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I Snatched Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet Chapter 23

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"Really Qi Jianfei was very excited.

Wang Donglai and Liu Wei were unbelievable. "Qin Huan, didn't you want to start a business before? How -- "

Qin Huan shrugged," Hey, it's not easy to start a business these days. This million yuan is not a big money. Maybe it's how to lose it. In that case, it's better to buy a game warehouse to have fun. "

"Besides, the people who can take a million to play games are all rich. They must be willing to spend money. Maybe they can make money when they are professional players in the game."

That's true. In the last lifetime, even a million dollars of super high threshold could not stop the pace of game studios. In the later period, there were several game studios in Marvel Universe, but they were not as common as ordinary games, and they were very low-key, for fear of being blocked by the game company. The account number of the game was bound to the game warehouse If it's sealed, I'll cry to death.

However, both Liu Wei and Wang Donglai find it hard to accept Qin Huan's words. In their opinion, they have gone astray. Good college students are willing to degenerate instead of being entrepreneurs.

Although he didn't say it, the expression on his face showed what they thought.

Qin Huan didn't blame them for thinking that way. If they didn't know the truth of the game, if they didn't have eight years of advanced experience, if they didn't have boring business in their last life, he would definitely think that way.

However, Wang Donglai and Liu Wei didn't say what they thought in the end. They were all adults and were responsible for their own lives. They just advised Qin Huan to think more about it.

Soon the conversation shifted to another place.

The next day, Qi Jianfei drove his Ford to buy the game warehouse with Qin Huan, as if he was afraid that he would go back.

Because they are senior, they have no classes to attend, so they are not afraid to delay their studies.

"You have a good car? Did you change it yourself? " Sitting in Qi Jianfei's car, Qin Huan asked in surprise.

As a reborn man, Qin Huan still has some research on cars. Ford is not very popular in China, but Qi Jianfei's car is obviously a little different, with traces of modification.

"Yes, my father's factory is yellow, and there are still some machines left. Anyway, I'm idle. I'll change the car if I have nothing to do."

Qi Jianfei's major is mechanical engineering, and his favorite is refitting cars. Qin Huan had heard something about it.

"Well, in fact, I can buy it for you. Of course, the game warehouse has to be put in my house. Then you can play with me in my house."

Qi Jianfei obviously still hopes to bind Qin Huan around, even at the expense of buying a game warehouse.

Qin Huan shook his head. "No, I'm not as proud as you, but I can afford a game warehouse."

The reason why he chose to play with Qi Jianfei is that he has a good relationship with them and can play with them at ease. Secondly, he also needs to find a partner or assistant in the game. Many things can't be done by himself, so he can't let Qi Jianfei spend money. Otherwise, he will become Qi Jianfei's follower. In this relationship, he must take the lead It's the status.

"All you have to do is arrange a place for me to live. It'll save you a lot of money."

"There is a place to live. In fact, my father bought me a house in Xijiang city last year. It's just that I live too lonely and far away from school, so I haven't moved in. I'm just about to graduate. Let's send the game warehouse to my villa."

With the effort of speaking, the car has come to the distribution store of eternal technology in Xijiang city.

Eternal technology company for holographic virtual game this unprecedented technology seems not to want to hype like, not only the release date is April 1 April Fool's day, and even the game conference did not do.

It's just that there are a number of outlets in major cities across the country.

Xijiang city happens to have one, although you can directly order online, but a million goods, or to see better.

Unfortunately, I didn't know until I arrived. There is no stock here. I can only order. I need to ship goods from the headquarters.

After paying the deposit, they went directly to Qi Jianfei's villa.

Qi Jianfei's villa is located in the area of wasteland garden in Xijiang city. It's not very developed here. It's quite remote. It's hard to buy anything, but the environment is good.

Qin Huan lived here that night.

The speed of eternal technology is still very fast, and the game warehouse will be delivered the next day.

Watching the delivery workers send two huge game warehouses into the villa and install them in two bedrooms, Qi Jianfei is very excited.

"It's so luxurious, it's so advanced, it's like science fiction." He kept murmuring and circling around the game barn.

It's really interesting. The length of the game bin is about 2.5 meters, and the internal space is about 2 meters long. The two people ordered the standard version. If they have a special figure, they need to customize it.The color of the game bin is white, shuttle shaped, with a streamlined cover. Most of the cover is transparent except for the frame, which looks a bit like the dormant bin of star trek in science fiction movies.

Inside the game warehouse is a colloidal lining, which can automatically adjust the stress point of human bones, so that you can lie for a long time without feeling uncomfortable.

There is something like a metal bowl in the head. Qin Huan knew that it was a brain wave reader. As long as he fastened it on his head and started the game warehouse, the players would automatically fall asleep and enter the holographic virtual world.

Different from the description in some game novels, this game has no life support system, so it has a built-in reminder system every six hours. After 24 hours, the game warehouse will force players to quit.

The game warehouse can be powered by household power supply, and it also has an independent backup capacitor, which can run continuously for six hours in case of power failure.

The technicians in charge of the installation introduced the function and attention mode of the game warehouse. They settled the balance happily, and then sent these technicians away.

As soon as those technicians leave, Qi Jianfei can't wait to drill into the game warehouse.

But Qin Huan grabbed him, "stop, stop, don't worry. We have to add something to the game. This game is account bound. A person can only have one role at the same time. It hasn't been cleaned up yet. We have to delete the number when we're tired. We have to be careful."

Qi Jianfei immediately patted his head. "Yes, I almost forgot about it. Lao Qin, you are an internal test player. Please tell me about it. What profession is stronger in this game?"

Qin Yu shook his head. "Strictly speaking, there is no fixed occupation limit in this game, only the strengthening route. For example, do you want to be as strong as Captain America, or have a strong healing ability like wolverine, or control metal like magneto, or become iron man and arm yourself with black Technology equipment You can do it in this game.

Of course, these are late you can achieve, and at the beginning of the game, players have 11 ways to start

These 11 kinds of beginnings are -

aliens, mutants, mutants, reformers, asgards, mystics, occult inheritors, science and technology researchers, war survivors, cursed, and ordinary people.

What Qi Jianfei heard was a face of muddled force. Why is the gap between the initial occupation of the game and the general game so big? I can't understand it at all. "Boss, can you introduce me to these beginnings? I'm totally muddled."

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