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In a flash, six days passed.

During these six days, Qin Yun had been cultivating meticulously in the Demon God Palace.

Fortunately, Qin Yun had actually broken through to the middle stage of Immortal Transformation, and the primordial primordial chaos in his body had become even more dense.

In terms of the richness of his True Essence, Qin Yun's True Essence was no less than a mid Earth Immortal Realm expert, and its quality was far higher than an ordinary mid Earth Immortal Realm expert.

Today was the tenth day. Qin Yun followed the agreement and brought Yao Lingkong and Yan Yufeng to wait in the valley of the endless abyss.

Qin Yun remembered the last time he came to the Endless Abyss, the fluctuations coming from the bottom of the abyss made his heart palpitate. At that time, Qin Yun was only at the early Dao Condensation stage.

Right now, Qin Yun had already reached the middle stage of Immortal Transformation, and his strength had reached the peak of the Earth Immortal realm. However, the fluctuations below still made Qin Yun's heart palpitate.

Qin Yun really couldn't imagine what kind of strength the monster below had.

Qin Yun asked Yao Lingkong and Yan Yufeng about the monster below, but they both said that they had never seen this monster before.

They had lived in the Immortal Palace for a long time and hadn't even met the monster once, which made Qin Yun very surprised.

\"Could it be that this monster lives inside the Immortal King's Mansion?\" Qin Yun thought to himself.


However, right at this moment, two sounds of breaking open the seawater interrupted Qin Yun's train of thought.

Qin Yun raised his head and looked in the direction of the person who came. He saw a man and a woman speeding over from afar. One second ago, they were still a thousand meters away, and the next second, they were already in front of Qin Yun.

\"Haha, I thought I was the first to arrive. I didn't expect Brother Qin to be even more active than me.\" Just as Qian Wuyan's body arrived in front of Qin Yun, he laughed loudly and said.

Lin Yunyan remained silent as she followed behind him with a tranquil smile on her charming face.

\"Brother Qian, I'm overpraising you. I see that Brother Qian's face is full of spring. I'm sure he's quite happy these past few days.\" Qin Yun said with a chuckle.

\"Haha, Brother Qin is indeed a smart person. That's right, I've brought Yunyan around these past few days. Normally, I'm only busy cultivating in the Immortal Dimension's Immortal Sect. Now that I've come to the Mortal Dimension, I naturally have to have a good time. Don't tell me that the scenery in the Mortal Dimension has a different charm than the Immortal Dimension.\" Qian Wuyan laughed.

Qin Yun smiled and nodded. Although immortals had a long lifespan, most immortals often cultivated in seclusion. It was possible for them to cultivate in seclusion for more than ten to twenty years, or even a hundred years. Therefore, even immortals did not have much time to enjoy it.

\"Brother Qian, what kind of monster do you think is down here? Why do you feel so terrifying from so far away?\" Qin Yun asked.

\"I don't know, but I'm sure the fellow below is very powerful. Even when I feel this aura, I feel a palpitating sensation.\" Qian Wuyan's expression became serious.

Qin Yun frowned slightly, his heart becoming more and more confused.

\"Hmph, I don't care what kind of monster he is. As long as he dares to block my path, I will kill him.\"

Suddenly, a cold snort sounded from afar. Then, two figures swiftly shuttled over from afar.

Qin Yun and Qian Wuyan looked at each other and smiled. They didn't need to look to know who the person would be. Apart from the Heavenly Sect's Feng Chen Zi, who else would have such a big tone?

Sure enough, just as he finished speaking, two figures appeared in front of Qin Yun and Qian Wuyan. They were Feng Chen Zi and Han Feng.

Feng Chen Zi's expression was arrogant and his gaze was arrogant. The expression he looked at Qin Yun was even colder. Obviously, it was because of the last time Qin Yun stepped on his face that he still harbored hatred in his heart.

\"Who do I think has such a big tone? So it's Feng Chen Zifeng Xianren. No wonder the cows are flying in the sky. So it's Feng Xianren who blew them up.\" Qian Wuyan sneered and mocked.

\"Qian Wuyan, do you want to fight? Don't think that I'm afraid of you. Today, I'll show you how powerful I am, Feng Chen Zi.\" Feng Chen said angrily.

\"Come on!\" Qian Wuyan sneered with disdain.

If Han Feng were to make a move, he might still be afraid of three points, but he wasn't afraid of this Feng Chen Zi.

Feng Chen Zi was instantly enraged. He was about to make a move, but Han Feng pulled him back and shook his head at him.

Although Feng Chen Zi was unwilling, he knew that it was inappropriate to make a move at this time. He could only snort coldly and stop talking.

Qian Wuyan had already expected this, and his eyes revealed a trace of mockery.

All of a sudden, the audience fell into silence.

After about an incense stick had passed, Feng Chen Zi finally revealed a trace of impatience.

\"What's wrong with that snow girl? She clearly agreed to meet up here. Seeing that the time is almost up, why isn't there even a single person? Could it be that she's playing with us?\" Feng Chenzi said angrily.

Qin Yun and Qian Wuyan both frowned. The appointed time was almost up, but this Snow Maiden had not appeared yet. This made their hearts somewhat uncertain.

Snow Maiden had two Immortal Palace keys in her hands. Without her, it was impossible for her to open the door of the Immortal King's Mansion.

\"Look, she's here.\"

Just as Qin Yun and Qian Wuyan were worried that the Snow Maiden would not come, Yan Yufeng suddenly said.

Everyone turned their heads to look into the distance when they heard this. They saw a figure galloping towards them from afar. Following the appearance of the Snow Maiden, the temperature of the surrounding seawater dropped abruptly, and even the entire seawater was about to freeze.

\"Why is she alone? Didn't she snatch an extra Immortal Palace key?\" Qian Wuyan asked doubtfully.

\"Who cares about her? As long as she brings two keys to the Immortal Palace, it's fine.\" Feng Chen Zi said.

Obviously, he felt that the fewer people, the better. In this way, there would be less people who could snatch away the treasures in the Immortal Palace with him.

Qin Yun was similarly puzzled in his heart. Ever since he knew that this Snow Maiden was an avatar of an expert from the Immortal Dimension, when he faced this Snow Maiden again, he felt somewhat fearful in his heart.

Even if an Immortal King level expert's avatar was also at the Earthly Immortal Realm, her methods and insights were not something that others could resist.

Fortunately, this Snow Maiden did not have any hostility towards him. She even said that she could help him once. This made Qin Yun's heart feel much better.

The Snow Maiden's figure was ethereal, and she was still covered in a thin veil, making it impossible for others to see her true appearance. However, this added a hint of haziness to him.

\"Since everyone is here, let's go!\" The moment Snow Maiden appeared in front of everyone, she spoke coldly.

Without waiting for the crowd to reply, he flew down the endless abyss alone.

When Feng Chen Zi saw this snow woman's arrogant appearance, a trace of displeasure immediately surged in his heart. He coldly snorted in his heart, \"Humph, pretend to be cold in front of me. Wait until I use your Immortal Palace key to enter the Immortal Palace, then let's see how I will deal with you.\" Then, they followed behind Han Feng.

Qin Yun and Qian Wuyan exchanged a glance before heading down the endless abyss.

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