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No.1 Bodyguard Chapter 734 Surprise

Author:  Xiao Wu Genre:  Magical UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 16:11:53

Every time he was injured and unconscious, Lin Xuanyuan would dream.

In a state of deep coma and extreme weakness, the vigilance that one would normally maintain even if they were asleep had decreased by more than half. Whether it was their bodies or their willpower, they needed a deep rest. After their bodies involuntarily relaxed, various dreams began to appear.

Blood. Corpse. Broken limb.

It was like a completely destroyed world, Scarlet red, Dead bodies were everywhere, Fire burned in the sky. The sound of explosions rang out incessantly in his ears. The dead corpses seemed to be wriggling desperately, wanting to assemble their bodies completely. However, the moment they moved, the corpses all over the ground turned into countless flesh and blood. The earth was shaking, and the vitality of the real world seemed to be rapidly fading away.

Scenes appeared clearly in the dream.

Lin Xuanyuan couldn't find where he was. He seemed to be the embodiment of the entire dream world. He could clearly see all kinds of scenes in this world. Howls and explosions filled his eardrums. Then, familiar yet subversive figures began to appear one after another.

In the dream world, Linglong had become Wang Jinxiu, Wang Jinxiu had become Linglong, Helian Chenxi seemed to have become his sister, the Emperor had become his biological brother, and Wang Fuyu had become his love rival. He was not a War God King, nor was he a young man, but a feudal official of the empire.

The real world began to disappear.

The corpse became nothing.Explosions gradually faded away, the fire extinguished, and the figure disappeared. The boundless snow on the Kunlun Mountains flashed past, and the first memories of childhood swept over like a tidal wave.

The gloomy and cold prison, the sinister-looking inmates, the prison guards who tortured the inmates for fun every day, he even dreamed of the small half of the steamed bun in the dilapidated porcelain bowl, but he did not dream of his mother.

Countless worlds kept flowing.

Back then, hatred filled the world of darkness, causing a bloody storm of walking corpses.

A royal War God King who possessed the power of the War God Palace could influence the empire's political situation.

Lin Xiaocao, who lives in intensive training on the Kunlun Mountains every day.

Countless identities, countless scenes, countless characters in the dream world that were illogical but not abrupt.


Brilliant, desolate, humble, cold, cruel.

In the dream, Lin Xuanyuan was like watching a movie. The scenes in his memories flashed by in the dream, and in the end, countless scenes exploded without warning.

The intense flames completely devoured him, and all the corpses struggled to pull at his body.

Pain surged from every corner of his body.

Lin Xuanyuan suddenly sat up from his bed.

\"You're awake.\"

A gentle voice sounded in his ears.

Xuanyuan Qinghuan stood at least five to six meters away from Lin Xuanyuan. She looked at the confused Lin Xuanyuan with a complicated expression.

\"Mm? Mm, hmph!\"

Lin Xuanyuan, whose mind was still in a dream, gave a subconscious kindness, and then his entire body trembled violently.

It hurts!

The unimaginable pain began with his limbs, then his internal organs. Every muscle and bone was emitting extreme pain. In the blink of an eye, Lin Xuanyuan's face turned pale. Large droplets of sweat flowed down his forehead. His body twitched gently, and he was unable to speak for a moment.

\"How are you doing?\"

Xuanyuan Qinghuan hesitated for a moment. She didn't know why, but she didn't move. She still stood five to six meters away from Lin Xuanyuan and asked.

\"Creak... Creak...\"

Lin Xuanyuan gritted his teeth, unable to speak at all. The intense pain was like countless knives stabbing into his body. The blade pierced through his skin and directly stabbed into his bones.


Every second seemed to become exceptionally slow. His body was constantly trembling. The teeth he was clenching tightly were too hard, and fresh blood oozed out from the corner of his mouth.

He never thought that, Atlas and the royal family's genetic potion combined to create such an overbearing weakness, With his current body's endurance, if he only consumed imperial potions, he would be able to withstand this period of intense pain. However, the pain caused by the combination of a potion that could temporarily restore one's combat strength and a potion that could increase the endurance of one's body was almost enough to completely destroy his will.

Lin Xuanyuan grabbed the sheets in his hand tightly, but he didn't use the slightest bit of strength. The combination of pain and weakness made him feel like a tortured person with his limbs amputated. Other than lying on the ground and being swallowed by pain, he couldn't do anything else.

\"Xuanyuan, hold back. It's almost done. It's almost done.\"

Xuanyuan Qinghuan's face was slightly pale. Lin Xuanyuan's situation was completely beyond his expectations. She was naturally aware of the weakness of the gene potion. Even at this moment, She was also in a state of weakness, But for a World-shaking expert whose physical endurance had already exceeded the limits of the human body, The weakness of the gene potion was actually not that terrifying. The pain was certain, but with the World-shaking Sovereign's endurance, she could endure the pain. It was just like Xuanyuan Qinghuan now. Although she did not have much combat strength, at least her movements were not much worse than normal people.

