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Chapter 446: The Fairyland Kingdom That Has Lost Its Way

The portal opened by Secret Silver City of the Fairyland Kingdom was one-way; they were only allowed to enter Secret Silver City from the outside but not allowed to return easily from Secret Silver City. Moreover, the portal was connected to a portal under the Tower of Heaven.

Every arcanists, alchemy warlocks, Trolls Blood Warlocks and so on, who entered the Secret Silver City, were subject to intense scrutiny to ensure that the coordinates of the Secret Silver City and the new world weren’t leaked.

As long as the coordinates weren’t leaked, it was impossible for the other three worlds to find that new world in the vast Astral World.

And the Secret Silver City was constantly accumulating its strength and mana, it was ready to embark on a large-scale space projection witchcraft; the Fairyland Kingdom belonged to the mythical arcanist, Mientte Ambrose, was in preparation to be projected over. With that Level Eight mythical arcanist in control of the situation, it had given the Arcane Kingdom a little courage to attain the new world.

On the shores of the Tower of Heaven, several large and terrifying fairylands floated in the clouds.

It was above the clouds, but the clouds simply couldn’t block its existence, the vast fairyland was like a small continent, it was stretching to the end of the sky.

Looking from the bottom, it looked as if the sky was all dark and gloomy; the fairyland was stretching along the horizon, and even the sun wasn’t in sight.

That was the Fairyland Kingdom belonged to the mythical arcanist, Mientte Ambrose, at that moment the Arcane Kingdom didn’t deliberately declare the reasons for the migration of the Fairyland Kingdom belonged to Mientte Ambrose. There was no announcement within the nation, but such a big movement, whether it was the Arcane Kingdom or the other three worlds, they had kept a close look on Mientte Ambrose.

On top of the Tower of Heaven, a hunched back and white-bearded old man was holding onto a Star Magic Staff, he had a head of white hair and was wearing a tattered hat; he looked like an ordinary old man at a roadside. No one would believe that he was the legendary man who was the nearest to a Level Eight mythical level. He held the highest position in the world; he was the most trusted man of Her Majesty, the Emperor of the Arcane Kingdom, the mythical arcanist, Mientte Ambrose.

Ambrose stood behind Wendy. He listened quietly to Wendy’s instructions and was looking unusually serious.

“Mientte! This time you’ll travel to the Astral World in the far distance, you’ll encounter all kinds of problems and all you’ve to do is to seize time; our time is running out and the three worlds are ready to launch their attacks. The master of the Mechanical Clock Tower, Cook Bay, from the Wizard Alliance will arrive in a few days. He should be here to put pressure on us regards to the new world.” Wendy wore a white elf gown with a sun garland over her head and her long silver hair was over her shoulders.

It was the elf’s traditional dress that was only worn when one was meeting the main members of the elf; it belonged to the classical costumes of the elf period of Sylve in Maria’s World. It could only be seen from the records in the ancient atlas.

“Within the Arcane Kingdom, they dare not have any action, but once they’re out of the Arcane Kingdom, it’ll be very dangerous. You’ll be a target by a large number of gods and devil monarchs!”

Mientte tapped onto his Star Magic Staff as he walked and it made a crisp noise, “Space projection mythical arcane magic will be handled by you, I believe there’ll be no accident.”

“But the coordinates of the new world haven’t been discovered yet and the Divine Kingdom, the Abyss World and the Wizard World didn’t launch any plan too, it’s very strange!”

“How is it possible for them to halt their plans? It’s a new world! A world which is even better than the rules of the Arcane World, it’s a new world with lots of potential!”

Mientte frowned, “I’ve a bad hunch!”

In the sky, the Fairyland Kingdom belonged to the mythical arcanist, Mientte Ambrose, rose and with ancient trees which were created by the arcane system was fully activated; an immense and dazzling light of the arcane magic lit up, and the arcane boundary enveloped the entire Fairyland Kingdom.

The Floating-Space Ring was activated, the mana pool was loaded, and the largest Arcane Ancient Trees in the center projected the mythical body of Mientte Ambrose.

At the same time, on top of the Tower of Heaven, several mythical arcanists activated the Tower of Heaven at the same time. The mythical body of the Emperor Wendy also appeared, her body moved along with the wind, her body was accompanied by white clouds and starry sky, and she stretched out her hands and pointed at the Fairyland Kingdom.

