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PewDiePie X Reader 7 The Endings Always Make Me Cry

Author:  GeekyCryBaby Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:04

"After Felix had made the decision to stay a father to our baby I was happy. Though when some one famous like him has something happen to him everyone will know sooner or later. So when it got out he was having a baby and it wasn't Marzias' baby people started to hate him. Though there were still some that understood. But it didn't matter to us. A month had passed and every day it felt like I was going to have this baby. Though I was just happy that this baby survived as long as it did. Because the doctors told me that it was a small chance. But I was not expecting to have the baby so soon. It happened one night. I had woken up to blood being around me. I screamed for Kevin and he soon came. We went to the hospital. Felix came and after six hours of labor our baby came. I remember seeing Felixs' face. He was crying a lot. I was too. When I held our baby I was so happy inside. This was MY baby. It didn't matter to me who was around. All I cared about was this little creature. It was a boy. Me and Felix already picked out a name. Noah Kjellberg was born on April 10, 2016. Its been three years since that day. And even if me and Felix tried to date we just couldn't connect like we did years before. But we didn't hate it. All we cared about was that little boy. He was our world. We both quit youtube for a while until he was old enough. I may not do youtube as much as Felix but I'm still happy with my job as a business woman. Felix though loved making vlogs with Noah. He would do You Laugh You Lose videos with him all the time. I watched them and laughed at our adorable baby being cute. Although some people still hate me for breaking up a couple I don't hate them. I except them for their opinions. Because over all I don't care. All I care about is my baby. My name is (Y/N) and thats how I met Felix and had a baby with him. I am also signing off for the last time. Thank you for listening to my story....goodbye...." The screen goes black.....

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