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Infernal Hero Chapter 734 With a Bitch, a Noble

Author:  Zou Guo Qing Chun Su Genre:  Magical UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 18:34:03

No matter how you whitewash it, the existence of classes in this world is an indisputable fact. People are distinguished not because they are born noble, but because some people are born to love being cheap. The etiquette of a noble was the standard of an ordinary person, and only by being contrasted with a bitch would one become a noble. There are many kinds of bitches. The cheapest are those who do lowly things, but think they are superior to others. No matter what kind of cheap things they do, others should obey them.

The Federation divided the nobles into five levels. The first-class nobles were the second-class nobles. The head of state, the direct descendants of the Zeman family, including the Phoenix family where Xin Jisi belonged, were all the first-class nobles. There was actually another file above them, the Sky Wolf Heavenly Domain's Golden Family.

It was said that the Heavenly Wolf Heavenly Domain had four creators, and the ancestor of this Golden Family was one of them, even the strongest among them. Ao Xitang said that this clan had passed down from generation to generation. Every male was a king, and it was as strong as a head of state obeying the will of this clan member. There is such a group of descendants of the Golden Family in the Federation. In order to distinguish themselves from ordinary people, all of them would add a K word to their names to show that they belonged to the royal family.

Every member of the family had a deep Aryan brand, golden hair, snow-white skin, a healthy body, a tall nose, deep eye sockets, dark blue eyes, and an overbearing and rigid manner. They treated others, even farting, but their desires were always at will. But at the same time, they were also the most rare geniuses, mastering the most central scientific and technological civilization in the universe, possessing incomparably developed brains and creative talent.

In the federation ruled by the Great Leader, the most powerful organization was the Leader's Laboratory. In the Leader's Laboratory, there was a powerful core team known as the Golden Army, and they were all composed of members of the Golden Family. With the secrets of their strongest machines, they had always been the most mysterious and central force in the Federation.

Ao Xitang's knowledge was limited, and Gu Tianyou felt that it was enough to know so much.

Actually, even if he didn't know anything, Gu Tianyou would definitely not sit idly by and watch as anyone bullied Ao Guang.

This bitch's full name is Beckman von K. Schneider. This name was rather exquisite. First of all, all the members of the Aryan Nobility Clan would have the word Feng in their names. Then, only the direct descendants who had perfectly inherited the Golden Family bloodline could add this K to their names. Schneider was one of the few surnames that the family inherited, which could be considered quite ordinary. The name that belonged to him was Beckman.

When Gu Tianyou walked to Ao Guang's side, he was waving his fist and angrily smashing towards Ao Guang. A middle-aged man in black next to him folded his shoulders and emitted a mysterious and ancient aura. His eyes flashed with a strange light, which not only made Ao Guang unable to move, but even Xin Jisi, who was trying to dissuade him, seemed to be imprisoned by this fellow.

This person was Zeman II, Little Zeman's biological father, Old Zeman's proudest son. He was also said to be the youngest Great Saint Magician in the history of the Federation.

Gu Tianyou naturally wouldn't allow Beckman to punch Ao Guang in the face. Seeing his punch coming, no one else could move. Gu Tianyou hurriedly stretched out his hand to block Beckman's punch.

When the fists collided, a golden light suddenly appeared at Beckman's fist tip. Gu Tianyou's arm trembled as he felt a numb sensation, and he almost failed to stop it.

Holy **, this turtle grandson is so powerful! Gu Tianyou was secretly shocked, but this Beckman seemed to be even more shocked. \"So you are a warrior!\" As he spoke, golden light shone from his entire body. A golden armor appeared from head to toe. Its size wasn't much different from a person's physique, and its appearance wasn't much different from the mecha that Young Master Yi had created. The main reason was that the way it appeared was too baffling. It was as if it grew in his body, and it suddenly appeared.

\"Try my punch again!\" This distinguished guest ignored the feelings of his host and the others and willfully raised his fist at Gu Tianyou. This punch was more than ten times more powerful than the one just now. Either this turtle grandson didn't treat others as human beings as a habit, or he was tempted to kill.

A wisp of blood flashed in Gu Tianyou's eyes as lightning flashed in his palm.

Lakekin, even if it was only a Utmost Saint level Obsidian Tribulation Lightning, it would still be enough for this turtle grandson to drink a pot of it.

\"Your Highness, quickly retreat!\" Zeman II, who was standing beside Beckman, suddenly said, \"Please show mercy!\"

Gu Tianyou flipped his palm and nimbly pressed down on Beckman's fist. He followed his strength and dragged it to the side. At the same time, he annihilated the lightning in his palm and ruthlessly slapped Beckman's head. This turtle grandson's methods were special, but after leaving this metal shell, his true combat strength was completely unflattering. If Gu Tianyou really used the power of thunder in this slap, all he needed was a bolt of Purple Firmament Divine Lightning that was strong enough for this turtle grandson to drink a pot.

A black amethyst scepter appeared in Zeman's hand. In an instant, a white light appeared, forming a barrier that enveloped Beckman. At the same time, he said to Gu Tianyou, \"Thank you for your mercy. Your Excellency is Mr. Gu Tianyou, the Sheriff of Sacred Leaf Town, right?\"

Gu Tianyou had already restrained Beckman, but when the white light added to his body, he suddenly felt a gentle elasticity forcefully sandwiched between his hand and Beckman's head. He then rapidly expanded outwards, finally separating Beckman from his control.

\"That's right, it's me.\" Gu Tianyou said, \"Are you His Excellency Zeman II?\"

\"Rad von Zeman.\" Zeman II introduced himself, \"I've heard a lot about His Excellency the Sheriff recently. I didn't expect to see me here.\"

\"It's not as famous as meeting.\" \"Will you disappoint Mr. Zeman?\" Gu Tianyou said modestly.

\"No, no, no.\" Zeman II said no three times in a row and smiled, \"You're actually stronger than I thought you were, and you're very rational. You're not the kind of impulsive person they told me to be. We Aryans like to organize our lives rationally and make rational friends.\"

Beckman was trying to rush out of the barrier guarded by the white light. He used his brute force to struggle for a few moments but was unable to escape. He immediately angrily issued a command to Zeman II, \"Zeman II, I order you in the name of the Golden Family\" Although he was opening his mouth, no one else could hear a single word of it.

Zeman II pretended to be deaf and asked loudly, \"Your Highness, what are you talking about? Why can't I hear your voice?\"

Beckman was angry, anxious, and helpless. Anyone with good eyesight could tell that Zeman II was not as afraid of the members of the Golden Family as the rumors had it. It was only because the rules were not good enough to openly resist him that he used this method to put him there.

\"I don't like the way this person treats my woman.\" '\"Mr. Zeman II, I hope you can understand that Sacred Leaf Town is a peaceful place. Hundreds of millions of Asians and Woods in the Terminator Spirit Realm yearn to live in peace and tranquillity. But if this peace is based on enduring humiliation, then we would rather choose war!\"

\"Is this the sheriff's statement to the Federation?\" Zeman II raised his head slightly, calm and arrogant. \"Is the sheriff overconfident?\"

\"This has nothing to do with confidence, right?\" Gu Tianyou said, \"As the magistrate of the Witch Duchy, of course I will not and will not take the initiative to be the enemy of the Federation. However, if someone wants to use a plot to plunder the territory of the Witch Duchy, I, as the magistrate of Sacred Leaf Town, naturally have the responsibility and power to shatter the other party's plot!\"

Zeman II's eyes flashed, \"So you admit that what happened on the Scarlet Dragon Mountain was your doing?\"

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