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Infernal Hero Chapter 635 The New Sheriff of Sacred Leaf

Author:  Zou Guo Qing Chun Su Genre:  Magical UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:01:47

The older the Jianghu, the harder it would be to be touched. It was not because of the heart of stone, but because of the coldness of Jiang Han Lake, which could not hold so much emotion and warmth.

Cruel reality often requires a cruel heart to adapt.

Holy Leaf Town was called a ruthless place by Bai Su, but when the butcher's knife pressed down on the neck of the barbarian giant called Bolhu, she showed Gu Tianyou traces of warmth and kindness. This little warmth had saved their lives, changed their fate, and perhaps even changed the fate of Sacred Leaf Town.

A new consul came to Sacred Leaf Town, and Duncan, the former consul, was finally relieved. He was a bloodthirsty vampire. In the Origin World, there were many people of this race, and most of them were concentrated in the witch kingdom. With storage magic tools and chilling equipment, as well as a cheap and sufficient supply of blood, they weren't as terrifying as the legends of the Western Dark World said. After many generations of mixed blood, the vast majority of them could calmly stand in the sunshine of the Sinian Origin Realm.

The new consul was none other than Gu Tianyou. He came with a letter of appointment personally signed by the Archduke of the Witch Kingdom. In front of the ruined ruling public office, he was completing the handover with this vampire descendant who had endured for 180 years.

Among Gu Tianyou's group, Rubio's role as an adjutant was a fake one. Little Fox Maiden was a personal maid, inseparable from each other. Ye He had been appointed as a staff officer. He was basically lured by Gu Tianyou's high salary after he was unable to threaten him. Richson and Trump were both mercenaries, the Boyett brothers were low-ranking servants, and the housekeeper, Safina, dressed in two rows of Saxon buttons, looked rather bluffing.

Gina's identity was sensitive, and she was sealed by Gu Tianyou and hid in the Primordial Chaos Realm. Young Master Yi used the excuse of watching the ship and stayed on the ship to continue his research. With the help of Li Zhongkui, Gu Tianyou even took the five-masted ship into the Primordial Chaos Realm.

The old man on the other side had white hair and was very old. It was said that when he first arrived, he was a young noble with black hair and heroic hair. His 180-year term had worn away all of his ambitions, leaving behind only a homesickness and an arrow-like return to his heart.

According to Ye He, the origin of the vampires was in the Primeval Era. The Great Head of State and Empyrean Ming worked together to kill the Great Primeval Saint Magus, the White Emperor. Back then, the White Emperor was armored, water and fire invulnerable, saber and sword incapable of being wounded. In the Pangu Origin Realm, he was also a peak Great Wizard, an almost invincible existence. If it weren't for the Great Leader's illusory battle qi and the Radiant Spirit of Sovereign Ming being his nemesis, he wouldn't have perished. Afterwards, the Great Head of State used the power of science to try to create the first generation of the Blood Ancestor in the process of trying to obtain the Kelon White Emperor gene. At the same time, they also created some other races that possessed the innate talent of the voodoo race. After generations of reproduction, they gradually formed new races. In the Federation, they were collectively referred to as the descendants of the White Emperor.

In the Origin World, the descendants of the White Emperor were considered second-class citizens. They could not compare to the seven families of the Divine Kingdom, nor were they inferior to the Hebrews and Aryans, the servants of the Divine Light.

Their ancestral bloodline came from the Pangu Origin World, and they were the peak great adepts of the Shennong era. However, in the orthodox battle between the great adepts and the divine way, the great virtues of the adepts had been defeated. Ancient adepts had become forbidden spells in the Sinian Origin Realm, and the orthodox inherited adepts had almost been exterminated. These unorthodox descendants of the White Emperor only managed to survive with a bit of inheritance and federal support.

Although Sacred Leaf Town was the territory of the witch kingdom, it was bordered by the Divine Kingdom and separated from the country by an entire extinct forest. The forest is roughly the size of dozens of witch kingdoms. One could imagine how painful Duncan's 180 years had been. The vampires generally had beautiful or handsome appearances, and they were not easy to age. To them, they were still in their twenties, but this Duncan looked so old and withered that it didn't look like he was in his twenties.

Before coming, Gu Tianyou had done his homework.

Bai Su and the others were all taken into the Primordial Chaos Realm. They didn't erase their memories of their divine sense. In order to enrich the population of intelligent life, they handed them over to Lee Chung-kwai and the Treasure Sun Dragon Tree to manage.

According to Bai Su, Duncan was basically a puppet controlled by the Asians. Using him, the Asians obtained an official identity in Sacred Leaf Town. Thousands of Asians from the Paramount Gang were selected as members of the security forces of Sacred Leaf Town, and they received large amounts of food and supplies from the Witch Kingdom every year. It was precisely for this reason that Paramount Gang's boss, Figuette, was so scheming that he even took the risk to become many sheriffs.

Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there are rivers and lakes, there are hidden rules. Empty rates are nothing new anywhere.

The leader of the Paramount Gang, Figuette, was a bear priest with extraordinary talent and divine power. On the surface, he looked vulgar and stupid, but in fact, he was a scheming, ruthless, and ruthless character. Kong Zheng was eating like crazy when a new sheriff suddenly appeared. Seeing that the huge benefits he had enjoyed for many years were about to change, how could he sit still?

