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Lust Knight 217 Special Women

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Rebecca knew about the purple world. But she doesn't understand everything about it, Lucien's wives had already given her an explanation about them entering a portal and disappearing.

So, she concluded that Lucien was talking about the purple world when he said that her new workshop would be in another world.

And that made Rebecca very agitated and excited. After all, she wasn't sure what that meant. Was it a proposal? Was he saying he would make her his wife? Many ideas came to Rebecca's mind, even a theory where he was just joking with her.

"Lucien... what exactly do you mean?" She asked without being able to hide the expectation on her flushed face.

He approached her slowly and moved his hand toward her face. Rebecca did not move and let Lucien caress her face gently.

Lucien smiled at her as he arranges a part of her blond hair behind her ear. "I'm saying that I like and trust you enough to take you to my home, the core of my family."

Rebecca's heart beat faster when she heard Lucien's words. In her mind, she couldn't stop repeating the same line. 'It's a proposal!!!'

Despite being very happy and excited, Rebecca was also confused because she was not prepared to take such an important step. "Lucien, this is very sudden."

Lucien smiled and started to move his lips towards Rebecca's mouth. She wasn't sure about accepting his proposal yet, but she really wanted his kiss.

Rebecca instinctively moved her mouth towards Lucien's, and they had their first kiss when their lips touched tenderly.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, the kiss didn't last long as Lucien just kissed her lips quickly, as if he wanted to give her a small taste of what benefits she could have by accepting his proposal.

Lucien didn't move his face away from her after the kiss but instead spoke while she could feel his warm breath and smell his pleasant scent.

"This is a proposal with plenty of time for you to decide whether you want to accept it or not. But regardless of your answer, I still want you to cooperate with me as my smith."

Rebecca was finding it difficult to concentrate on anything with Lucien so close to her. She couldn't stop looking and thinking about his mouth.

She wanted him so badly to kiss her again, and this time she wanted him to use his tongue to make a mess in her mouth.

"I appreciate your proposal. But why do it right now?" Rebecca tried to say anything that came to her mind, so she didn't look so mesmerized by Lucien.

Lucien smiled as he moved his mouth around Rebecca's lips, teasing her as he did Lust a while ago. Lust couldn't help feeling a little jealous while watching the scene.

He explained. "I'm not going to lie. I've been attracted to your personality for a long time, and I'm sure I can help you to become a better and better smith. Of course, I'm selfish, and I am mainly thinking about our cooperation with you by making better equipment for my family."

Rebecca understood that Lucien's main motivation was their cooperation, but the proposal was too perfect for her. She had no family. So he would be giving her a family, a home, helping her to get stronger, improve her smithing skills while she ventured to different worlds with him and his wives, who she already considers her friends, go.

She saw no reason to deny Lucien's proposal, but she was afraid that his wives would misjudge her, after all, he already had so many wives and would be accepting one more.

"Lucien, I don't want to lose my friendship with your wives. Won't they find it wrong?" Rebecca asked in a concerned tone.

He stroked her face as he answered. "Well, I can't be doing this often, but your case is special. You already have a space in our house, and the girls like you very much, so they won't find it wrong."

Rebecca stroked Lucien's hand on her face. "D-does... this make me your wife?"

Lucien smiled. "Only when you are ready. Now I intend to take you to our home. There you will have more time to work and an excellent workshop. Then we can start developing our relationship at a slow pace if you prefer."

Rebecca couldn't believe how perfect the situation was getting. She didn't want to pursue Lucien like a crazy girl in love. But she really was a little sad when all of his wives went back to the purple world, and she would spend another night alone as usual.

But now she had an option to join his group and all those incredible benefits as well as gain a family. And the best part was that Lucien was inviting her while saying that he is very attracted to her.

Rebecca wanted to jump into Lucien's arms while exclaiming, "yes, yes, I want to be your wife." But she is already an experienced woman at twenty-seven years old and not a little girl anymore.

Besides the fact that she wants to develop her first love slowly and enjoy every part of it, she also doesn't want Lucien to think that she is an easy woman.

Of course, after receiving Lucien's tattoo and starting to gain his demonic energy, she will realize how difficult it is to resist his charm and not completely surrender to the affection and pleasure he can give her.

But for now, Rebecca tried to contain her excitement while nodded. "I think it's okay to go with you then."

Lucien smiled as he moved his hands over Rebecca's waist. "Just don't resist my energy while I put the tattoo on you."

All of Lucien's actions were extremely sensual and attractive to Rebecca. His slow, gentle movements made her feel very good.

He started focusing his demonic energy on Rebecca's body, making her feel even better. "You will not regret it, my dear."

'Just by feeling your pleasant touch, I already don't have any regrets.' Rebecca couldn't help thinking to herself.

