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Infernal Hero Chapter 880 Mao Mao

Author:  Zou Guo Qing Chun Su Genre:  Magical UpdateTime:  2021-05-04 18:00:34

In the first battle against the demons, countless people were killed and wounded in the Heaven Realm Alliance Army. The army of 500 million people from all races followed Gongsun Wuji onto the Extraterritorial Heavenly Ship and set off for the battlefield. After the first round of battle broke out, all 20 million Poisonous Bee Light Energy fighter jets in the first war zone of the Extraterritorial Heavenly Ship were wiped out.

These valiant warriors didn't even see the appearance of the Otherworldly Demon Army. They only encountered the thunderstone defensive ring around the black iron ship of the Otherworldly Demon Army and were instantly killed. Old Li, the commander of the First Battle Zone and a peak rank ten spear, recklessly used a Spirit Treasure grade spear to break through the Thunderstone defensive ring, but half of his body was bitten off by a black gaseous demon creature.

If the Black Dragon Emperor hadn't been so valiant and valiant as to charge into the Thunderstone Defense Circle alone and use the Death Shattering Light to kill that black monster, this Iron Blood General, who had followed Gongsun Wuji for many years, probably wouldn't have had the chance to return alive.

Seeing that the attack was unfavorable, Gongsun Wuji hurriedly ordered his troops to gather together and build a defensive formation outside the Heavenly Domain, turning the attack into defense.

Relying on the Heavenly Dao Yuan Force of the Pangu Heavenly Domain, the Twelve Great Origin Saints led 360 Supreme Saint Grand Grandmasters to set up a formation. A huge golden halo enveloped the entire Heavenly Domain, confronting the black-purple radiance of the Otherworldly Demon Army vanguard head-on.

Although the energy consumption of the spell formation was less than that of the barrier, it was not a long-term solution. He still had to think of a way to break through the enemy's defenses, forcing them to retreat or even destroy the enemy was the only way to neutralize the demonic calamity. Over the past few days, Gongsun Wuji had repeatedly sent out elite generals to probe, but he had not made any significant progress. Even the Mecha Corps of Sacred Leaf Town had only forced the other party's black iron ship to activate its main defensive weapon.

After fighting for a few days, he didn't even see a single Otherworldly Demon Army general-level figure.

Gu Tianyou watched Hu Mofei's soul message in his spiritual world. After she finished speaking, he took a deep breath and said, \"We can't be the saviors of the world, so we can only be our own saviors first. Let them hold on for a while longer.\"

\"Hold on for a while longer?\" Hu Mofei was a little annoyed and said unhappily, \"You should know better than me that every day you persist will cause a huge loss of vitality and elemental energy in the Pangu Heavenly Domain, which means millions of creatures will die. Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers will lose their vitality and become a hairless desert.\"

\"If someone else had told me this, I would have told her to scram long ago.\" Gu Tianyou said coldly, \"Gongsun Wuji brought a lot of people to negotiate with me last time. In the end, he took those people away. On the surface, he didn't use any coercive methods, but as a Spirit Elder, you should know what he did. Even today, he still hasn't given up on controlling me. Don't you think he's overconfident?\"

Hu Mofei sighed and said, \"Xu Jia Hui and the others have brought you a lot of confusion, haven't they?\"

Gu Tianyou said, \"You know my principle. You will never give up your position for any hostage. You are one of my closest family, but you have another father-daughter relationship with Hu Rumeng, who is beside Gongsun Wuji. I can understand your dilemma, but I will not change this principle for you. In this regard, even Dragon Girl is no exception.\"

Hu Mofei said, \"Gongsun Wu Ji does have the intention to use you as a tool. I can't deny that, but I feel that the purpose of our participation in this war is not for him, but for our common home. Didn't you also say that nothing is more important than this home?\" \"If you refuse to make a move again, I'll have to send A-Kui to fight,\" she said angrily in an accentuated tone.

Gu Tianyou said solemnly, \"Absolutely not at this stage!\"

Hu Mofei's attitude was resolute. She had never been her subordinate, nor had she been controlled by Gongsun Wuji using kinship. Instead, she was a strange woman who was completely independent in her spiritual world. Gu Tianyou's words were tough and domineering when it came to dealing with her, but he couldn't bear it anymore.

