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Immortal Martial God Chapter 880 Allstar Manor

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\"Did you capture them all in one go?\" Jiang Yong looked at Xiang Nan in disbelief, \"How did you do it? Your cultivation is obviously not as strong as that middle-aged man's, but you can withstand his attacks without being hurt.\"

\"What kind of peculiar technique is this?\"

Xiang Nan waved his hand and said, \"Nothing special. It's just that my strength has completely crushed them.\"

\"Alright, it's almost dawn. Everyone, go back and rest. We'll set off at noon.\"

\"Don't worry, with me here, you can sleep peacefully.\"

Only then did the despondent people let out a sigh of relief and went to rest.

Too many things had happened that night, and they were already exhausted.

By the sea.

Xiang Nan looked at the Yuan Qi leaping above his palm and muttered to himself, \"After recovering the power of the divine lightning, my realm has returned to the seventh level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm, and the Dipper Qi has also been converted into Yuan Qi.\"

\"However, the advantage is that after reaching the Heaven Scryer Realm, the spiritual energy in my body is different from when I was at the Heaven Origin Realm. The time it takes to support the power of divine lightning has also greatly increased.\"

\"Maintaining the full strength explosive state, it will be able to last for about ten minutes. This is a place worth celebrating.\"

Ten minutes was enough to end most of the battles.

According to the plan, at noon the next day, Xiang Nanhe, Jiang Xuelu, and the Moonlight Tour Team set out on their way.

The headquarters of the Jiang Clan was located in the largest city in the exile continent, Lost City.

Since there was no political power on this continent, there was no such thing as an imperial capital.

Then, Xue Lu insisted on calling the tour team to set off together, claiming that it was to provide cover for her.

Liu Dongyuan and the others did not have any ideas. In any case, they were going to perform. It would be best if they could go to a bigger city and get the support of the Jiang Clan.

The distance between Xiaoyao Lake and Lost City wasn't too close, about 700,000 to 800,000 kilometers. With their flying ship's speed, they could arrive in about five days.

However, after landing in a city every day, they would have to tour twice. If they were delayed like this, it would probably take them ten days to reach their destination.

On the stage, the Iron Blood Heroic Soul was staged again. The audience below the stage were all cheering endlessly. However, the one who played Xu Caiyue this time was no longer Xiao Wan, but Jiang Xue Lu.

She was originally beautiful, but now that she played such a role, she attracted countless cheers and applause.

Xiang Nan looked at the performances on the stage and shook his head helplessly. He didn't know what kind of trick Xue Lu had in mind and why she had to do all these performances.

Does it make sense?

Xiang Nan held a small stone the size of a grain of rice in his hand and muttered to himself, \"This is the Void Stone Jiang Yong collected. It's much smaller than I thought.\"

The Void Stone in his mind was probably thirty to forty times larger than Jiang Yong's Void Stone.

It seemed that the Void Stone was indeed incomparably precious, and anything the size of a grain of rice could bring disaster to Jiang Yong.

The people of the Eastern Region loved entertainment even more than Xiang Nan had imagined. The Moonlight Tour could be said to be in a state of chaos here, and their fame had risen along the way.

Many distant cities even extended invitations to the tour group, hoping to perform a few performances with them.

\"How was it? Did I perform well?\" After the performance ended, Xue Lu came over excitedly and asked.

Xiang Nan frowned. \"I don't understand. Something big has happened to your family. You still have the mood to play.\"

\"My idea is to bring you to your family headquarters as soon as possible. It would be best if I personally take you there. In that case, we can arrive within a day.\"

With Xiang Nan's Heaven Scryer Realm strength, a distance of 700,000 to 800,000 kilometers was not a problem at all.

Jiang Xue Lu didn't care about that much, but she still asked excitedly, \"Tell me if I'm good or not. Do you have Xu Caiyue's charm?\"

\"How should I know.\" \"It's not like I've seen Xu Caiyue,\" Xiang Nan said unhappily.