A brilliance that covered the stars was casted from her fingertips and it had enveloped the entire Fairyland Kingdom.

In the eyes of an ordinary soldier of the Arcane Kingdom, who was standing under Tower of Heaven, the blue glow which was suddenly glistening, had stolen his attention as he fixated at the sky of the Fairyland Kingdom.

Pubs, hotels, and even the nobles and mythical families of the Arcane Kingdom and the high-ranking professionals looked up to the sky.

Tower of Heaven was a mythical alchemy equipment, it could be said that it was a Level Eight mythical alchemy props. Moreover, it was a space type alchemy created by Creator, Lu Zhiyu.

Otherwise, it wasn’t easy to project such a large Fairyland Kingdom into the distant Astral World.

The great Fairyland Kingdom, along with the power of the entire Tower of Heaven, it was gradually turning transparent, it was as if it had broken the barrier of space, it was about to disappear from that space and into another world.

But as they were about to leave the Arcane Kingdom, there was a violent tremor in the entire Fairyland Kingdom.


The violent space turbulence torn apart Mientte Ambrose’s arcane boundary, the entire Fairyland Kingdom’s stable gravity, climate and rules were restless and in chaos.

“No! Someone modified the coordinates!” A mythical arcanist above the Tower of Heaven looked at the Fairyland Kingdom beneath the clouds, and his face showed fear and anger.

“It’s not our side; it’s a problem from the base that’s responsible of receiving the space projection. They’ve rejected our space projection and changed the receiving end to another spatial coordinate!” Another mythical arcanist immediately discovered the problem.

Space projection witchcraft was the most advanced space witchcraft, it needed not only a huge mana system and Level Eight mythical existence to provide support and power, but that large projection witchcraft needed a base on the other side of the coordinates to receive their projection, otherwise it was easy to be washed away by the space turbulence.

The emperor of Arcane Kingdom Wendy was the first to discover something was amiss, her huge mythical hand was waving; she tried to stabilize the entire space turbulence and canceled the entire process of the space projection mythical arcane magic.

But when she was involved, the entire space turbulence became even more unstable, in which the Fairyland Kingdom was squeezed into a clump and could collapse at any time.

She immediately stopped but the Fairyland Kingdom, along with the space projection, disappeared from the sky of Arcane Kingdom and headed into an unknown territory.

Wendy knitted her brows, her expression was cold, “The location of the Secret Silver City has long been exposed, and there’re mythical arcanists who had rebelled against us!”

“Who is it? Chitty of the Andropov Family? The master of the Secret Silver City? Or the few mythical levels who were sent later?”

“These guys, they really have a nerve of steel, they didn’t rush into the new world, they have waited for this chance to weaken the power of the Arcane Kingdom?”

Wendy immediately knew who the culprit was; someone who was able to do that and caused a big impact on the Arcane World could only be the Divine Kingdom who had suffered a great defeat when they were against the Arcane Kingdom in the past.

In the far-flung Secret Silver City, a violent chaos broke out.

The existence of several mythical levels launched their attacks in Secret Silver City. Mythical Floating-Space Tower, mythical body, alchemy colossus were unleashing their power on the streets in Secret Silver City. In a flash, the entire in Secret Silver City began to have huge cracks; it was close to the state of collapse.

“Ovid, and you guys, how dare you betrayed the Arcane Kingdom!”

“Lord Wendy will never let you go!”


Maria’s World, the Star Kingdom of the gods!

Violent space fluctuations and Elemental Wave appeared and a continent-like Fairyland Kingdom projection appeared in sight; from the illusory image, it had gradually turned substantial. The space elemental turbulence tore the arcane boundary and the entire Fairyland Kingdom was scarred, it was as if a hurricane had struck them.

When they had stabilized, Mientte Ambrose looked up into the sky and he immediately saw a terrifying scene.

Several huge silver stars suspended above his head, each one was glistening an infinite dazzle, they were exuding the power of the aboriginal rules, its heavy pressure subdued and controlled the entire world, it looked like a cornerstone of the world.


Mientte’s face was drained out of blood, he didn’t even need to think about it and he immediately recognized where he was.

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