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Immortal Martial God Chapter 635 Nurture Or Not

Author:  Ximen Ziqi Genre:  Fantasy UpdateTime:  2021-01-14 01:01:20

It's her … It's really her!

As if struck by lightning, Xiang Nan stood there in a daze. His mind was buzzing, and he had long since turned into a mess.

She was so beautiful, like a peerless fairy walking out of the Nine Firmaments Galaxy.

And that man was so handsome, his body was like a tiger, his eyes were like a dragon, his eyebrows were like swords, and his eyes were like stars!

The woman was Xuan Qingzhu, who had become the Chief Disciple of the The Profound Sky Sect after Bai Muchen had disappeared!

As for the man, he was the chief disciple of the Flying Cloud Sect, Flying Clouds Flowing Sea .

Nearly two years ago, the marriage between the two great sects had caused a stir. Everyone in the world knew that Xuan Qingzhu and Feiyun Liuhai were engaged. Three years later, they would be married late.

And now, there was only a year and a half left before the three-year marriage.

However, the two of them had already come out of their pairs, and Yanran was a pair of divine celestial couples that caused countless people to go crazy with envy.

What made Xiang Nan even more surprised was that he thought that Xuan Qingzhu could only advance to the late Fortune Realm at most, but in reality, the current Xuan Qingzhu was already at the first level of the Divine Martial Realm!

It seemed that after obtaining the five Heavenly Spiritual Meridians, her cultivation base had really improved by leaps and bounds like a fish in water.

\"Is she Xuan Qingzhu? She's really beautiful …\" The Ninth Princess saw through the gods and blankly said, \"This Xuan Qingzhu's beauty is even above Xu Caiyue's. It's really unbelievable.\"

\"Wow, that Flying Clouds Flowing Sea is so handsome. I've never seen such a beautiful man in my life.\"

The Ninth Princess had already lost her judgment and was completely convinced by the temperament of the two of them.

Actually, Xuan Qingzhu might not really be more beautiful than Xu Caiyue, but Xuan Qingzhu was a woman with deep thoughts. She knew how to dress herself.

She had always cared about her words and actions, and about the impression she left on everyone. She spent a lot of time every day putting on makeup to make herself look beautiful, but not gorgeous, not vulgar.

Xu Caiyue, on the other hand, never cared about her appearance. She always wore whatever she had and never picked anything.

Xiang Nan's mind went into a trance.

\"After so many years … after so many years, I finally saw her again.\" Xiang Nan was stunned.

The moment he saw Xuan Qingzhu, he felt as if he had lived another life. All of the things that had happened to her in his previous life flashed through his mind at lightning speed. He remembered everything so clearly, as if it was yesterday.

Her laughter, her beauty, her every move, her unparalleled elegance.

In fact, Xiang Nan still remembered the resolute expression on her face before she died.

\"Between love and the future, I choose the future.\"

\"Mu Chen, I don't regret it.\"

As her needle landed, it ended Bai Muchen's brilliant and short life.

Today, she appeared again.

This was the first time in his life that Xiang Nan had been unable to suppress his hatred and anger.

Why? He wanted to grab Xuan Qingzhu's shoulder and ask her why!

Xiang Nan felt that the white flames and lightning in his body had already started to move restlessly.

A wave of hatred that was about to erupt was about to make Xiang Nan lose his mind.

Kill her! Kill her! !

There were countless voices in Xiang Nan's heart that were desperately telling him these words.

But when the princess suddenly mentioned Xu Caiyue, Xiang Nan's irrational body suddenly woke up a little.

No! No way! With my current strength, I'm still far from being her match.

If I attack now and she kills me instead, then I will never have the chance to take revenge.

Xiang Nan tried his best to restrain his hatred, and the sweat on his body had already soaked his clothes.

Revenge is a dish that should be eaten cold!

He wanted to destroy her, destroy the entire The Profound Sky Sect !

Didn't she regret it? Then I'll let her taste the taste of regret and let her know that the most wrong decision she made in her life was to kill Bai Muchen!

You can't be impulsive, you can't be impulsive now!

