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No.1 Bodyguard Chapter 635 A Real Death Squad

Author:  Xiao Wu Genre:  Magical UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:01:31

\"The ceremony is about to begin.\"

In the surveillance room of Saint Mary's Hospital, Major General Nicholas looked out of the window through the rain and said calmly in the direction of the White House.

It was already two thirty five.

Nicholas didn't know if it was because of the psychological effects or the bad weather. He felt more and more uncomfortable in his heart. A depressing atmosphere seemed to envelop the entire St Mary's Hospital through the rain, making it almost impossible for people to breathe.

\"This also proves that the most dangerous time is coming.\"

Behind Nicholas, Sonar Atlas said calmly. As she spoke, she was quietly sitting in her seat, wiping the saber in her hand with a piece of cotton cloth.

The long saber was thin and narrow, with a slightly curved arc. In the somewhat gloomy monitoring room, it flickered with a snowy and cold saber light. It looked exceptionally sharp.

\"The most dangerous time?\"

Nicholas repeated, then shook his head in disapproval, \"I don't believe this. Do you really think someone would dare to attack St. Mary's Hospital under such circumstances?\" Of the 15,000 people below, the worst were veterans who had seen blood on the battlefield. Thousands of them were elites of the special forces and the special services system. Perhaps this kind of lineup wouldn't scare Lin Xuanyuan, but there were still more than a dozen X-class experts here. General Earlaen, General Adolf, and General Gaztu are not here, but they are only a dozen kilometers away from the White House. Once something happens, they will immediately rush over and attack St. Mary's Hospital? Too naive. \"

\"They will definitely come back.\"

Sonar Atlas said slowly. He glanced at Nicholas and continued, \"I admit that what you said makes sense, but you don't know enough about the royal family. They won't let this opportunity slip by.\"

\"Opportunity? This is a trap!\"

Nicholas sneered. He looked at the countless soldiers on the screen and narrowed his eyes. \"I also hope that they can come over. Isn't it exciting that half of the experts who annihilated the royal family and the Divine Continent Empire in one battle? Unfortunately, they don't necessarily have the courage to do so.\"

Sonar Atlas smiled and lowered his head to wipe the blade seriously and attentively without saying a word.


An intense explosion sounded without warning.

In the next moment, ear-piercing sirens immediately surrounded the entire St. Mary's Hospital. Countless soldiers from the outside world began to move at almost the same time.

Nicholas's body instantly tensed up, his eyes filled with anger.

Sonar Nicholas's white palm slightly trembled as he wiped the edge of the blade. His finger swept across the edge of the blade, and a wisp of scarlet red suddenly spread on the edge of the blade.


Sonar Atlas subconsciously shrank his hand in pain and muttered to himself.

\"Damn it, do they really dare to come? This bunch of lunatics!\"

Nicholas cursed as he rushed to the computer in the surveillance room and quickly operated it. On the biggest screen in the surveillance room, the scene at the entrance of the hospital immediately appeared.


In front of him was an extremely chaotic scene.

The grenades that were dragging the tail flames in the air rushed over, densely packed, and almost filled the entire screen at once.

Ten? Twenty? Or more?

Dozens of grenades howled as they landed on the ground, The intense explosion caused the entire hospital to tremble slightly. The high metal gate of the hospital collapsed, Rain and blood splashed at the same time, The explosions continued, Things like grenades explode in crowded places, It was a complete disaster, Dozens of grenades were fired at the same time, The landing point wasn't far off, In the event of an explosion, That would be the same as clearing the arena, A large number of the Rice Army were directly blown away without reacting, Broken limbs were everywhere. The second batch of Rice Army subconsciously rushed forward. The second batch of grenades were fired again. Another tragedy occurred. Large amounts of blood instantly dyed the rainwater-covered ground red. Miserable screams echoed in front of the hospital. Combined with the broken limbs and a large number of corpses on the scene, it was like hell on earth.

\"It's a grenade!\"

Nicholas subconsciously cried out in alarm, then angrily said, \"Where did these damn bastards get this kind of thing?! Bastard, which arms dealer did this?\"

He grabbed the walkie-talkie and roared, \"Retreat! Everyone, retreat! Try your best...\"


Her plain white palm suddenly slapped the walkie-talkie and the walkie-talkie fell to the ground.

\"What are you doing?!\"

Nicholas was furious and glared at Sonar Atlas.

Although he had made up his mind to join the Atlas family, However, it didn't mean that he would maintain enough respect for Sonar Atlas. Nicholas wasn't an X-class expert, but he was a genuine X-class fighter. Adding on his status as the Marine Corps' First Instructor, if he really wanted to join Atlas, he wouldn't necessarily receive much less treatment than Sonar Atlas.

