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I Snatched Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Chapter 5

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Mieba's eyes flashed. The big green head was a little similar to the one he had beaten on the spaceship before. However, he found that they were very different when he fought with each other. In the past, the Hulk had no rules at all when he was fighting. He was just fighting with brute force. However, the Hulk was actually using some fighting skills, though not much Subtle, but clearly self-contained.

Fortunately, the Hulk is far less powerful than the previous one, so it's not too difficult to deal with.

Qin Huan didn't know what mieba was thinking. He was struggling to attack. It had to be said that mieba was really the final boss of the current version. Just with his own strength, mieba easily blocked his crazy attack of 100 layers of fury. Mieba, as a Titan, was also extremely tall, close to three meters, and was not much shorter than the Hulk, The power is amazing. Although Qin Huan kept waving his fists like a windmill, he was really able to resist the bully.

Fortunately, he is not alone.

Just as Qin Huan dashed and hit hard, several DPS also began to work.

The Fallen Angel flies directly into the sky, and a composite mechanical bow in his hand continuously shoots a precise arrow. These arrows are not ordinary arrows. Each arrow has a special function, some can explode, some are full of power, some can cast neurotoxin, some can explode a cloud of smoke. Although the damage is limited, they also successfully cause some disturbance to mieba The effect makes mieba boring.

The blade warrior and the Sith warrior attack from left to right, and they cut two swords when they find a chance. The weapons in their hands are not ordinary, which are enough to destroy the tyrant. Alice, the vampire assassin, escapes directly into the shadow and looks for the opportunity.

As for the ring knight and iron overlord armor, they didn't have any output, so they didn't go up directly, and they were waiting for green fat to be turned over.

Lawless and witch point are on the side, ready to control the field.

Qin Huan used the mad devil boxing and the stone wrestler. He wanted to use some advanced boxing, but the problem was that after the fury, hawk's intelligence was very limited, and his advanced skills could not be used at all, so he could only use the most basic martial arts.

However, mieba's fighting skills are much better than his, and he can easily parry and block.

But Qin Huan has his teammates behind him.

The witch blessed Qin Huan with a violent skill, and the lawless man there also quickly blessed Qin Huan with a brute force skill. With the double strengthening, Qin Huan, who was already powerful, became more fierce. His muscles were constantly expanding and discolored, and his blood was expanding. He roared like a beast, like a fierce beast in the shape of a human Fists (no exaggeration at all), like a pile driver, greet mieba crazily. With dozens of fists, even mieba, a powerful boss, is retreated.

From the perspective of the people around him, mieba is totally being beaten on one side, just like being smashed into meat mud at any time.

The mieba's face also showed a dignified look, and the power gem on the infinite glove suddenly lit up a purple light.

Power gemstone launch! The infinite energy suddenly filled his body. Seeing Qin Huan hit again, mieba raised his hand and grabbed Qin Huan's fist.

With a slap, Qin Huan's attack was stopped. It was OK to nest grass! Qin Huan was so surprised that he was not the opponent of mieba.

The left punch followed.

With a bang, he was also caught.

No matter how hard Qin Huan tried, he couldn't press it.

Qin Huan screamed that he was going to be hurt, but mieba gave him a sneer. He suddenly yanked Qin Huan into his arms, and then hit him with a punch! Qin Huan felt that his chest was stuffy and his bones were about to be broken.

That mieba was a set of martial arts. He beat Qin Huan back and forth with a few crackles, just like hitting his face pocket, and had no power to fight back.

The last one took the bait. Under the powerful bombardment of the power gem, Qin Huan flew out with a bang.

This time, he flew dozens of meters into the sky, turned over a dozen somersaults in mid air, and fell into the wreckage of a spaceship with a bang. He lost more than 70% of his blood and was seriously injured.

Damn it, this mieba is a little strong! Lying in the ruins, Qin Huan couldn't help thinking that it was the first time that he had completely crushed his enemy in strength since he strengthened the Hulk lineage.

However, he could not lie dead even if he was seriously injured. His tank was also responsible for fighting monsters. As he thought about it, he quickly climbed out.

When he crawled out, Barr, the knight of the ring spirit on the other side, had already pushed up. He gave mieba a fierce attack with a curse sword in his hand.

In fact, this sword didn't break mieba's defense, but mieba felt a pain in his body, as if he had been stabbed by a sharp weapon, and the power in his body flowed out continuously.

Fortunately, he just used the power gem, which is extremely powerful. Will he be affected for a while and a half.That mieba is not polite, but another blow. Because of the strengthening of the power gem, this blow directly sent out a shock wave. The ring spirit Knight couldn't dodge, and his body was blown to pieces, but he didn't die. Instead, he became a semi solid like a ghost, floating there, and continued to put weak touch on mieba.

Why? Ghost? ghost? Mieba blows two more blows, only to find that the ghost can't be killed at all.

If you want to say that the combat power of the ring spirit knight is actually very poor, his strongest point is probably his immortal body, because the ring spirit exists between life and death. As long as it is killed, it will enter the void and become something similar to a ghost. In this state, the ring spirit knight can still attack, but the output is basically the same as tickling, no problem It's annoying to be able to cast all kinds of curses, weaken skills, and absorb the vitality of the target.

And as long as you absorb enough vitality, the ring Knight will recover from ghost form. It's almost immortal.

After two blows, mieba found that this guy was not easy to do, but he was not stupid. Anyway, he didn't hurt much. He immediately gave up the ring spirit knight and was ready to solve the two swords first.

In just a few minutes, blade fighters and Sith warriors have done him great damage.

At least, they got more than ten swords. Fortunately, the Titans were thick skinned and didn't get fatal injuries, but they still made mieba feel threatened.

A fist was thrown towards them. The stone splashed unstoppably where the strength of the fist was strengthened by the power jewel. Tuoersuo sped up and ran like the wind. Qin Huan, who had just crawled out of the ruins, was surprised. He didn't expect that tuoersuo was still a mutant. He should have awakened his talent of speed like quicksilver.

The Sith warrior Darth oba was not so lucky. He couldn't dodge and was blown out by the shock wave. However, he covered himself with the force, turned twice in mid air, and then landed in a handsome posture of kneeling on one knee. Although the posture was very handsome, his Sith black robe was blown out of shape, and the mask on his face also fell down Make a blue face.

Eh, the goods turned out to be a Kerry. Seeing this, Qin Huan was relieved for him. Kerry is also a very powerful alien race. As long as they don't get knocked down, they won't die so easily.

It seems that these teammates also have a few brushes. Qin Huan couldn't help thinking.

Mieba also seemed surprised: "you have a strange energy, but it's very interesting."

The Sith warrior looked at mieba coldly, "you know nothing about the force, face my power!" As soon as he raised his hand, a flash of force flashed towards mieba, and the blue light crackled on mieba's body. Although the power of the lightning is not very strong, it still makes mieba feel a bit of pain. The lightning seems to reach his soul, and also stops his pace.

"Ha ha, my force lightning is a real damage. Now I know how powerful it is."

As the Sith warrior roared, he kept increasing his output power. Others were also ready to take the opportunity to fight. However, mieba roared and once again used his gloves. The space above the infinite gloves flashed blue.

Space gem starts! The next second, the sky suddenly darkened.

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