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I, the Immortal Chapter 460 No Regrets, No Blame

Author:  Ye Guang Genre:  Eastern UpdateTime:  2021-02-23 17:12:59

\"I happened to be passing by Chenyuan County. In the rainy night, I accidentally saved three people from the Dongfang Clan. I only learned afterwards that if those three people died, the Dongfang Clan would really be dead.\" Lin Yi said unhurriedly.

Chen Yuanzi opened his eyes and casually asked, \"What happened afterwards?\" Lin Yi replied casually, \"Afterwards, the three grandchildren of the Dongfang Clan caused trouble because of a past incident of their ancestors, and they were almost annihilated …\"

\"Damn it … why are you happy about this?\" With his beard pulled straight, Chen Yuanzi asked anxiously, \"Almost … what happened afterwards?\"

Lin Yi sighed softly and said, \"For the sake of the Dongfang Clan's remaining bloodline, I killed the villain. However …\" Before he could finish his sentence, the villain heaved a sigh of relief and praised, \"Good kill! But what?\"

\"However, the only grandson of the Dongfang Clan is obsessed with the Immortal Dao and is unwilling to take a wife and have children. In the past, the Dongfang Clan was bound to die!\" Lin Yi's words were filled with regret and helplessness.

Chen Yuanzi's expression changed, but he couldn't help but curse, \"How can I step into the Immortal Dao regardless of my family? This little bastard is wasted as a human!\"

Lin Yi smiled, but stopped talking. Chen Yuanzi asked anxiously, \"What happened afterwards …\"

'\"Eight months!\" Lin Yi raised his voice and said, \"For the sake of his Dongfang family's inheritance, I spent eight months in the Dongfang family. Until the only grandson was married, the daughter-in-law was pregnant, and I taught the Immortal Technique on behalf of his ancestors. This is a joyous occasion! But, alas …\" He sighed.

As Lin Yi's meaning rose and fell, Chen Yuanzi's expression changed. Seeing that the other party was silent again at the critical moment, he said angrily, \"Young and confident, can't you finish your sentence in one breath?\"

Lin Yi shook his head and said helplessly, \"I was afraid that the grandson of the Dongfang Clan would find it difficult to cultivate, and that he would cause trouble if he stayed in the mortal world. When I left, I left all of my life's savings behind.\"

\"Good boy! How can this old man treat you unfairly!\" After letting out a long breath, Chen Yuanzi felt as if he had put down a worrying matter. He raised his hand and tossed out a Cosmos Sack.

Senior Brother, how could you still behave like you used to! Yan Qi frowned slightly.

Lin Yi took the Cosmos Sack, raised his eyebrows, and put it away quietly!

'\"Fu Qingnuo, I will believe you! I didn't misjudge you. You are indeed a man who values love and righteousness! You are worthy of being an outstanding disciple of our Zhengyang Sect! You are worthy of our sect protecting you from this heaven-shattering calamity!\" With nothing else on his mind, Chen Yuanzi turned his head back.

Lin Yi continued to cling to the Dongfang Clan's family affairs, \"I'm completely focused on running around for that clan. How would I know about the matters in the Immortal Sect? Also, I didn't want that jade box …\"

The silver-bearded and silver-haired Chen Yuanzi had always been kind-looking, but now, he was touched by a young man's few words, causing his old face to turn ashamed. He repeatedly waved his hand and said, \"Forget it! Forget it! Don't bring this up again! Yan Qi, why are we here?\"

Seeing Chen Yuanzi looking at him helplessly, Yan Qi was stunned. He then cleared his throat and turned to look at Lin Yi. After pondering for a moment, he said, \"Lin Yi, it is obvious that you are not a coward to be able to come here.\" The Pill Sun Mountain has been destroyed, and Senior Brother Sect Master's body has fallen. Our Zhengyang Sect has suffered heavy injuries! Whether it's because of the number of days or because of you, Lin Yi, there's no need to mention the past. \"I want to ask you one more question. Are you willing to return to Violet Myrtle Valley?\"

\"Junior Brother, it was my fault in the past. Come back!\"

\"Lin … Martial Uncle, the sect is gracious!\"

\"Martial Uncle Lin, Feng Li is dead …\"


Yan Qi's words could not be said to be heartless and meaningful. The arrival of Jian Yi, Mo Da and Song Shou could not be said to be without good intentions; There was also Dongfang Sheng or Chen Yuanzi, this old man, who had also put on a gracious posture. All of this seemed to make it impossible for anyone to refuse.

\"If I don't get the scriptures of the Profound Heaven Palace, would the Zhengyang Sect still dare to let me enter the Violet Myrtle Valley?\" Lin Yi didn't think about it, and his expression was calm.

\"Scripture? What you obtained in the Profound Heaven Palace is a scripture?\" Ignoring Lin Yi's rhetorical intent, Yan Qi asked.

