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\"Is that guy famous?\" Seeing Mu Xingzhi's expression, Lin Yue couldn't help but ask curiously.

\"Famous? Not only famous, senior is a great expert in the orc race after famous generals. He … he is my idol.\" The faint lampwick was so excited that its face flushed red.

\"Faint, isn't your idol me?\" Lin Yue said as he supported his forehead.

\"Huaxia is ranked nineteenth in the S-class profession, and his strength is even higher than our club's strongest ace, Mr. Dongguo. Do you think he is famous?\" Mu Xingzhi smiled bitterly.

\"Is that so?\" Lin Yue raised his eyebrows, obviously interested.

Actually, he had been looking forward to fighting against those so-called S-class contestants since the start of the rematch. Unfortunately, his luck was not good. He hadn't even encountered an S-class contestant since the start of the competition. I didn't expect that the top eight of the group would be so lucky this time. I met an S-class contestant as soon as I entered the arena, and the ranking seems to be quite high.

If Mu Xingzhi knew what Lin Yue was thinking now, he would definitely jump up and slap him on the head.

Others tried their best to bypass those S-class contestants in the semi-finals, but he was lucky that he actually wanted to take the initiative to find someone else to challenge him?

One had to know that there weren't many professional players in China who could be ranked as S-class players. Not every S-class athlete will participate in this year's King of Final Yan Tournament due to injuries, contract gaps, studying abroad and participating in other tournaments.

For example, Flying Bird, currently ranked number one in China, was absent from this year's professional league because he represented China in the International Professional PVP Invitation Tournament.

Mu Xingzhi had calculated that the chances of meeting an S-class athlete before the rematch were not high. If he was lucky, with Lin Yue's dark horse-like strength, he would have a chance of winning the top ten.

However, now that he was holding the battle watch in Lin Yue's hand, Mu Xingzhi felt that hope had suddenly turned into despair.

On the other hand, Lin Yue's opponent was in the other contestant's lounge. He was holding the same battle watch in his hand. His contract agent stood behind him with a surprised expression, \"Brother Tu Hao? Brother Tu Hao, the internet celebrity?\"

After the famous general, the game character was the Leonis of the orc race. His occupation was to play warriors. Just like the faint lampwick had said, he was a great expert in the orc race. In the past, no matter what kind of game it was, he only knew how to play the orc race. In the PVP sports circle, he was respected as a \"magical beast\".

Only the top 20 players in the S class are qualified to have this title. Even the current trump card of the Savage Club, Mr. Dongguo, does not have this title yet. It can be seen that the status of the famous general in the PVP sports circle is extraordinary.

\"Brother Rich? Who is he?\" Seeing the name on the battle list, the famous general asked indifferently.

For a professional player of his level, apart from the professional league, he had never cared about anything else, so he had no idea who Brother Rich was.

\"A very interesting fellow. He has been in the limelight since the game's public examination.\" Lai Diao, the signing agent after the famous general, smiled.

After seeing the famous general, he casually put aside the battle watch. Lai Diao paused. After pondering for a moment, he said, \"General, although this is only the top eight of the group, I still have to remind you that although this is Brother Rich's first time participating in a professional league, his record in both the qualifying and rematch matches has been very strong. Apart from three qualifying matches where he was ruled out by the system, he won the rest of the matches.\"

\"Hmph, it's just an A-class player. Why are you so nervous? Besides, does the player who made it to the semi-finals have such a high score?\" The famous general said indifferently.

\"If it was that simple, I wouldn't let you pay attention to this person.\" Lai Diao smiled bitterly and said, \"I haven't finished what I said just now. The total time taken for all the victories in Brother Rich hasn't exceeded five minutes. In other words, he uses seconds to calculate the time taken for each match. I don't think an average S-class player can do that, right?\"

Hearing this, a glint flashed in the eyes of the originally indifferent general. After a while, he nodded and said, \"Don't worry, I won't underestimate the enemy.\"

Lai Diao smiled and nodded. He trusted the famous general very much and signed a contract with him for nearly five years. He was very clear about his strength and character. He definitely wouldn't underestimate his opponent just because he was a newbie.

Just as Lai Diao himself had said, he was merely reminding him, because for the famous general, this group's top eight competition was not even a warm-up.

System: The first season of the King of Final Yan Tournament (Spring), the 1280th round of the Professional League Group (Group T) rematch is about to begin. The red-haired player: Brother Rich of the little greedy cat, and the blue-haired player: after the famous general.

With a flash of white light, Lin Yue was teleported to the arena by the system.

\"Are you the man who is respectfully addressed as' Magical Beast '?\" Looking at his opponent who had also been teleported in, Lin Yue revealed a curious expression.

\"Are you the online celebrity 'Brother Rich'?\" After that, the famous general also looked at Lin Yue.

\"Eh? Online celebrity?\" Lin Yue scratched his hair. How could he not know that he had become an Internet celebrity?

\"Come on, Brother Rich!\"

A familiar voice suddenly came from the spectator stands. Lin Yue could not help but look at it with black lines on his face.

In the spectator stands of Group T, there was a large group of people dressed in uniform. They were all holding various fluorescent sticks and banners with slogans written all over them. They were shouting loudly. That scene was similar to those aunts who were chasing after stars at the concert.

The person called Lin Yue was surprisingly Xiao Qiao Liushui, who was standing in the middle. She had organized them, and they were all fans of Brother Tu Hao. Ever since the rematch, Xiao Qiao Liushui had set up a solidarity group on her own. As long as Lin Yue competed, she would bring people to cheer for Lin Yue.

For some reason, seeing their appearances made Lin Yue feel embarrassed.

The famous general standing on the opposite side had an expression of \"You see, you are clearly an internet celebrity\". Of course, as one of the top S-class pro players in the country, how could a man known as \"Magical Beast\" not have his own fan base?

However, compared to Lin Yue's fans, the fans after the famous general were obviously much more qualified. They did not shout loudly, but raised the banner in their hands and silently waved it.

It wasn't that they didn't need to cheer for their idols, but this match was just a routine drill for them.

This confidence was not due to numb admiration, but to the strength of a famous general. Rather than believing that their idol would win, they never thought of losing.

\"Let's get started!\"

The giant axe hanging behind him slowly twitched. After that, the famous general didn't care about the situation in the spectator stands at all. As long as he entered the arena, he would only care about how to defeat his opponent.

It had to be said that this was the difference between a professional and a non-professional.

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