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No.1 Bodyguard Chapter 880 Adolf's Value

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The rain has stopped.

It was getting dark as the convoy crossed the streets to the villa area where Yurisses and Dabinett were temporarily resting.

Under the faint and gentle streetlights in the villa area, the convoy drove straight into the main entrance of the villa where Yurisses was resting in the center.

Yurisses had long since learned that the successive bitter defeats of the United States had caused this president to completely put down all his arrogance. He did not choose to wait in the living room, instead, he personally welcomed them with a smile on his face.

Earlaen, who saw this through the window, hurriedly got out of the car. No matter how much he looked down on Yurisses in his heart or in private, But in public, he was the only five-star general in the country. The US Marshal had to maintain enough respect for the president. Although Earlaen had stayed at Atlas headquarters for many years, he was no stranger to the scene. He got out of the car and saluted and shook hands with the right expression.

\"Old friend, let me introduce you. This is President Yurisses, the current supreme leader of the United States.\"

Earlaen held Yurisses ' hand and smiled intimately.

This intimacy undoubtedly had two meanings.

In front of Yurisses , his intimate smile made Yurisses feel that Atlas and Comoria were intimate.

In front of Comorian Patriarch Romdock, his intimate smiling face made Romdock feel that Atlas and Yurisses were intimate.

High-level politics was often ambiguous. Many times, a single statement was enough to give rise to countless conjectures, and these conjectures were likely to get farther and farther away from the truth.

Like Atlas and Yurisses now.

When Atlas first entered the United States, Yurisses conveyed his close relationship with Atlas to the entire country. Although Yurisses's statement was partly rejected by Earlaen during the ceremony, Earlaen's support for Yurisses was confirmed when the war headquarters was established in the ancient city.

However, the truth was that ever since Atlas arrived in the United States, the relationship between Atlas and Yurisses could be said to be one of treachery, or even a complete disgrace. Not only were these people ordinary, but even Dabinett and Hoventon were unaware of them.

Now that Earlaen had sent both Yurisses and Romdock a signal that they were intimate with each other, it would probably be a long time before the other chose to figure out the truth.

\"Welcome, General Romdock. I've always been looking forward to your arrival, very much.\"

Yurisses' s mental health is excellent, Although he couldn't accept the exaggerated image of Romdock in his heart, However, there was not the slightest change in color on the surface. He bent down and shook Romdock's hand. He smiled sincerely and said, \"The current U.S., The demand for high-end combat power is very high. Atlas is powerful, but it is still very difficult to meet our needs. The addition of the Comorian race has made up for our shortcomings. I hereby promise that Comoria will merge with the United States as soon as possible and become an integral part of the United States. \"

\"Thank you, Mr. President. I saw your sincerity. That's why I brought over 80% of the Comorian race to serve the United States. The United States is a great country. Whether it's strength or environment, it's the home we want. Don't worry, Mr. President, Comoria will definitely fight for the United States!\"

Romdock held Yurisses's hand, and his other thick, dark palm slapped his chest with sincerity.

Yurisses smiled and nodded. He looked very pleased, but he cursed the old fox in his heart.

At this time, he actually wanted to hear from Roma Doc that the Comorian race would definitely fight for the president in the future.

Fighting for the United States and fighting for the President may sound like the same thing, but in reality, it is far from the truth. The former expresses his loyalty to the country, while the latter takes a very personal stand.

Originally, he thought that these barbarians from Western Asia wouldn't understand much and could say something nice, but in the end, although this fellow looked a little disgusting, he wasn't confused either.

Yurisses, who had also been tormented by Howington these past few days, sighed in his heart. He felt regretful, but he was not very angry. He clearly understood that it was unrealistic to expect Romdock to really express his support for him.

\"May I know what kind of strength the general has brought this time? May I see it?\"

Yurisses smiled and motioned for Earlaen and Romdock to enter, asking casually.

This time, Romdock brought 180 metal guards, but with so many people, it was obviously not suitable for him to charge in front of Yurisses at once. Therefore, all of them were handed over to Atlas' two X-class experts. Only Gaztu and Comoria's few X-class experts followed Romdock and Earlaen.

\"Very powerful.\"

\"One hundred and eighty secret guards!\" Romdock laughed.

He made a gesture, his face filled with excitement, but he still carefully changed the metal guard to a secret guard.


This word involved a great secret of the Comorian race. Once it was completely exposed, it would shake the very foundation of Comorian and even Atlas. No matter what, this secret could not be said.

\"The average strength is 180 SSS-class secret guards. One hundred of them are SSS-class and SSS -class.\"

Romdock continued to explain with a face full of laughter.

One hundred and eighty experts!

Yurisses was only shocked when he heard this number, but the muscles at the corners of Earlaen's and Cato's eyes twitched fiercely. The two of them couldn't help but look at each other and saw a trace of shock in each other's eyes.

Their father and son, Even Yurisses wasn't convinced that Romdock had brought eighty percent of Comoria's power to the United States this time. This was a nonsense. According to their understanding of Romdock, the 180 metal guards he had brought out this time were at a good mid-range level.

But of the 180 people in the middle reaches, there were more than a hundred SSS level experts?

Not to mention Cato, even Earlaen was deeply uneasy.

Atlas had been able to receive information from the Comorian family in the past, However, they were unable to receive top-secret information and extremely detailed information. Furthermore, even if it was extremely general information, it would still take them a long time to gather it. In the past, the two races would exchange resources every ten to twenty years. This was also the largest exchange between the two races in the past hundred years since they parted ways.