As Lucien gets stronger, his demonic energy becomes more powerful, and that guarantees more benefits for his women.

Although it still took a while for them to learn to use mental communication correctly after receiving his tattoo, that process was easier, and Rebecca was very focused on Lucien, so he heard her mental comment.

Lucien smiled as he responded in her mind. 'You can enjoy my touch and much more whenever you want.'

"Huh?!" Rebecca exclaimed while blushing and becoming very embarrassed.

Lucien had already explained several things to her about the tattoo and the soul connection they have now. So he answered other doubts she had before opening the portal to the purple world again.

"Let's go home." Lucien held out his hand to Rebecca as he spoke lovingly.

Rebecca felt her heart get warmer with the new emotions she never expected to feel that night.

"Mm." She nodded while holding Lucien's hand, and they entered the portal.

Arriving home, Lucien took Rebecca on a quick tour through Its most important floors. Then he took her to the big workshop, which is on the ground floor.

The workshop was furnished with several special tools, enough of them to make any smith extremely happy.

There were many things that Rebecca knew how to use, such as simple things like anvils, furnace, and special tables, but there were also other things like enchanting tables quite different from the ones she has used and several other tools she couldn't even imagine how to use.

Lust, with her vast knowledge, could help Rebecca to understand more about those tools, and there is also a lot of knowledge about them in the books that Lust is translating in the library.

Rebecca was very excited about everything. She really wanted to explore her new workshop, but she also wanted to know more about her new home, choose a bedroom with the other girls, now her new sisters, and of course, she wanted so badly soon to start developing her relationship with Lucien, her future, or rather, current and forever husband.

Although Lust's warning about Rebecca's latent talent was not above average, Lucien had other women in his family core who also has humble latent talents.

That could be a problem for others, but for Lucien, it was not too crucial. The important thing was that he was giving his tattoo to women that he was really attracted to, both for their personalities and their physical characteristics.

Thus, Lucien generated a lot of demonic energy with them, making them much stronger than if he just had sex with a very powerful woman without being in love with her.

Of course, if he felt a lot of attraction to a more powerful and talented woman as well as their feelings are as strong like they are with his current wives, they would have a little more benefits.

And well, in fact, there were very talented women, boosted by one of the most potent and dangerous treasures in the universe, and they also have had very intense and complicated feelings for Lucien for a long time…

While Lucien and his wives continued their enjoyable training and lives alongside him, he also trained his troops every day.

Rebecca works most of the time in the purple world, making and improving equipment for Lucien and his wives, but she also does many projects that she took to the normal world, and there, a group of ten of Lucien's troops turned in Rebecca's apprentices.

Using Rebecca's education, her projects, and always receiving a daily visit from her, the ten blacksmith apprentices made and improved equipment for all of Lucien's troops.

Because they were Lucien's troops and continued to gain his demonic energy, or rather, even a little more than the normal troops, those ten blacksmith apprentices, along with Rebecca, were able to create and improve high-quality equipment very quickly.

Lucien not only started to develop his relationship with Rebecca but also with Madelyn. Of course, they didn't have sex yet, but there were many other things that they started doing that generated a lot of demonic energy.

He was always thinking a step ahead of everyone and making sure that everything was done in the best possible way so that his family would get stronger and stronger, more quickly.

Lucien contracted people to build very big and strong ships so that after he deals with Amelia, he can just start traveling towards the crystal mine, the Alliance, and then to the east continent as soon as possible.

He also won't let Amelia run away from him this time, but he also wanted to find out if there were anymore of his sisters in this world.

Finding someone shouldn't be that easy, but his sisters would certainly stand out for being at the forefront of any major changes in the world.

In fact, he had already seen one of these big changes in the world when he found Oya and Ko migrating from south to north. So, like most of the mystic beast in this world, Oya felt the powerful aura that was calling for her from the northern end of the continent.

But after receiving Lucien's tattoo, Oya and Ko were no longer influenced by that aura, unlike the beasts of the great forest that went north or became violent and wilder than ever, trying to fight that powerful feeling.

While major changes were taking place in the center, north, and south of the western continent, the eastern continent was at peace... but of course, not for long.

The Argerim's moon that received Sophia was unlucky to also receive her most hot-head sister, and now that moon was shaking from a battle that seemed to never end, because of the young red-haired woman who is against everyone else.

Soon that moon would no longer serve that young woman as there would be no more opponents for her to vent her wrath on.

That would also be the same result as the moon that received Lucien's other two sisters. After all, how could a small moon survive greed and gluttony for a long time?

What would Argerim be like when most of Lucien and Lust's sisters came together in the same world? Surely, the peace on the eastern continent would not last long.


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