.

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