In other words, although Atlas knew the strength of Comoria, he could only get a rough idea of it.

In recent years, they hadn't moved around with Comoria, but they hadn't expected that the strength of the Comorian race would usher in an explosive growth.

If it had been in the past, even if Comoria was stronger than he is now, Earlaen would not have been afraid. How powerful was Atlas a few months ago?

Invincible Earlaen .

Autarch Adolf.

The younger generation is charging towards the giants of Cato.

Ordinary supreme beings wore red robes and black robes.

Five World-shaking Sovereigns.

There were even more than 50 X-class experts!

With such strength, even if Comoria's strength doubled, Earlaen was not afraid at all.

But now, a few months later, the red-robed and black-robed warriors had died. The X-class warriors had suffered heavy losses. Adolf began to centrifuge. The Atlas Clan's high-end strength had been weakened several times. At this time, Earlaen was no longer uneasy about the last Comoria whose strength had increased explosively. He was even a little frightened.

There was something Atlas had coveted for countless years in the Comorian race.

Isn't there anything in Atlas that Comoria needs?

Once the opponent's strength completely surpassed his own, Earlaen had 10,000 reasons to believe that the opponent would definitely attack Atlas.

Earlaen frowned but forgot to speak.

Yurisses was stunned for a while before continuing, \"Very shocking strength. It seems that Comoria is indeed not inferior to Atlas's super powerful race. General Romdoc, I wonder how many SSS level and above experts you have brought?\"


Romdoc's performance was completely devoid of any schemes, He patted his chest carelessly and said, \"I am. I heard that there is a War God King called Lin Xuanyuan from the royal family this year. He even defeated Atlas' Paladin Chief Adolf. I dare not say anything else, but at the very least, I can take care of Lin Xuanyuan. Killing him is very difficult, but I can definitely defeat him!\"

Cato subconsciously curled his lips and glanced at his father. He noticed that there was also a smile on his father's face.

Indeed, judging from Lin Xuanyuan's battle prowess, there was no one who could kill him. There were only two people in the world who could defeat him steadily. One was the Emperor and the other was Earlaen. Did Romdock really think that he was invincible?

Yurisses ' eyes lit up.

He didn't know how terrifying the martial dao would be after reaching the Martial Saint realm, However, he could roughly tell that Romdoc's words were full of water. However, it was a fact that the other party did not pay much attention to Atlas' Paladin Chief Adolf. A World-shaking Sovereign stronger than Adolf was definitely no weaker than Lin Xuanyuan. To the United States, joining this kind of combat strength was like adding wings to a tiger.

\"Also, they are all X-class experts, and the worst of them are also top-level X-class experts. What do you think, Mr. President? What kind of position do you think you can arrange for us?\"

Romdock laughed loudly and opened his mouth carelessly to give Yurisses the official.

But this was what Yurisses was not afraid of right now.

Facing Romdock's question, Mr. President only smiled calmly and said slowly, \"General, don't worry. I have a piece of information upstairs. Now, I will take it down and give it to the general for reference. Trust me, you will definitely be satisfied with the position on the information.\"

Romdock nodded noncommittally and took a bite of the fruit on the coffee table.

Yurisses smiled and shook his head as he walked upstairs.

\"Comoria... You've been so talented all these years, old friend. You guys are doing well? It looks like you're even stronger than Atlas now.\"

Yurisses's figure disappeared upstairs. Earlaen finally couldn't help but sit down and smiled tentatively.

\"Fortunately, it's fine.\"

Romdock narrowed his eyes and smiled, \"We're still a bit short of Atlas. If we start a war, Adolf will entangle me, and no one in Comoria will be able to stop you and Catu. Eh? Oh right, why haven't we seen Adolf this time?\"

Although Roma Doc could roughly grasp the situation in the United States before coming to the United States, he still didn't know much about the internal affairs of Atlas.

\"Adolf, his injuries are very serious. He is even weaker than me, so I didn't let him come over.\"

Earlaen smiled and looked at Roma Doc, who had an uncertain expression. Suddenly, he smiled and said, \"Old friend, your Comoria's supreme strength still needs to be supplemented. If, I mean, if, I give Adolf to Comoria, what do you think?\"

Romdock's casual body suddenly tensed up and his eyes lit up. \"Give Adolf to Comoria?\"

His excitement came and went quickly. In the blink of an eye, the light in his eyes had already disappeared completely. \"Old friend, it seems like you have encountered a difficult problem. If you are willing to send Adolf over, of course it would be good. I am willing to raise my hands and feet to welcome him, but this is not a free gift, right? What do you want?\"

\"You also know that there is a Saint Scepter in the hands of the royal family, so my conditions are very difficult. I will give Adolf to Comoria, and Atlas will do his best to help you retrieve another Saint Scepter. Before that, I want 200 grams of Life Metal. After this is done, I will split one-third of Life Metal equally.\"

Earlaen chuckled.

\"Two hundred grams?! That's impossible!\"

Roma Doc, who had always been smiling, instantly turned cold. In the end, he didn't even mention the last third. He directly rejected this rude request of 200 grams.

'\"Let's not talk about how excessive it is for you to ask for a third of the Saint's Scepter. Adolf, Earlaen, are you crazy or am I crazy? An Adolf wants to exchange for 200 grams of Life Metal?! Is he worth it?! Don't even think about it!\"

Earlaen was still laughing, but when he heard Romdock's explicit rejection, his eyes gradually dimmed. .

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