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NEO-ZNU 32 Chapter 32

Author:  Blankiphone Genre:  Romance UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:48:31

It only take Ashewell one shot to take down the haipeis. "This planet would be a monster base if dont't stop it." Ashewell said to himself. He don't want this planet to be a monster base as it would threat other solar system also. "Come on!" Ashewell shout at the haipeis. After an hour battle, the army was running low on supplies and Ashewell was getting exhaust with many injuries to him. Ashewell start to worry as he is the only one that can kill these creature at a fast pace but it has been an hour now. Ashewell was still thinking of another way to deal with these creature when hear something from the sky. *Pew pew pew* 4 Spaceship rain down onto the creatures and monsters. These 4 spaceship look familiar to Ashewell. "Lets do this guys!" A man in a Jaguar NEO said. The Earthling look up the 4 spaceship and saw countless of robot jump down. The NEO engage with the creatures and monsters. "Did they manage to locate me?" Ashewell ask himself. After 3 hour, all of the portal close. A few NEO approach Ashewell. "Yo Ashewell. Been a long time." A man in his early 30s said. "Amp?" Ashewell ask. "Haha! I miss you Ashewell." Amp embrace Ashewell. "Hey Ashewell!" Everyone greet him. "Guys!? You're all so mature! But how!?" Ashewell ask. "What do you mean how!? You have been gone for 5 year!" Tiffany hit Ashewell head. "5 year!?" Ashewell was shock that he was gone for 5 year. "Ashewell Ashewelll... Why did you suddenly disappear after taking down that creature?" Shina ask while exiting the spaceship.

"Oh Shina!" Ashewell was surprise to see Shina here. The Earthling was too scare to even talk out or interrupt these alien conversations. They just look at what they are saying but have no clue what they are talking about. "Anyway, get on first and we will talk more." Shina said. "Everyone back on! We are heading back." Kuda shout at everyone. "Wait! I meed to retrieve my NEO box first." Ashewell said. "We got it secure already." A soldier hand Ashewell his NEO box. "Thanks!" Ashewell thanks the soldier. As they get on the ship. They hear someone shout at them. "Wait! You can't take our prisoner with you all! And that box he is holding. That is our!" A general said. "Oh really!?" Shina ask. "Yes! That person there is our people not yours. And everything that she had is ours!" The general said. "Haha!" Shina and everyone began laughing at the Earthling. "What is so funny!? Return her to us and we will let you all leave in peace!" The general said. "You're a funny guy. This here is no female. This is a male and he is our people. Like it or not and if you want a war then we can give you one general..." Shina said. The general hear this and went silent. If they fight against these alien then they will surely lose. They can't even damage a creature. How are they suppose to deal with these highly advance people. "Everyone on board!" Kuda said. Everyone went on the spaceship. Within just a millisecond, all of the spaceship disappear without any trace.

"Why did you disappear like that Ashewell?" Shina ask. "I don't really remember. All I remember is me blacking out and the next thing I know. I was in a room. But those people are a bit behind us. If not, then they are way too behind." Ashewell reply. "We are so glad that we found you Ashewell." Tiffany said. "Yeah! We have been looking around for you for 5 year. But glad that we found you." Sana and Umji embrace Ashewell. "Thanks guys" Ashewell smile at everyone. They talk for awhile and Ashewell manage to catch up with everything. The giant creature that house all of the monsters and creatures that Ashewell had kill is a queen. The queen appear to planet 3 as it found planet 3 to be the most suitable planet for her to create a base there. "You know that you are even more beautiful than before. Not that you are not beautiful before." Umji said. "Oh yeah Ashewell. The higher up decide to give you a promotion to a general." Shina said. "General? But is it not only for those that did skmething great?" Ashewell ask. "What are you talking about? You not only take down a queen but even all of her minions. What more do the higher ups need?" Shina reply. Ashewell just could not believe it that he was a general. He does mot want to be a general as it was a pain. Ashewell want to resign but Shian told him that cannot. And if he need want to resign then he would have to talk with the higher ups. "I hate talking to the higher up. I will just take it for now." Ashewell said. After a few hour, they reach planet 5. Ashewell got out and was greeted with so many people that it fill up the whole place.

"Come on." Shina said. Ashewell went and bow down to everyone here. Everyone was cheering so loud that Ashewell cannot hear what Shina had just said to him. "Your mom is waiting for you! Come on!" Tiffany said. Ashewell make his way to meet his mom. "Mom!" Ashewell rush to her mom embrace. "Ashewell! Oh~ How I miss you!" Gila was so happy to meet her son again after 5 year. "Hi there Ashewell!" Irmark bow down to Ashewell. "Hey Irmark. How is it going?" Ashewell ask. "All thanks to you. I am doing better than before." Irmark reply. "Uhh... Hey there Ashewell..." Erin greet Ashewell. "Hey there Erin. You have grown up to be more beautiful." Ashewell said. Erin blush upon hearing this. "What are you talking about Ashewell!? You're the pretty one here!" Erin said. "Really!? I thought that I look more like a man now." Ashewell said. Everyone laugh at Ashewell. Ashewell has grown up to be even more beautiful instead of growing up to be more man like. He had grown up to be even more beautiful than before. "Anyway Ashewell.... I uhh got something to say to you..." Erin said. Ashewell focus his attention to Erin. "Would you uhhh mind taking me as your girlfriend?" Erin ask. "I uhh... That is something that I have issue with. You see, I am still new to those kind of thing but alright. We have to start somewhere." Ashewell agree. Erin was so happy that she was jumping everywhere. "Ha! Those two being a couple is just like a lesbian couple." Sana said. "I agree but good thing Ashewell is a male." Tiffany and Umji said. They talk for a bit before Amp propose that they go somewhere and eat. Everyone agree as they want to celebrate Ashewell return.

They went to Durmon restaurant which was a 5 star restaurant. "We will be back guys!" Tiffany and Durmon went away together. "Can't believe that those two actually marry. 5 year ago, they were just like cat and mouse." Sana said. "Then why don't you and me marry then?" Pan ask Sana. "Good luck with that." Sana reply. Everyone laugh at Pan as he had just got turn down. Durmon and Tiffany return shortly with two cart full of foods. Everyone help out and got everything ready. "Lets all dig in!" Kuda said as he is really hungry. They all dig in and have a fun time. *Nuclear siren* Everyone stop what they are doing. "Oh yeah~" Everyone look at each other with a big smile plaster on their face. "Lets go!" Everyone rush out towards the queen. They got to the battlefield and met up with Shina. "Just in time. And I don't need to warn you guys right?" Shina said. Everyone ignore her and charge towards the queen. "Lets see who kill the most!" Amp said. "And we know who that is already!" Kuda said. "You never know what the result will be!" Durmon said. "Enough talking. I will get the most kill." Umji said. "No~ I will!" Sana said. They argue with each other about who will get the most kill. While they are arguing, they saw a NEO dart past them. "Ah! Ashewell! Save some for us!" Everyone chase after Ashewell.

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