\"You know that I've captured a cat form captive who fought many battles with the Otherworldly Demon Army.\" Gu Tianyou muttered.

\"I know. She's an extremely enchanting female tiger with a strange and charming appearance.\" Hu Mofei sour, full of malice said: \"It's just that there's a little more fur, but you don't care anyway, even Ao Guang's immature dragon girl's dragon scale dao you dare to open up the wilderness, not even afraid of barbs, why would you care about a few fur?\"

Women, be they proud or reserved, coquettish or pure, or capable and domineering, once they were moved by true feelings, it would be very difficult for them to maintain their focus at all times. Especially when it comes to emotional issues.

Hu Mofei had obviously strayed from the topic. Gu Tian You hurriedly returned to the topic, \"You misunderstood again. I didn't capture it alive for that purpose, but to learn more about the Otherworldly Demon Army through it.\"

Hu Mofei said unhappily, \"Come on, other people don't know what kind of beast you are, don't I know?\" She paused for a moment. Seeing that Gu Tianyou did not know what was going on, she felt that it was boring. She curled her lips and said, \"Forget it. Who cares what race it is? Anyway, you are not a first-time offender. It's better to talk about it.\"

Gu Tianyou said, \"The Black Iron Giant Ship of the Otherworldly Demon Army is actually a kind of living insect. Its size is as large as a planet. Not only can it expel thunderstones as a defensive ring, it can also attract insect spirits as slaves. It looks like an invisible object, but it has an extremely strong corrosive power. Ordinary mecha simply cannot withstand the corrosion of this object.\"

Hu Mofei said, \"Exactly. Is there any way to solve it?\"

Gu Tianyou said, \"Yes, the Thunderstone Defense Ring is the excrement of the Black Iron Worm. The reason it can form a defensive ring is actually because it is constantly eating and excreting. Therefore, we can only think of a way to make it digest inadequately. After eating for three or two days, the Thunderstone Defense Ring will naturally dissipate completely.\" \"As for what to give it to eat and how to give it to eat, I have already sent A Yuan to inform Gongsun Wuji.\"

\"Bastard, it turns out that you already had plans, but you didn't tell me earlier.\" Hu Mofei said happily. He asked, \"What should I do with that slave?\"

Gu Tianyou said, \"Although this thing is destructive, it is actually a treasure. Don't let anyone interfere in this matter. Go find Luo Yi and get a Taiyi Golden Spirit Heavenly Ark. There is a Spirit Devouring Array engraved on it by me. I will only teach you the array trick. You can drive this Golden Spirit Flying Ark and collect all these slaves.\"

Hu Mofei 's heart was really sweet when she heard that you were the only one to pass on a few words. She pouted and suppressed her laughter as she complained, \"You'll bully me if you talk about it. Leave any troubles to me. You can have fun with a cat yourself.\"

Don't tell the truth to a woman if you want to live happily.

Gu Tianyou swore that nothing would happen with that leopard girl. Hu Mofei finally ended the connection with a smile.

The universe was deep, and she was the only one in the entire Pangu Heavenly Domain who could establish such communication.

\"Your Majesty!\" \"I really don't understand why you should accommodate these female creatures with your status,\" said the leopard-like woman beside him with an unhappy expression.

In the universe, galaxy-level creatures do not have the concept of men and women, only females and males, good mates and bad mates.

Gu Tianyou gently stroked his head, making it so comfortable that it could not help but let out a strange snoring sound. Gu Tianyou smiled and said, \"As long as we are our own people, we should be treated with respect and kindness. You will understand this when you spend more time with me.\"

\"I understand now.\" Bai Nvbao said, \"You are different from the Empyrean Saints who ruled a region or even a galaxy. They eat people with their mouths, but you eat people with their hearts. They eat leather and bones, but you only eat their hearts.\"

Gu Tianyou chuckled, \"Since you think I'm so good, can you show mercy in today's special training?\"

Bai Nvbao suddenly stood up, her beautiful little tail slightly curled up, looking exceptionally agile. The enchanting line next to its eyes flashed with light, and it rolled its hand to reveal a dense white claw. The tip of its tongue licked its lips and said, \"Unless your teleportation speed can catch my tail in ten breaths.\"

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