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The comprehension of Laws is generally divided into four levels: the threshold of entry, the small success of Laws, the great success of Laws, and the perfection of Laws.

The first threshold of the Wind-attributed Instant Thousand Miles Laws was to reach the speed of ten thousand meters in an instant. The Small Perfection Laws could reach the speed of a hundred kilometers in an instant, the Great Perfection Laws could reach the speed of a thousand miles in an instant, and the Perfection Laws could reach the speed of ten thousand kilometers in an instant.

In an instant, this was an extremely terrifying speed, completely able to catch up with the speed of teleportation.

The distance from Phoenix Sun City to the Liuli City was only 6,000 kilometers. In other words, it was only a blink of an eye for a peak wind attribute expert to arrive in the Liuli City from Phoenix Sun City.

\"I just don't know what will happen to the attack speed of the Instant Ten Thousand Miles Laws.\" Qin Yun smiled.

Then, he punched out in an instant, and a fist mark appeared in the void.

A hundred punches!

Qin Yun's face revealed an excited expression when he saw the fist imprints all over the sky.

An instant was a breath of time. Just now, Qin Yun had punched out a full hundred punches in one breath. One could imagine how fast Qin Yun's punch was.

If he hadn't comprehended the Laws of Instant Ten Thousand Miles, he could only punch out at most a hundred punches in one breath.


Qin Yun took out the Violet Abyss Sword again and began to wave it. Immediately, sword shadows surged out from the sky, turning a huge rock into a human-shaped sculpture in the distance.

In an instant, Qin Yun's face brimmed with a brilliant smile.

Now that he was facing Tibetan Feng again, even if his sword technique was not as powerful as his, he could still completely slash Tibetan Feng under the sword with such a fast speed.

This was the mystery of the Instant Ten Thousand Miles Laws. Whether it was movement speed or attack speed, they would instantly soar.

When his wind attribute reached the Great Perfection Realm in an instant, he would be able to hand out a hundred thousand swords in an instant. Only then would he truly destroy the heavens and destroy the earth.

It was precisely this principle that the world's attacks were fast and unbreakable.

If he could comprehend the Primordial Chaos Rending Laws again, then it would be even more formidable. A terrifying power coupled with extreme speed was the true ultimate killing technique.

Of course, with his current strength, although he was still not a match for the early Profound Immortal Stage, it was not easy to kill him even if he was an early Profound Immortal Stage expert.

\"It's time for Yan Yun and the others to cross the tribulation.\" Qin Yun revealed a faint smile.

Liu Yanyun waved her sleeve and appeared in front of Qin Yun.

Because there were seven people in the Immortal King's Mansion who were going to cross the tribulation, Qin Yun could not let them all out at once. Otherwise, when the seven of them crossed the tribulation together, they would definitely interact with each other, and the power of the heavenly tribulation would be extremely great.

Moreover, the momentum caused by the seven of them crossing the tribulation together would definitely be enormous. At that time, it would definitely attract the attention of the surrounding forces and attract unnecessary troubles. Therefore, Qin Yun felt that it was better to let them cross the tribulation one by one.

\"Yun'er, is this the Immortal World?\" This was the first time Liu Yanyun had appeared in the outside world, and a curious expression immediately appeared on her pretty face.

\"Mm, Yan Yun, your heavenly tribulation will still take some time before it descends. You should first use this period of time to adjust your state and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.\" Qin Yun said to Liu Yanyun.

\"En, Yun'er, don't worry. With Senior Xu Feng's guidance, this Immortal Transformation Tribulation will definitely be able to be overcome.\" Liu Yanyun smiled at Qin Yun and said.

Qin Yun nodded. He knew that Liu Yanyun was afraid that he would be worried. That was why she said those words. In fact, although Liu Yanyun was confident, this was the first time she had crossed the Heavenly Tribulation. She would be more or less nervous.

Actually, Qin Yun had also thought about it. If there was a problem with the Heavenly Tribulation, he would immediately appear beside Liu Yanyun and then put him into the Initial Universe.

Once they entered the Initial Universe, the Heavenly Tribulation would not be able to sense Liu Yanyun's existence. Naturally, there would be no more danger.

However, in this way, Liu Yanyun would no longer be able to appear in this universe. Once she appeared again, she would be ruthlessly annihilated by the might of the heavens.

Of course, this was much better than losing their minds. Whether it was the three women or Xiao Bai Xiaojin, Qin Yun definitely wouldn't allow any accidents to happen to them. Therefore, this was also the reason why Qin Yun chose to let them cross the tribulation one by one.

Liu Yanyun no longer said anything and began to sit cross-legged in the void, adjusting her tribulation-crossing state.

It had to be said that although Liu Yanyun had cultivated for a relatively short period of time, her foundation was extremely solid. In addition, Qin Yun had purposely used the Profound Yellow Energy to purify the three women's bodies once, so the strength of the three women surpassed that of ordinary peak Immortal Transformation experts, comparable to the early Earthly Immortal Realm.

Among them, Chen Mengxi's strength had reached the mid Earth Immortal realm, so it was naturally not a problem for her to overcome some ordinary Immortal Transformation Tribulations.

the sky 's Heavenly Might continued to descend, and Qin Yun's figure also quietly retreated ten miles away. However, Qin Yun's gaze did not leave Liu Yanyun.

Ten kilometers was a safe distance. If there was a problem, it could guarantee that Qin Yun would arrive at the first possible time and save Liu Yanyun.


The Heavenly Tribulation finally descended after two hours of preparation.

This was a thumb-sized purple lightning bolt that descended from the sky and rushed towards Liu Yanyun.

At this moment, Liu Yanyun suddenly opened her eyes and saw the purple lightning descending from the sky. A boundless amount of True Essence emerged from her body, blowing her dress rustling.

Liu Yanyun stretched out her slender jade hand from her dress and struck out with her True Essence, easily blocking the purple lightning.

Qin Yun watched the valiant Liu Yanyun block the first Lightning tribulation so easily and revealed a faint smile on his face.

The next five heavenly tribulations were easily blocked by Liu Yanyun with her powerful True Essence.

Only after the seventh Heavenly Tribulation did Liu Yanyun send out an immortal sword. With a single strike, the sword light shattered the lightning into two halves.

The eighth Heavenly Tribulation was still concocted in the same way, easily blocked by Liu Yanyun.

The eight Lightning tribulation s didn't even touch a corner of Liu Yanyun's clothes.

Qin Yun also revealed a nervous expression when he saw this scene. This ninth Heavenly Tribulation was the most powerful Heavenly Tribulation, especially the Heart Demon Tribulation. He almost didn't cross it and died under this Heart Demon Tribulation.

However, to his surprise, when the ninth Heavenly Tribulation descended, Liu Yanyun seemed to have not been affected by the Heart Demonic Tribulation, and her eyes were incomparably clear from beginning to end.

Liu Yanyun unhurriedly slashed out her sword, easily turning the ninth Heavenly Tribulation into nothingness, and the Immortal Transformation Tribulation was easily crossed by Liu Yanyun.

Qin Yun stood in the distance, his face filled with excitement and surprise. He did not expect that Yan Yun would actually be able to overcome the Immortal Transformation Tribulation so easily.

Although Liu Yanyun's Heavenly Tribulation was far less powerful than Qin Yun's, Liu Yanyun was not injured at all. This was also a very difficult matter.

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