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NullVoid 10. Yadren Takamichi The Legendary Smith

Author:  [email protected] Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 02:00:39

\"It's a little more complicated than that\", said Mr. Takamichi. \"As one of the 3 Legendary smiths, I must always take a peaceful approach to my problems.''

\"Legendary blacksmith'', Kenos repeated, finally interested in the adult conversation. \"How did you manage to gain a title like that?''

\"Doza gives Kenos a look warning him to chill out.'' Mr. Takamichi chuckles and takes a sip of his liquor. \"It's no bother, I'd love to tell you, my tale child. I supposed it was about 50 years ago, the war had managed to consume the whole world at that point. My village was on the outskirts of the Xiomarian territory of that time. When we were attacked, all the adults stayed back to by the children time. One by one we perished until eventually, it was just me and two others. Only then did the legendary Ogun Amakuni appear, sending our enemy running as he demolished them in combat.

Us three being the only survivors we pestered him until he decided to take us under his wing. We made home in the mountains of the Void regions. It was there that he taught us the way of the forge. Where we became family. Eventually, the master decided he had taught us all he could and that it was time to let us experience the world for ourselves. He had three rules for us to uphold as we traveled. The first is that we only make weapons for those we acknowledge that being through power or respect. Second, the weapons we make should only be made for the protection of others. And third, was that no matter what we underwent we were to always push for peace.  The three of us traveled through the void region together, I suppose fate led our journeys apart. Each of us managed to gain notoriety throughout the end of the warring period, specializing in different crafts all of us managed to contribute many great weapons to the effort. After the war, I never did hear much of the others. It's hard for me to imagine they're dead'', Mr. Tamakichi laughed. \"Those two are too persistent to have gotten themselves killed.''

\"Your one to talk'', Mrs. Tamakichi added. Mr. Tamakichi sips his liquor and laughs some more, \"Bwahaha, you're not wrong my dear. As a whole, I love my life of peace and finally understand what my master meant when he gave us these rules and left us to experience life. That is why I refrain from fighting at all cost and asked you for protection instead.''

\"I guess that does work as a loophole, I expect you won't forget the deal you mentioned earlier'', said Doza chugging his liquor.

Kenos looks over to Basal before sipping his glass of tea \" And Don't forget my bow.''

They all began to laugh as they continued to speak and tell each other stories. Doza of course kept important knowledge to himself. Mr. Tamakichi could sense some suspicion, but he didn't try to pry too deep. Which Doza appreciated. Doza and Mr. Tamakichi ended the night in a drunken slumber. Both having to be dragged to their chambers by Kenos and Basal resentfully.

\"They need to lay off on the liquor'', joked Kenos.

Both children laugh until finally reaching Kenos and Doza's room. \"Kenos, thank you... for everything you did today and I will keep my end of the deal\", said Basal. \"I'll get stronger and become a legendary blacksmith like my father.'' Kenos smirked, \"A guy like me is gonna need a legendary weapon so I'll need a legendary blacksmith as well.\" Kenos poke's his chest out proudly, \"Someday will be great I'm sure of it.\" Basal looked at Kenos in amazement confidently believing in his words as they both headed to bed.

(The next morning)

\"Dozaaaa, I don't understand how you can be up so early after a night like that'', said Kenos standing in the garden barely awake.

\"Hmph, if you're a real warrior you can fight through anything'', Doza replied. \"With any luck, you'll start adapting soon,'' he chuckled.

\"I just think you get a kick out of this, '' said Kenos pouting and dropping his head.

\"Cheer up Ken, you'll like today's lesson'', Doza continues. \"Oh, really whatchu got for me'', asked Kenos with a curious face.

\"I think you're ready to start working on the next stage of zen, void release.

Kenoses' face sparks up, \"are you serious Doza\", woohoo!!! \"How do we start?''

  \"Woohoo!!!'', heard Basal from his chambers. \"Who could be up this early, the suns barely out.''

Concluding that he wasn't getting any more sleep Basal decides to walk around the estate.

\"Huh, it's Kenos and Doza. What are they doing in the garden?'' Basal begins to observe as Doza Instructs Kenos on the void release procedure.

\"Void releases allow us to take zen to the next level and manipulate the powers of the void\", said Doza. \"Everyone has a connection to the void. The void is so vast and filled with different matters and energies, that it allows us all to channel different things out of it. The trick to this technique is to focus all your zen to a point and release it. Start by widening your stance and squaring your shoulders, good now channel the zen throughout your entire body.''

Basal stairs at the two training in amazement. \"They're just standing there but it's like there's an intense pressure coming from where they are.''

\"Alright'', said Doza.

\"Now try focusing it at one point and release it, moving your body around it may help you control the flow of it even better.\"  Kenos closes his eyes breathing in and out, the air pressure around the two gets significantly heavier. Sparks could be seen emanating off of Kenoses' body. Kenos thrust both arms forward hoping that would do something to no avail.

\"Don't beat yourself up about it Ken, this is an extremely hard step in mastering Zen,'' said Doza.

Kenos opens his eyes and Doza is shocked to see a faint purple glow on his lower iris, \"The eclipse eyes'', he gasped.

Kenos looks around his surroundings, seeing the world in a way he never did before. Astonished at the clarity of it all he began feeling a heavy sensation in both eyes. Kenos collapses to his Knees, \"Ahhh'', he screams in pain. Covering his eyes Kenos tries to stand once more before collapsing. Doza catches him as Basal runs over in terror.

\"What happened'', screamed Basal running to Doza's side.

\"Relax\", said Doza. \"I was teaching him how to release zen, and he put out more energy than he could handle it looks like.''

Basal, while confused, acted like he understood and helped bring Kenos back to his chambers.

\"Thank you Basal'', said Doza.

\"It was no bother he would do the same'', Basal smiles.

\"No, thank you, for being a friend to Kenos, I appreciate that a lot'',  Doza continued.

\"Kenos is awesome. Anyone would be grateful to have him as a friend'', said Basual with a look of confidence on his face.

Doza looks to the unconscious Kenos, \"Young lord you really are something special. Hey, Basal wheres the old man?'' questioned Doza.

\"Father should be in his study around this time'', answered Basal.

\"Thanks'', said Doza, slipping out the door.

\"I wonder what he wants to talk to father about'', thought Basal. \" maybe they're going over details of the gear again.\" Basal continues walking around the estate. \"It looks like everyone's on edge'', he pondered. As nearly every servant of the estate was completing some type of task. Reinforcing structures and or moving expensive items out of the way. \"They're preparing for the windy season quite early'', thought Basal. Walking across the garden Basal catches a glimpse of Doza on the perimeter of the estate talking to some guards from the city. \"Everyone's doing something to be helpful, I should be pulling my own weight.'' Basal thinks of Kenos, \"I shouldn't be oblivious to what's going on anymore. I need to take control of what's around me just like him.'' Basal turns and walks back towards the forge.

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