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I Snatched Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Chapter 7

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"So - what is IQ hawk? How come I've never heard of it. " The witch nodded and asked curiously.

Other people also expressed doubts. Indeed, although the Hulk has many schools, such as four handed hawk, angry hawk, master hawk, primitive hawk and so on, it's the first time that people of IQ hawk have heard about it.

"IQ Hawk is an ancient version of the training method, in short, is the main plus intelligence hawk."

The main plus intelligence hawk? What kind of practice is this? There was a look of disbelief on everyone's faces.

Lawlessness gave people a simple science popularization.

Although the Hulk in the early version of the game is very strong, it has a very disgusting setting, that is, once it changes into a killing machine, it will lose its IQ. Even if the players can control themselves to a certain extent, the Hulk's attack will still produce the effect of accidental injury, and the players will also lose control to a certain extent, it's like taking drugs It's very common to get drunk and kill your teammates.

It turns out that the Hulk will get a debuff with reduced intelligence after transformation. Because the Hulk is a muscle type tank, it doesn't need intelligence at all, so most people don't waste points on intelligence, so the Hulk will have brain damage after transformation. Because of this, although the Hulk is very strong, it still won't affect the balance of the game, which may be regarded as the game public It's a means of balance.

However, it was later found that there was a specific value for the decrease in intelligence, which was about 10-12 o'clock. So as long as the Hulk can increase its intelligence to a very high level, about 20 o'clock, it will be able to remain rational in a violent situation. Moreover, some skills and equipment that could not be used after transformation can also be used, such as high-level boxing skills, such as If it is higher, even scientific and technological weapons can be used.

As a result, the playing method of IQ hawk was born. This school was once very popular, and many subsequent branches have been discovered. For example, IQ hawk can use scientific and technological weapons. Coupled with its amazing physical strength, some hawks simply gave up hand-to-hand combat and played with guns. Because the Hulk's strength and endurance are very high, it can carry a door on one's back Artillery, or a heavy weapon like Vulcan gun, can even have a Vulcan gun in the left hand and a rocket gun in the right hand. With thick skin, it can't be killed and can output freely. It's just like a humanoid chariot. Some Hawkes play with swords and swords, holding a two or three meter long door plate sword as a humanoid meat grinder, or a half ton heavy hammer as a humanoid siege hammer. It's pure hand to hand combat On the contrary, there are few people going to play the type of hawk.

But in this way, the painting style of the game is a bit wrong, and it seriously affects the balance (although there is no balance at all in this game), so the game officials cut down the IQ of hawk, from the original "intelligence reduced by 10 points after transformation" to "intelligence locked to 8 points after transformation". In other words, no matter how high the IQ of hawk is, after transformation, the IQ of hawk will be reduced It's all 8 o'clock. No matter how high your intelligence is, it's useless.

In this way, the IQ hawk will be completely abandoned. Hawk who plays sword and machine gun cannons can't play all of a sudden, because his IQ is too low, so he can only smash it with his fist.

However, the official game is also conscientious. Every player who has strengthened the Hulk lineage has been given a free chance to add some more or wash off the Hulk mutant gene - but only within one month.

Unfortunately for Qin Huan, his company was quite busy that month. He didn't play for a whole month and missed the time to wash. As a result, when he re entered the game, he found that he was the only IQ hawk in the game, and he didn't even have the chance to wash.

After all, a lot of points are added to the intelligence, so the strength, endurance and other attributes will naturally be much less. Although it looks almost the same after transformation, we will realize the gap when we really fight.

Although the number was abandoned, Qin Huan didn't re practice it, because he was busy working every day and the game time was limited. It was too difficult to re practice a number. In addition, he had some feelings for the number, and the new version was opened, so he could only continue to play.

As a result, he became the one who was dragged by mieba to have a conversation. It was just a harmless accident, but it was out of control because of the following situation.

At this moment, Qin Huan was a little flustered when he was caught by mieba's neck, because he was surprised to find that he couldn't move. In fact, this is normal. In order to make the whole scenario progress normally, the players can't move at this time.

But Qin Huan didn't know. He thought he had encountered a bug. Besides, he was facing mieba's purple face. He was very nervous.

He struggled hard, but it didn't work under the rules of the system.

That mieba didn't attack, but said to himself: "second master of Haoke, you are not the only one cursed by knowledge. I have the same wisdom as you. I can see the truth. You are a respectable opponent. Second master of Haoke, when I finish all this, half of my life will continue to live." There was a look of surprise on mieba's face when he came here. He felt that something was wrong. What was wrong with the big green man in front of him? It made him feel a strong sense of disobedience, and this sense of disobedience made him feel more and more wrong with everything around him. He seemed to have said this to someone before, but it was definitely not that A guy with a bigger chest than him.However, mieba is dedicated after all, he continued.

"I hope they can remember you, but before that, Mr. hawk, excuse me."

Mieba said that he was going to throw Qin Huan out. However, Qin Huan thought that the other party was going to kill him. He couldn't move his body, but his mouth was not forbidden. He suddenly used his mouth gun.

"It's no use. Your plan won't succeed at all." He said abruptly.

Originally, the player's harassment of mieba's lines didn't work. Today, however, mieba's mind is so complicated that he suddenly stops walking away.

"What did you say?" He turned his head and stared at Qin Huan, "what do you know?"

"I said your plan can't succeed at all. Haven't you heard of Malthusian population theory and family planning?"

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