Apart from her, Ye Liuli, who was also a World-shaking Sovereign, was also like this.

Lin Xuanyuan's current physical endurance could be said to be the strongest of all of them, but Lin Xuanyuan's current performance was completely inconsistent with his physical endurance.

Something must have happened.

Xuanyuan Qinghuan directly pressed down on Lin Xuanyuan's body, pulled off a button on his body, crushed it, and poured the powder into Lin Xuanyuan's mouth.

The royal family's genetic medicine, Longevity.

Among the several gene medicines of the imperial family, this was the best one for healing injuries, and it also had an extremely obvious effect on relieving pain.

The powder quickly melted in Lin Xuanyuan's mouth. Xuanyuan Qinghuan gave Lin Xuanyuan a large glass of water and then reached out to press one of his acupoints. Under the gentle massage, Lin Xuanyuan slowly fell asleep again.

Xuanyuan Qinghuan finally breathed a sigh of relief after finishing all of this. Her body, which had always been tense, gradually relaxed.

At that moment, when Lin Xuanyuan suddenly opened his eyes and sat up, she was actually sitting beside Lin Xuanyuan. However, when Lin Xuanyuan opened his eyes, she instinctively distanced herself from Lin Xuanyuan.

She didn't know why, but at that moment, her heart was filled with fear.

In her eyes, Lin Xuanyuan, who had suddenly sat up, was like a beast lying on the ground that suddenly pounced towards her. The suffocating pressure carried fatal danger, causing his life to tremble instinctively.

Now, Lin Xuanyuan, who had fallen asleep again, was quiet. His body was still trembling slightly from the pain, but the chilling feeling of danger had disappeared.

Xuanyuan Qinghuan sat quietly. She stared at Lin Xuanyuan for a moment, then stood up and walked out of the door.

They are now in Phoenix, more than 2,000 kilometers from Federation City, He was temporarily hiding in a secret manor of the Song He Clan, The Matsuhito family is very powerful in the southwest of the country, After entering the United States, this wealthy family that came to the United States from Japan, Almost instantly, he was crushed by the joint efforts of the various rich and powerful families, so much so that the Songhe family is unable to move a single inch in America 's richest eastern region, Ichiro Matsuga was also decisive enough. In the beginning, he simply gave up most of the interests of the east and went all out to quietly develop in the western part of the country. After several years, the Matsuga family's influence in the western part of the country was no less than that of the Skull and Bones Association. It was naturally easy for such a power to temporarily conceal Lin Xuanyuan and the others.

However, the Song He Clan could only temporarily hide them.

Not only the Songhe Clan, but also the Tianhai Clan and the elite clubs were helpless as to how to send them out of the U.S. Territory.

Right now, they were in a situation where they were completely unable to move a single step forward.

America's reaction this time could be said to be swift, Less than a few hours after the Union City war, The U.S. Government had already started searching for Lin Xuanyuan and the others. while sealing off major airports, ports and stations and high-speed entrances and exits, At the same time, Yurisses personally ordered, All border cities in the United States are under martial law, especially the borders to Silver Nation, Dozens of military satellites were hung in a straight line, monitoring everything on the border 24 hours a day, The US government's war firewall was fully activated, basically eliminating the hacking incident. The Silver Nation government also officially stated that once Lin Xuanyuan and the others entered the Silver Nation 's border, the Silver Nation would allow the US army to enter within 150 kilometers, and within 150 kilometers, the Silver Nation 's military would take the initiative to capture them.

Under such circumstances, Lin Xuanyuan and the others were trapped in the United States. It was difficult for them to leave the border of the United States.

Fortunately, this manor was still considered safe. Otherwise, there would really be no place for them to stand in such a large country.

\"Xuanyuan is awake?\"

As Xuanyuan Qinghuan stood in a daze in the courtyard, a calm voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Xuanyuan Qinghuan's body subconsciously tightened and she quickly turned around. When she saw that it was Ye Liu-li standing behind her, she heaved a sigh of relief and said, \"I woke up. However, it was too painful. I fed him a long life and let him sleep. When he wakes up again, his condition should be better.\"

Ye Liuli nodded.

\"Your Majesty hasn't arrived yet?\"

Xuanyuan Qinghuan suddenly asked.

\"We're here.\"

Ye Liuli waved her mobile phone, \"I received a call from him ten minutes ago. He has already landed at Gao Tan and is now on his way to the ancient city.\"

Ancient city?

After the destruction of Federation City, the Ancient City had now become the core city of the entire United States. Yurisses, Earlaen, and the others were all in the Ancient City.

Xuanyuan Qinghuan frowned subconsciously and said, \"Your Majesty, don't you want to join us?\"

\"He will come.\"

Ye Liuli smiled and said, \"But he needs to say hello to Yurisses first, and give him a pleasant surprise at the same time.\"

Xuanyuan Qinghuan's heart trembled and she remained silent.

\"Don't worry, we'll be fine soon.\"

Ye Liuli nodded and said, \"Take good care of Xuanyuan. I'll go see the others.\" .


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