\"We can't retreat! Block the entrance. The war has already begun. Now you want your soldiers to retreat? General, do you know what you're doing!?\"

\"Not retreating?!\"

Nicholas almost grabbed Sonar's collar and roared, \"If I don't retreat now, will my soldiers be bombed by the other party's grenades for nothing?! It's pointless!\"

\"Who said it's meaningless?!\"

Sonar said coldly and coldly, \"At the very least, they can consume the enemy's ammunition reserves. That's what it means, General. Perhaps the answer is cruel, but we have no other choice.\" \"Once your soldiers retreat, they will most likely take advantage of this opportunity to attack the hospital. It is not impossible to fight inside the hospital, but letting them in so easily will become very troublesome at that time.\"

\"Who knows where Lin Xuanyuan and the others are! They haven't appeared yet. I think my soldiers can retreat! Sonar, don't forget, I'm the only commander here.\"

Nicholas said unmoved.

\"The general is right, but please don't forget that I represent Atlas here, at least for now! This is the will of the Atlas family, your soldiers cannot retreat!\"

Sonar Atlas said coldly, unflinching.


Nicholas was furious and stared at Sonar with killing intent in his eyes.


In the quarrel between the two of them in the surveillance room, an intense explosion sounded once again.

However, this time, it was no longer the main entrance. More than half of the screens in the surveillance room showed signs of trouble. The reserves of the other party's grenades had exceeded everyone's expectations. One after another, the three walls of the hospital quickly collapsed under the bombardment of the grenades. The entire hospital was in a mess, both inside and outside.

\"Helicopter! Helicopter, move! Locate those bastards, kill them, kill them!\"

Nicholas's roar echoed through the loudspeaker over the hospital. Several helicopters flew into the air and charged in the direction of the gunshots.


An extremely shrill voice suddenly sounded from hundreds of meters away. Within the thick smoke, a cannonball much larger than a grenade shot straight at the helicopter that had just ascended into the sky.

The shooter's position was instantly exposed.

\"Dodge! It's a rocket!\"

Inside the helicopter, the terrified shouts had just descended when another violent explosion sounded.

A helicopter in the air instantly turned into a burning fireball, falling straight to the ground and smashing into the crowd below.


Several other helicopters pressed down on the missile launcher almost at the same time. The howling missile struck the location where the rocket was fired. Explosions and flames soared into the sky, and the scene instantly escalated.

\"Kill them!\"

On the other side, Yue Yinzhu Xiu, who had been observing the battle quietly from a safe position, did not hesitate to order, \"Group three, use grenades!\"

\"Roger that, group three.\"

Within the communication equipment, five grenades whistled towards the helicopter once again as a steady stream of Japanese sounded.

At a distance of several hundred meters, the accuracy of the two sides' strikes could be said to be 100%. The three helicopters had just taken off, and they had only destroyed a sniper team before being shot down.

The thick flames were quickly extinguished by the heavy rain, and thick smoke rose up.

Yue Hidden Bamboo Soo, who had seen all of this in her eyes, decisively ordered, \"Prepare for the smoke bomb.\"


The voices of dozens of people almost echoed in Yue Yinzhu Xiu's ears at the same time.

\"Brother, move!\"

Yue Yin Zhu Xiu hesitated for a moment and bit her lips.


The Hidden Moon Dragon Hall quickly replied.

\"Smoke. Bomb, fire!\"

Yue Yinzhu Xiu took a deep breath and suddenly shrieked.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Dozens of high-density smoke bombs were fired at different directions in the hospital.

Afterwards, the second round of smoke bombs flew into the air again.

Thick smoke rose from every corner of the hospital.

Then there was the third round.

The Song He Clan had prepared nearly two hundred mist bombs, so it could be said that they were exceptionally well prepared.

The smoke grew thicker and thicker. In less than a minute, more than half of the hospitals were shrouded in thick smoke.

In the hotel opposite St Mary's Hospital, the Hidden Moon Dragon Hall, who had seen all of this, strode out of the hotel and shouted, \"Hidden Moon Group, move!!\"


The chaotic but tidal shouts of murder immediately resounded from the vicinity of the hospital.

Hundreds of people rushed out from various corners. As cannon fodder, their equipment was the most crude. Each person only had a pistol and a limited number of magazines. However, these people were all tied with explosives on their waists. Once they successfully approached the Military Force, their destructive power would far exceed the previous grenade attack.

Within the thick smoke, hundreds of cannon fodder from the Yueyin Group charged at full speed, their murderous sounds deafening.

The Mi army at the outskirts of the hospital was shrouded in smoke. They could only fire aimlessly. The scattered cannon fodder of the Yue Yin Group fell, but the others quickly rushed into the smoke.

The sound of gunfire, explosions, screams, and shouts of murder instantly became one.

\"Bastard! Bastard! These mad dogs are all terrorists! Damn, bastard!\"

In the surveillance room, Nicholas, who could not see the situation clearly under the smoke, cursed angrily.

\"General, it's time for us to gather our most elite forces.\"

\"This is a real death squad. Their actions are a signal. Lin Xuanyuan will be here soon. Perhaps, he has already arrived.\"


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