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Immortal Martial God Chapter 734 A Sudden Turn of Events

Author:  Ximen Ziqi Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 16:01:44

Xiang Nan could clearly feel the changes in the mood of the audience. He didn't need to learn any mind reading. He could tell from the expressions of the audience.

This was a world of martial arts that respected strength. When a woman bravely announced her love declaration in front of the world, not many people would blame her.

Sad? Poor?

Xiang Nan had already seen through the warmth and coldness of human nature. He was only a spectator now, just quietly watching Xuan Qingzhu's performance.

He didn't want to make any remarks or attitudes. He just wore a smile because this was reality.

Xuan Qingzhu continued to speak loudly, \"It is self-evident how important the Sect Qualifying Tournament is. Every competitor who is qualified to participate in the Sect Qualifying Tournament is the pride of his sect and continent.\"

\"We have to earn them the respect they deserve. Then I will take a long time to read out the names of these 800 contestants as a sign of respect.\"

\"Perhaps … it should be said that there are 799 contestants.\"

Xuan Qingzhu paused for a moment before saying this.

Hearing this, the crowd burst into laughter, and Xuan Qingzhu also had a rare sense of humor.

Of course, everyone knew what 799 meant, because everyone knew that Xiang Nan of the Haoran Sect had not registered!

The crowd was about to go crazy with laughter. This matter had simply become a hot topic before the sect ranking tournament started. It had become a big black dragon.

Only the elders and disciples in the direction of the Haoran Sect had ugly expressions on their faces.

Xuan Qingzhu's \"little joke\" was like a loud slap in the face, slapping the Haoran Sect's face fiercely in front of the world's martial artists.

\"Ha, I heard that Xiang Nan is still a seed contestant sent by the Haoran Sect. Isn't he the first place in the twelve-sect joint exam?\"

\"Yes, hello! Why hasn't your Xiang Nan come from the Haoran Sect?\"

\"Needless to say, of course I'm scared. Do you think that Xiang Nan won the championship of the Twelve Sect Joint Examination? But with his strength, he's nothing in this sect's ranking tournament.\"

\"If he really does come, then he'll end up with a dirty face. Isn't it a loss? If it were me, I might have gone into hiding as well.\"

Hearing everyone's mockery, the direction of the Haoran Sect didn't even make a single sound.

As for the other first-rate sects, the sect elders who had received Xiang Nan's unbreakable golden body were all utterly disappointed.

Where's that Xiang Nan who dared to barge into other continents, barge into a first-class sect, and negotiate with a first-class sect elder as a small disciple?

Did he really lose his courage?

As everyone said, in order to protect his good reputation, Xiang Nan chose to be a coward in the sect's exclusionary tournament?

At this time, Xuan Qingzhu had already started to read out the names of the contestants.

According to the order, she started from the last sect, the Haoran Sect.

Because this sect ranking competition was limited to age, not realm, many geniuses came from the Haoran Sect. Some of them came from third-grade or even fourth-grade academies.

Xiang Nan did not recognize these geniuses and had never interacted with them before. Now that he heard their names, he was still very unfamiliar.

The Haoran Sect wasn't the only genius, Xiang Nan. He could only represent the peak of the Second Grade Academy, and the Third Grade and Thought Grade Academies had outstanding talents.

However, after Xuan Qingzhu finished reading the names of the ninety-nine people, she stopped. She deliberately paused for a while longer.

As a result, there was an overwhelming amount of ridicule.

\"I have to say, I regret that the Haoran Sect has slacked off in the sect ranking tournament.\" Xuan Qingzhu shook his head in the direction of the Haoran Sect.

Afterwards, she began to read out the list of the The Divine Feathers Sect that was ranked seventh among the eight great sects, followed by the Profound Underworld Sect that was ranked sixth.

Every contestant whose name was read on the spot raised their chests high, proudly welcoming applause from all the continents of the world.

They represented their clans, sects, countries, and continents to the Nine Heavens to participate in this grand banquet of dragon and tiger battles.

However, the Haoran Sect disciples were originally supposed to be proud, but because of Xiang Nan, they were unable to be proud.

When Xuan Qingzhu read about his sect's disciples, the crowd applauded loudly.

Especially when Xuan Qingzhu read the list of the last disciples of the Heavenly Profound Sect, he threw out another bomb!

This massive bomb directly struck the Nature Sect until it would never be able to turn over!

All the spectators shouted in shock.

The reason for that was because Xuan Qingzhu was reading the name of the last disciple of the The Profound Sky Sect to participate in the competition … Xiang Ru!

The audience, all the sects, and even the Nine Firmaments Imperial Clan were all shocked.

Everyone looked at Xuan Qingzhu in shock. They felt incredulous when they saw the victorious Xuan Qingzhu.

Xiang Ru's name had been too loud lately.

Until today, everyone still had clear memories in their minds. They still remembered the young man who fought against the The Profound Sky Sect alone, and even defeated the The Profound Sky Sect in the end, allowing the The Haotian Empire to return victoriously.

At this moment, Xuan Qingzhu was the one who was most proud of himself, and the one who felt the most frustration was the Haoran Sect.

The Haoran Sect came from the Blue Tide Continent. Not only did their sect's Xiang Nan flee, but even their pride and Confucianism had also surrendered to the The Profound Sky Sect ?

I got it back! The face of the The Profound Sky Sect was completely restored!

Xuan Qingzhu arrogantly scanned the crowd, and the satisfaction and satisfaction in his eyes were not concealed.

So what if my The Profound Sky Sect had fallen even more heavily in Xiang Ru's hands? But now? He, Xiang Ru, is already a member of our The Profound Sky Sect !

All the natives of the The Nine Firmaments Continent cheered.

Inside the Nine Firmaments Imperial Palace, the First Prince had been watching the scene with a smile. However, when he heard the word \"Xiang Ru\", he angrily kicked the table over.

\"It's not possible!\"

\"He promised me! He swore to me that he would never stand against the Nine Firmaments Imperial Clan!\" The First Prince was so furious that he shouted, \"He promised me that he would never stand against the Nine Firmaments Imperial Clan!\"


\"He refused to submit to me even though I gave him so many benefits! Why did he choose to join the The Profound Sky Sect ! He joined the sect that I feared the most!\" The prince lifted the table that he had kicked over and smashed it to the ground fiercely.

\"Xiang Ru! You fickle little fellow! I misjudged you!\"

All of the palace maids and guards stood on the side trembling with fear, and no one dared to vent their anger loudly.

This was the fiercest anger the First Prince had ever felt in the past ten years.

Xiang Nan, however, was dumbfounded when he saw this in the private room of Star Gazing City.


\"Sky Profound Sect, you actually signed me up?\"

This matter was a great turning point for Xiang Nan.

He didn't expect that he wouldn't use Xiang Nan's identity to register his name, but the The Profound Sky Sect actually reported Xiang Ru to him.

At this moment, the Haoran Sect felt that they had truly come to the wrong place. They shouldn't have come here to embarrass themselves.

The seeded contestants of his sect escaped, and the rising stars of his country ran away with others.

Is there anything more embarrassing!

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