Although Sacred Leaf Town was called a town, its scale wasn't much smaller than Blazing Fire Island. The area it actually managed covered the entire Terminator Forest nominally. The town hall was located at the end of the town's centerline, with the flags of the Divine Kingdom, the Federation, and the Witch Kingdom planted in front of the door. The street opposite was the busiest street in the city.

At this moment, it was noon, and a lot of strange-dressed, flowing, half-human, half-beast fellows suddenly appeared on the streets. It was obvious that they were coming for the new sheriff. Bai Su and the others didn't return. The appearance of the new sheriff disrupted Figuette's original plan. This fellow seemed to be losing his composure. Just as Gu Tianyou received the badge that symbolized the sheriff's status from Duncan, the boss of the Paramount Gang appeared.

He strode out of a town playground with a gigantic cigar in his mouth as big as a baseball bat, wearing a pair of canvas straps and trousers, a bowler hat on his head, and his sturdy body swaying over like a moving wall. His bearded face blocked his bear-like, more-than-human face, and his scarlet eyes revealed that he was currently in a state of rage.

\"Wait!\" \"Mr. Duncan,\" cried Figuette in a rough voice, \"I think there is something illegal about this resignation. There are some questions that need to be addressed to the new sheriff.\"

Duncan shrunk his neck subconsciously and asked, \"What are you doing, Figuette?\"

Figuette grinned, revealing his terrifyingly sharp white teeth. \"Old Duncan, did I hear correctly? Are you questioning my decision?\" He said.

Duncan was so scared that he shivered. He looked at Gu Tianyou and said, \"This is the new sheriff, Mr. Gu. If you have anything to ask, just ask.\" He then introduced to Gu Tianyou, \"This is the commander of the town's security forces, Mr. Figuette from the Terminator Forest Bearman Race.\"

A man must have two things, courage and color. Courage is courage, lust is desire, courage is colorless is a sage, colorless is a bandit. No matter what kind of man he was, if he didn't have these two items, he wouldn't have any charm. Duncan was in his prime, but due to the double castration of his mind and body, he had long lost his dignity as a male.

Figuette strode in front of Gu Tianyou and the others. Before he could speak, he let out a breath. As soon as he opened his mouth, Gu Tianyou frowned. The smell of wine in this guy's mouth was comparable to a biological weapon. He immediately took a step back and turned around to instruct Li Chen, \"I haven't finished the handover yet. I don't have time to pay attention to him. From now on, this person will be your deputy. Please receive him first.\"

Old Duncan's face turned green with fright when he said this. He looked at Gu Tianyou in horror, and then looked at Feigut, whose face was full of anger. He was at a loss for what to do.

In a place like Sacred Leaf Town, one could not boast just because the hat on one's head was big enough. The only criterion to support one's confidence was strength. This strength was first compared to whose fist was bigger, and secondly, whose waist was full. On this land, there was only one person larger than Figuette's fist, and that person was the gang leader of Shennong Gang. But his pocket was not as thick as Figuette's. The Radiant Priest of the Andalusian Society had a lot of gold coins, but his fist was not as big as Figuette's.

Overall, Figuette deserved to be ranked among the three giants of Sacred Leaf Town.

\"You're **ing courting death!\" The furious Fergut was like a wild bear as he opened his big hand and pounced towards Gu Tianyou. A ball of golden light greeted him and waved a fist, knocking him to the ground. He smashed a ditch in the hard ground.

Gu Tianyou turned to Ye He and smiled, \"Are you sure this thing can really resist Li Chen's fist?\"

Ye He said, \"The human bear race is a race created by the combination of human genes and the storm bear race. The storm bear race lives in the cold region of Evernight all year round, and its talent is unimaginable. It was born with the knowledge of divine wind energy. In the Primeval Era, there were even individuals who reached the Utmost Saint realm to assist Patriarch Yuxu and Grand Supreme Void in fighting against the Magi race.\" \"According to the Jade Void Treasure Grimoire, the Human Bear Clan inherited part of the Storm Bear Clan's innate talent and possessed human intelligence. They were born warriors,\" he said after a slight pause.

Gu Tianyou remembered the famous battle race in the surface world and thought to himself, did those old hairs come like this?

As Ye He had said, Feigut was sent flying unscathed by Li Chen's punch. He suddenly jumped up, beat his chest, and roared as he rushed towards Li Chen. Li Chen didn't show any weakness as he crashed head-on. The two of them collided fiercely in the middle of the journey. Li Chen's figure was slightly inferior, but his strength was clearly stronger. The golden light exploded, and Figuette was knocked into a daze. He couldn't help but take a few steps back. He sat down on the ground. He rolled his eyes and fainted.

Just when Gu Tianyou thought that this guy had been dealt with, he actually staggered back to his seat, looking drunk and foolish. He even muttered, \"Perhaps the sea defines a shell as a pearl.\" Maybe time defines coal as diamonds. Time is the hand of creation.

\"What is this situation?\" Gu Tianyou looked at him in surprise. Bai Su had never said that this guy was still a cultured bear. This little poem is unheard of, but it rhymes in the same way.

Wild Crane expressionlessly said, \"Don't be happy too early. All orcs have a trump card!\"

\"Stunning move?\" Gu Tianyou pondered for a moment and tried to guess, \"Beast Transformation?\"

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