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Jade Fingers Volume 1 Chapter 459 Plasma Weapon

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\"Stop messing around!\" Lin Qingling was cooking soup, but Liangjun Zeng's sneaking in surprised her. Zeng Liangjun smiled. Then, he took off his clothes and hung them on the hat rack in the corner. He turned on the TV and sat at the dining table beside him, waiting for the meal to start.

After Lin Qingling served the food, she sat down and said, \"Little Jun, I want to discuss something with you.\"

\"What is it?\" Liangjun Zeng asked.

\"I want to go to work.\" Lin Qingling said.

After getting married, Lin Qingling did not work much. In fact, Lin Qingling did not officially work. She went to the Divine Dragon Group for an internship in Chunan City. Afterwards, she returned to Maoshan City and waited for a few months before getting married. Since getting married, Lin Qingling has been working as a housewife at home.

At first, Lin Qingling felt good. She was newly married and waited for Liangjun Zeng to return home every day. This feeling was not bad, but after a long time, Lin Qingling couldn't stand it anymore. Lin Qingling did not dislike this kind of husband and godson life. However, Lin Qingling was still young now. She had just graduated and had basically entered the family without entering society. It could be said that her mentality was still like a child. This feeling was very bad. That was why Lin Qingling made this request to Liangjun Zeng.

\"You want to go to work?\" Zeng Liangjun had just taken two mouthfuls of rice and raised his head to ask.

\"En!\" Lin Qingling nodded.

\"Then you can come to work in my company. You can choose your profession.\" Zeng Liangjun smiled.

Who knew that Lin Qingling would pout and say, \"No!\"

Zeng Liangjun shook his head, \"Then which company do you want to work for?\"

\"I'll find it myself, hehe.\" With Lin Qingling's degree, Looking for a decent job, It wasn't that difficult. Although Chunan City had the most university students in the country, even though eight out of ten young people in the city were university students after throwing bricks, Ke Da was still one of the most outstanding universities. Not to mention Chunan City, even the first-tier cities in the country, Ke Da was a very popular university.

Zeng Liangjun stared at Lin Qingling's pretty face and saw that she looked very firm. Then he said, \"Alright, I'll buy you a car tomorrow. You can go to work.\"

The car was chosen by Lin Qingling. Girls all had similar views of the car. They all required exquisite and cute appearances. In the end, Lin Qingling chose a BMW 3-Series. She then went to find a job. As Zeng Liangjun predicted, Lin Qingling found a job fairly easily. Soon, she found a job as a manufacturer of display equipment.

It had only been two months since they were married. His father, Zeng Hanmin, had often called Liangjun Zeng to ask if Lin Qingling was pregnant. This was the case with the old man. He was more concerned about this matter. However, Liangjun Zeng did not have any plans in this regard for the time being. He would wait for a while longer to discuss the matter of having a child.

After Kaitian Science and Technology was done here, good news came from the research institute.

Lu Yi and Ding Chong, apart from eating, were soaking in this small conference room during this period of time. In fact, Zeng Liangjun had arranged a special office for them. After all, they were senior experts from Red Bank Base, so it was impossible for them to not arrange an office for them. However, the two of them didn't go anywhere at all. They stayed here all day to study the blueprints that Zeng Liangjun had given them.

When Zeng Liangjun entered, he felt that the two of them were a little unfamiliar. Both of them looked alike. Their hair was so messy that they had never been taken care of before. Their eyes were scarlet red, and their chins were covered in beard. It seemed that they hadn't been taken care of for a while.

\"Why is it like this?\" As soon as Zeng Liangjun finished speaking, Lu Yi rushed forward excitedly and said, \"We have a guess, and this guess should be quite close to the result!\"

\"What guess?\" Liangjun Zeng asked.

Lu Yi quickly took out a pen from her hand and spread out a piece of snow-white paper. Then, she listed out the figures that Ceng Liangjun had drawn. These figures were drawn by Ceng Liangjun himself, so he was naturally very familiar with them. Ceng Liangjun wondered why Lu Yi had drawn them again.

\"Look, what are these three devices together?\" Lu Yi smiled.

\"I can't recognize this.\" Liangjun Zeng shrugged his shoulders. If he had recognized them earlier, he wouldn't have invited the two of them over.

Lu Yi chuckled. Obviously, she was very satisfied with her discovery. Then, Lu Yi pushed the piece of paper away and arranged the three devices together again. Then, she drew a few lines from the surroundings and finally became a whole.

Zeng Liangjun felt that it looked familiar, and something suddenly sounded. His head was hot, and then he blurted out, \"Tokamak Device!\"

\"Very right!\"

The tokamak device generates a large amount of plasma, and the translation for weapons is simple and vivid: \"Plasma weapons.\"

Previously, Liangjun Zeng had participated in the research and development of the Tokamak device, but at this stage, the Tokamak device was only capable of producing extremely rare plasma, that is, plasma. It was too inefficient, and it was very difficult to generate electricity, let alone use it to make weapons.

However, there was a real plasma gun in front of him. The temperature of the plasma shot from the plasma gun was at most a million degrees Celsius. In front of the plasma weapon, there was only one result for any object, that was, it was carbonized and evaporated.