\"Isn't that a cultivation technique?\" Chen Yuanzi asked. Jian Yi and Song Shou were both at a loss as to what the two elders and Lin Yi were talking about. Mo Da also appeared to be ignorant and ignorant. He looked left and right, and the hand hidden in his robe sleeve lightly trembled.

Lin Yi didn't say anything, but took out a jade slip. Yan Qi and Chen Yuanzi's expressions became solemn as they stared at each other's hands.

\"A scripture extracted from the jade slip for me! I don't know if it's useful or not!\" As he spoke, Lin Yi looked at the two of them quietly.

Looking at each other, Yan Qi and Chen Yuanzi's eyes flashed with joy. The former extended his hand to invite, while the latter nodded with his silver beard and stepped forward.

After walking fifty feet in front of Lin Yi, Chen Yuanzi stood still. The other party waved his hand and the jade slip gently flew into his hand. Before he could reach it, the old man suppressed the pleasant surprise in his heart, but his face was already full of smiles. This was an epiphany of a Nascent Soul! Why is it useless? It was of great use! With the help of this scripture, one's chances of forming a Nascent Soul would increase by several tens of percent. If a Nascent Soul cultivator were to emerge from the Zhengyang Sect, he would be able to disgrace himself …

\"Lin Yi, this isn't a place for nonsense. Since I'm leaving, I won't let you stay. I can only give you some coiling to make you look magnificent …\" Chen Yuanzi took out his Cosmos Sack and weighed it in his hand. He turned around and shouted, \"Junior Brother Yan, spirit stones!\"

Yan Qi revealed a rare smile and threw out a Cosmos Sack without hesitation.

Chen Yuanzi tossed the two Cosmos Sacks to Lin Yi and said, \"I will go back to seclusion! I have two wishes. One is that if you turn around in the future, don't forget the Zhengyang Sect. The other is that if my descendant's cultivation is successful, even you, Lin Yi's disciple, will not be able to refuse …\" Then he turned around and left. Jian Yi and the others were useless and hurriedly followed. Song Shou and Mo Da did not forget to cupped their hands to bid farewell.

Lin Yi cupped his hands and didn't say anything.

\"Remember what I said? You are the second person to abandon the Pill Sun Peak Heavenly Staircase, and the first one is me, Yan Qi. What a pity! You and I don't have the fate of master and disciple anymore!\" Yan Qi's mood improved. He actually stayed where he was and talked about the old incident in front of Pill Sun Peak. Lin Yi said, \"Thank you, Senior Yan, for your love! I only have one master in my life!\"

\"Could it be that\" Yan Qi suddenly said.

\"My master is just a mortal!\" Lin Yi replied indifferently. He naturally knew what Yan Qi was thinking, but he didn't want to say anything else. Instead, he turned to Chen Yuanzi and asked loudly, \"Senior, isn't this Wu Qi's master?\"

Chen Yuanzi stopped at his feet and strode away. He only left behind a sentence, \"No one is to blame for his death\"

Yan Qi left a deep glance and turned around. Lin Yiyou thought to himself. What Wu Qi said before he died, I was wrong again … I have no regrets!

If a person was alive, why would he be so obsessed with right and wrong? It's good to have no regrets!

Not long after, the Zhengyang Sect group slowly disappeared into the narrow mountain stream.

Yan Qi and Chen Yuanzi left as they wished! They lost what they had lost, but they also got what they wanted. He had obtained a lot of spirit stones, but he didn't lose anything. But why was the uneasiness in his heart growing thicker?

Ever since the start of the Great Shang Empire, they had been accustomed to seeing right and wrong, and had experienced too many tricks, so it wasn't difficult to guess what Yan Qi and the others were thinking. The Zhengyang Sect had lost the Pill Sun Mountain and finally gained something. As for the Xuantian Sect and Heishan Sect, they were aggressive, and they didn't get anything. Like a chess game, they were the opponents of the game. Who was the chess piece?

Lin Yi shook his head and thought about the uneasiness in his heart. The journey to that underground spirit vein wasn't far, but it had to pass through Guiling Valley. It wasn't easy to be careless.

Pinching his hand, a yellow light flashed. Lin Yi sank into the ground, and only then did he follow the general direction of the spirit vein.

Among the three Cosmos Sacks Chen Yuanzi gave him, there were more than 20,000 spirit stones. This was not the old man's great kindness. Otherwise, why was there only five thousand spirit stones in the first Cosmos Sack? It's just a barter! Lin Yi risked his life to come here and return a favor from Pill Sun Mountain. Apart from that, he had only made a deal. At the very least, the people of the Zhengyang Sect thought so. Even if the Xuantian Sect and Heishan Sect found out about it afterwards, this was only a deal.

No one knew what price Lin Yi would have to pay in this transaction before he truly left Great Xia.

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