\"It's really beautiful. I feel that after seeing Xuan Qingzhu, I will never fall in love with any woman again in my life.\"

\"Yes, she has all the feminine beauty I can imagine. Even her voice drives me crazy.\"

The people lost their rationality and kept saying things that they shouldn't have said.

Xuan Qingzhu stood beside Feiyun Liuhai with a smile. The two of them looked intimate and could always find an opportunity to give each other a loving look.

The two of them worried about their \"lofty\" status and did not make any physical contact.

However, judging from their frequent and affectionate gazes at each other, it was clear that they had already sworn an oath to each other.

Originally, the location of the Flying Clouds Flowing Sea belonged to Bai Muchen

For some reason, after seeing this scene, Xiang Nan suddenly calmed down. This kind of calm had never occurred to Xiang Nan.

\"Unparalleled.\" Xuan Qingzhu smiled and said, \"You're messing around here again.\"

The moment Xuan Qingzhu's voice came out, everyone was intoxicated, as if they had heard the most beautiful voice in the world.

She seemed to be blaming Zhong Wushuang, but there was no blame in her tone.

Zhong Wushuang immediately knelt on one knee and said with a naughty smile, \"Master, this disciple is so bored in the sect. This Heavenly City is so lively, this disciple wants to relax.\"

\"You.\" Xuan Qingzhu rebuked. Her gaze landed on the injured martial artists and said, \"Well-behaved, you just hurt people. Don't tell me that you've forgotten all about your teacher's teachings?\"

\"Disciple knows his mistake.\" Zhong Wushuang smiled and took out three bottles of pills from his bosom. He threw them onto the twenty martial artists and said, \"When they wake up and eat these pills, they will naturally recover from their serious injuries and their cultivation will improve.\"

\"Naughty.\" Xuan Qingzhu glared at Zhong Wushuang angrily and laughingly.

\"Qingzhu and Wushuang are a bit more active, but they are not bad at the same time.\" Feiyun Liuhai chuckled and tried to persuade him.

\"I know, you, you know how to protect him.\" Xuan Qingzhu shook his head helplessly and said, \"Wu-shuang, let's go. We still have things to do.\"


Just as they were about to leave, Xiang Nan suddenly stood up and sneered.

\"Xiang Ru, what are you doing? Come back!\" The Ninth Princess was scared out of her wits, thinking to herself, \"This Xiang Ru doesn't want to die anymore!\"

Xuan Qingzhu had already turned around. After hearing Xiang Nan's voice, her back suddenly stiffened for a moment. Then, she suddenly turned around and saw Xiang Nan with a single glance.

Bai Muchen reformed into Xiang Nan. Whether it was his appearance, voice, or everything else, everything had changed.

However, Xuan Qingzhu suddenly heard a familiar \"charm\" from Xiang Nan's voice.

When she saw Xiang Nan's face, a wisp of relief flashed in her eyes and she said, \"Are you talking about waiting?\"

Xiang Nan nodded and said, \"It's me.\"

\"Is something the matter?\" Xuan Qingzhu asked with a gentle smile.

Xiang Nan narrowed his eyes. He pointed at the twenty martial artists lying on the ground and said, \"These people, how about this?\"

\"Your disciple injured someone for no reason. You only smiled and blamed him a few times. Let's forget it?\"

Xuan Qingzhu still maintained a good upbringing and asked with a smile, \"Then what do you think we should do?\"

\"Xiang Ru, don't go crazy!\" The Ninth Princess stomped her feet anxiously.

Xiang Nan crossed his arms and said, \"Nurture or not, father's fault, disciple made a mistake, master also has the responsibility.\"

\"Shouldn't you stay and wake these people up and apologize in public?\"

Whether to teach or not, Father's fault, these six words implied that Xiang Nan knew what he was talking about.

Xuan Qingzhu also felt a sharp pain in her heart. She only felt that Xiang Nan's words were unintentional, but they had indeed touched upon some of the things she had done and some of her memories.

Xuan Qingzhu was already smiling, but the smile on her face diminished a bit. Her tone turned slightly calm, \"You mean, you want me to apologize to them?\"

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