Although plasma weapons were terrifying and had been proposed for many years, not to mention the prototype, not even a single design had appeared. However, they often appeared in science fiction movies and science fiction animations. One of the reasons was that humans were still a long way from truly mastering the concept of plasma.

The most recent example was the big guy from the Red Bank Base. That was the best achievement in the world so far. Of course, the main purpose of the thermonuclear fusion in the Red Bank Base was not to create plasma, but to use the plasma to carry out thermonuclear fusion to generate energy.

However, their purposes were different, but their functions were the same. Right now, a miniature model was placed in front of Liangjun Zeng. As long as this blueprint and this weapon were thoroughly studied, not only would there be a breakthrough in plasma weapons, but even thermonuclear fusion would also benefit from it.

Why did the thermonuclear fusion experiment at the Red Bank base have to be done underground? Why build thick walls at the reactor? It was to prevent these damn high temperature plasma from sweeping everywhere. However, this small gun was actually capable of storing and firing plasma. This required the gun to meet two conditions. First, it had to produce plasma with extremely high efficiency. Second, the gun's internal structure could tolerate a million degrees of high temperature.

If this problem is solved, it also means that the tokamak does not need a magnetic field to bind the plasma. As a result, thermonuclear fusion projects around the world will welcome a new type of material that can withstand ultra-high temperatures. The question is, what is this material?

Zeng Liangjun had previously inspected the materials inside the plasma gun. Although the materials were extremely solid, they did not perform very well. In Zeng Liangjun's opinion, they were inferior to the supersolid materials on the walls of the alien pyramid ruins.

But now, it seemed that Zeng Liangjun had underestimated the technology of the aliens. Zeng Liangjun had also suspected the arrangement of the molecules on the bulkhead because it was arranged in a very special way. If Zeng Liangjun recalled that the arrangement was actually very unstable, could it be that instability was used to offset instability? From the looks of it, only a real experiment would be able to solve the puzzles in his heart.

\"Not only that,\" Lu Yi continued, \"do you see the patterns on it?\"

Of course, Zeng Liangjun understood the patterns that Lu Yi was talking about. It was similar to the function of rifling the barrel of a gun. However, Zeng Liangjun did not say anything. After all, Lu Yi was an expert in firearms. On this point, Lu Yi was much more knowledgeable than Ding Chong and himself.

'\"These lines are indeed the same as what I guessed before. They serve as rifling lines, but they are not rifling lines in the ordinary sense. As normal rifling lines, these marks are too shallow. Over the past few days, I have repeatedly calculated through these special rifling lines. Take a look at my speculation.\" As he spoke, Lu Yi took out another blueprint. This blueprint was drawn by Lu Yi himself. He measured the interference and effect of the rifling on the \"bullet\" from many angles, and finally came to several conclusions.

'\"Firstly, these dense rifles do serve as locators, which means that they are exactly the same as the rifles of our ordinary firearms. Secondly, we can deduce the shape of the bullet from the rifles. You see, this is the shape of the bullet.\"

Lu Yi was indeed worthy of being called Lu Yi. He spoke very seriously, but also seemed to be very confident, Under Lu Yi's guidance, Zeng Liangjun saw the shape of the bullet. The shape of the bullet was different from what we usually see. The normal bullet was pointed in the front and thick in the back, but Lu Yi drew an oval shape with a circle in the front and a thin tail behind it, like a dolphin swimming in the water.

Before Zeng Liangjun could say anything, Lu Yi continued, \"Third, the thing that wraps the plasma should be a soft medium, and it's very soft. It definitely won't be a hard material like steel.\"

Zeng Liangjun was very satisfied with Lu Yi's three deductions. One had to know that Lu Yi's knowledge was similar to his own, as well as Ding Chong's. However, the thing he was in contact with now was clearly a product of a different era. Just relying on his unknown knowledge, he was able to make so many deductions. One could imagine that Lu Yi still had a lot of ideas.

\"I want to ask you a question,\" Lu Yi suddenly said. \"Have you ever thought of a way to activate that plasma weapon?\"

\"Drive? What drive?\" Zeng Liangjun asked in puzzlement. He had also thought about how to use this thing. However, he was only at the stage of thinking and did not take any practical action. After all, who knew what kind of ingredients this thing was made of?

Lu Yi quickly replied to Liangjun Zeng, \"Electric energy.\"

\"It's that simple?\" Zeng Liangjun also realized that he didn't seem to have tried it again. Although Zeng Liangjun understood the structure of this weapon and even the components of each type of equipment, he didn't think about it from the perspective of firearms. This could not be blamed on Liangjun Zeng. After all, he was not a firearm man. It was fine for Liangjun Zeng to make materials. He only had a dark eye for firearms and weapons manufacturing. He was practically at the level of an ordinary person. At most, he could be considered a fake military fan.

However, Lu Yi and Ding Chong were different. After joining the army, the two of them had been dealing with all kinds of fog. They had touched it for a lifetime and were naturally sensitive to weapons and firearms. It could be said that a gun produced anywhere in the world could be easily guessed with Lu Yi blindfolding his eyes and letting him touch it.

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