Xiang Nan thought to herself. This Jiang Xue Lu was a thoughtful woman. She shouldn't be so interested in acting for no reason. Perhaps, there was another reason.

However, at the very least, Xue Lu's plan could be considered satisfactory. They had used the situation of the team to cover up. In these ten days, they really hadn't encountered any experts from the The Profound Sky Sect .

On the eleventh day, everyone finally arrived late and arrived at Lost City.

If this was a city, it would not be appropriate, because it was simply too large, much larger than any city that Xiang Nan had ever seen.

Just Lost City alone was comparable to the entire Eastern Sea Province of the The Haotian Empire .

Under the clouds, Xiang Nanfei looked at the city. In the past, there was no end to human society, no end in sight.

The flying ship of the tour team slowly docked at one of the many air ports in Lost City.

What was worthy of Xiang Nan's attention was that there was a clover clan emblem printed on the air port.

\" Whampoa Clan.\" \"They're really everywhere,\" Xiang Nan muttered.

The general Xue Lu said, \"In the entire Lost City, there are a total of three great clans. Two of them are my Tujia Clan, our Jiang Clan and the Xiao Clan.\"

\"The other is the famous Whampoa Clan.\"

\"The airship business in Lost City, including the construction of airships and the operation of the air port, is in the hands of the Whampoa Aristocrat Clan.\"

\"Every cargo ship that comes here to do business has to pay a high fee. The Whampoa Aristocrat Clan has really taken away the biggest piece of fat meat in Lost City.\"

\"Let's go. Since we've already arrived, hurry up and go to your clan to find the most powerful artificer.\" Xiang Nan didn't have the slightest interest in business, nor did he want to talk to Jiang Xuelu about this.

\"What a boring person.\" Xue Lu glanced at Xiang Nan and said, \"Apart from martial arts, you are also a martial artist. Don't tell me that there is nothing else worth entertaining in your life?\"

\"I'm already very boring.\" Xiang Nan said frankly.

Jiang Xuelu sighed and said, \"Alright, follow me back to the clan. Remember, you are my personal bodyguard now. Follow me at all times.\"

The tour team stayed in Lost City, where they would perform a total of fifteen tours.

Meanwhile, Xiang Nan and Jiang Xuelu went to the headquarters of the Jiang Clan.

Strictly speaking, the Jiang Clan was more like a clan-type \"sect.\" They represented one of the top powers in the exiled continent.

The experts of the Jiang Clan were not inferior to those of the Haoran Sect. Among them, the Patriarch of the Jiang Clan possessed the strength of the Heavenly Tribulation Realm and dominated the continent for a hundred years.

The Jiang Clan's headquarters' mansions were shaped like stars wrapping around the moon. The outer ring was a circle of scattered mansions. These mansions were large in area, each larger than the Haoran Sect's sect site.

The \"Inner Palace\" that surrounded the mansion was a symbol of the status and status of the General Clan. Only the most outstanding juniors and elders of the clan were qualified to enter.

\"What a wealthy man.\" Xiang Nan sighed sincerely when he saw the size of the Jiang Clan.

Haoran Sect was a pure martial arts sect, and the Jiang Clan not only had many experts, but also had a lot of money! It was actually a family mansion that was decorated.

However, after arriving at the headquarters of the General Clan, Xiang Nan discovered that Jiang Xuelu was not as happy as she had imagined. On the contrary, there was a faint panic on her face.

\"Miss Xue Lu is back.\" There were two rows of clan guards guarding the gate of the headquarters of the Jiang Clan.

As soon as they saw Jiang Xuelu, they nodded in greeting.

However, Xiang Nan did not see much respect in the eyes of the guards.

\"This is another mystery.\" Xiang Nan was thoughtful.

\"You, unload your saber.\" A guard walked over and scolded Xiang Nan coldly.

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